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Clockwork Countess is a sexy steampunk twist on the Frankenstein tale A scandalous secret A forbidden tower A passion unleashed When Rowan returns to her mother's ancestral home Heartwycke Park the unnerving tick of clocks is her first clue in unraveling the dark secret hidden in the forbidden tower If she can only uncover the mystery which shrouds the gothic manor perhaps she can also unlock the heart of the brooding Roderick Heartwycke a man who fascinates her even as he struggles to keep her at bay––he claims for her own safety

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    It's not bad but there were some serious execution issues that dragged it down First the Frankenstein references in the description and then the Shelly references in the story itself are a bit much Better not played so hard Lose Frankenstein keep Shelly And then the eroticaepilogue situation The epilogue is un needed and it fact lowered the overall effect The story ends better at the end of the last chapter The epilogue feels like an attempt to fix a major oversight in the story construction but rather than actually fix it the author went with the lazy band aid The problem? The romanceerotic drive was not consummated in the story proper Here's my advice to the author uit worrying about jamming in the erotica because for all intents and purposes it isn't there throughout the story Take a step back snip the over the end off each of the ROMANCE scenes and then the end comes together without the epilogue Oh and the epilogue wasn't witty either rather it detracted from the level the story had built up to A solid re write and this work would jump to a 4