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Our lives are often connected in ways we never would have imaginedTwo babies; two very different upbringings First there is Sarah raised by her loving grandmother but neglected by her own father who views her as the instrument of her mother’s death She will lead a hard life searching to belong and to be lovedThen there is Olivia surrounded by love nurtured and adored by her parents a golden child with a golden futureWhen Sarah’s life is cut tragically short and she is assigned to record the moments of Olivia’s life as her Moment Keeper their lives become intertwined

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    The Moment Keeper is a story of two girls' journey into young women and how the choices they make ripple through their lives The book tells the story of Olivia and her moment keeper Sarah whose own life was cut short Sarah keeps track of the important moments of Olivia's life those moments where something or someone influences her life The Moment Keeper is about love loss relationships and how they change our lives Share this book with your daughter your mother and the other women in your life

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    For CLICK HERE to check out my blogNow I'm going to be real upfront right now and tell you I read this while I was at least half drunk so that could explain me somehow developing feelings of any kind or the ratingThis is the second novel by this author that I've read The first although good was not a 5 star read and was not uite on par with this bookThis book was heart wrenching I cried through literally half of it The author wrote in such a way you can put yourself in Sarah's position feel her pain even from when she was a very small child and Matt didn't care for her right up until she was left by the man she loved alone and pregnantThen finally deadLately I've avoided major tear jerkers but I am SO glad I read this book it restored my faith in the authors ability to write a brilliant book So many little things happened in this book that you simply wouldn't have foreseen or expected in any way like the relationship between Sarah Moment keeper and Olivia My mouth literally dropped open before a little renewed sobbing Strangely enough I found this book therapeutic Olivia's story was one of loss and hope of real life happiness While Sarahs was one of loss desperation and pain it was a perfect blend; enough to make a person emotional to have them empathize but not over dramatic enough to have me sat there saying Uhhhh for fucks sake I thought the ending of the epilogue was perfect Absolutely perfect I cried all over again but this time I cried with a big sad smile on my face I hope they meet again when they no longer have to be moment keepers any

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    this was a sweet story It is seen through the eyes of Sarah she is a young woman who died way too young She is now in Heaven as soon as she gets there she is met by someone who tells her she now has a job She is to be assigned to be a moment keeper for a baby girl who has just been born from the start Sarah records big moments in a girl named Olivia's life Olivia is adopted by a couple who adore her for the next sixteen years the reader see's moments form Olivia's life Olivia is loved by her family and grows up happy and well taken care of Few bad things happen to Olivia for the most part her life is a charmed life'Unlike Sarah the moment keeper As Olivia grows up Sarah thinks of her own life at different stages Sarah's mother dies in childbirth her father is a drunk who refuses so love or accept Sarah She is raised by her grandmother the only person Sarah has she can rely on or feels loves her Sarah's life is an opposite of Olivia's the end of this book is a pretty good pay off do not want to give any details than that A pretty good read I found myself interested in reading about Sarah's life over Olivia's but that is my opinion

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    I completely fell in love with the book's main characters starting with Sarah the Moment Keeper for Olivia The concept of each of us having a Keeper of the moments of our lives is intriguing Who is our Moment Keeper and why are we chosen for each other? You'll see as the story unfolds that even the Moment Keepers themselves don't uite understand why they were chosen until the exact moment they are meant to Both Sarah and Olivia with their differing lives have a great deal of life insight to offer us Their stories are intense emotional upsetting and wonderful at different times I can identify with both main characters as well as others such as Olivia's mom If you are interested in a book that really makes you think about life and its many uestions you may very well adore this lovely story about Olivia and her Moment Keeper Sarah

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    I enjoyed this story a lot; it really tugged at my heartstrings It’s about Sarah whose life is cut short and in the afterlife she is assigned to be a moment keeper recording all the important moments in the life of a baby girl named Olivia We get to know about Sarah as she watches Olivia grow up I enjoyed reading both of their stories and I thought the ending was very satisfying

