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Death is only the beginningYou’re born you live and you die And sometimes you come backWhen the veil between life and death is torn down the darkest souls crawl from the shadows to wander the world that rejected them But these are not the restless spirits that haunt the pages of folklore or the childishly gruesome tales whispered over torchlight These are the ghosts that dwell in the deepest dungeons of your imagination and prey on you when you think you’re alone bored ghosts trapped in the monotony of office life at the Scare Department; a haunted jail where the