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    Two young girls with similar events but with two very different upbringings is the gist of this novelSarah's life ends and with it she becomes the moment keeper for Olivia She records the moments for Olivia as her moment keeper did for her Sarah always felt unloved by her father never knew her mother who died giving birth to her and had the love of her dear grandmother Her life wasn't easy and ends tragicallyOlivia on the other hand was adopted at birth has two loving parents and seems to have it all togetherAs Sarah records those important moments of Olivia's life she also looks back on her own life and her own momentous occasions comparing them to Olivia's uncannily similar events Why Sarah was chosen to be Olivia's moment keeper? Is there a reason that they linked together?This was a novel that defies description; it is alternately hopeful and heartbreaking There is also a spiritual component to it that will make the reader think about life decisions And even a bit of mystery will keep the reader guessing long after the story is done

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    During the last few weeks I have had the privilege of reading a wide and varied range of books from different Carina UK authors A few of those books have gone into my 'I cannot recommend this book highly enough' list the one that's in my head that is LolThis book is one of those stories I feel privileged to have read this book and extremely glad that this author joined an amazing list of authors willing to join me in getting the word out about Carina UK authorsThis author also joins another list – 'authors who made me cry' I strongly advise you to have a pile of hankies at the ready while reading this storyA moment keeper is someone who has died and is assigned to a newborn baby Their 'job' is to record any important events in that persons life which they will then experience one time just after they die before moving onSarah is one of these moment keepers She is assigned to Olivia and the story moves between Olivia's experiences as Sarah records them and moments in Sarah's own short life We see both their lives through Sarah's eyes being drawn into both very easilyOn finishing this book I immediately contacted the author to say how much I had enjoyed it I felt bad as I had figured out a key point in the story before she wanted it revealed but only just However the main point which made me cry right at the end I didn't foresee at allThe author has written a story which drew me in immediately I wanted to know where both of the stories were going even though we know from the start how one of them ends My attention was held all the way through and I read this in one sittingA highly highly recommended read in my humble opinion

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    I'd like to start by saying a big thank you to the publishers Carina for giving me a copy of The Moment Keeper in exchange for an honest reviewA Moment Keeper is someone who has died who takes note of each of the moments in a living person for them to see at the end of their life The flashback of key events is made up from their faithful recording of events over the yearsIn The Moment Keeper Sarah is assigned the job of recording Olivia's life and so the book starts with the naming of baby Olivia by her parents Olivia is adopted but clearly adored by her parents however it becomes clear that Sarah's life wasn't uite as full of love and affection Sarah's mother died and her father Matt appears to blame her for the loss of his wifeAt first I found the large amounts of dialogue in this book a little off putting and it took a while for me to get into this style of writing The story continues as along with Sarah we watch Olivia grow up through childhood into the teenage years where Olivia peruses her ambition to become a dancer while Sarah's wonderful Grandmother longs for her to have opportunities at college and to better herself Needless to say everything does not go to planI found myself rooting for Sarah longed to know why she died at such a young age and wondered at the sheer contrast of Olivia's life I did find the difference in attitudes of young American teenagers uite different to those portrayed here in the UK but I think that is probably just due to my lack of exposure to the cultural differencesBe warned this is a tale about choices bereavement and relationships in this book which may cause a few tears to fall

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    I love Buffy Andrews' writing Once again she has written a story that will pull you in from the minute you start reading Andrews' imagination and creativity are truly amazing The premise behind the story made me wonder if Moment Keepers do in fact exist I loved the main characters Sarah and Olivia At times it was so heart breaking to see how unfair life can be sometimes You are drawn in and feel such a part of each of their lives There is such a powerful message about life love and unanswered uestions the ending was phenomenal I wish this book was available in print I am not fond of reading electronically and would love to have a copy to keep and re read many times over wearing the pages thin I give this book and A

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    Two girls two different lives One is loved popular talented and the other an outcast is despised by her father When Sara's life is brought to a sudden end she is assigned to record the moments of Olivia's life This book flies as the two stories unfold side by side I read in horror at what Sarah had to endure while Olivia had everything served to her on a silver platter yet in the end This is one of those books I didn't want to put down as Andrews weaves her story of intrigue I wanted the world to stop so I could find out what happened to Sarah and Olivia But Andrews pulled a fast one and left me hanging I so do hope there is a seuel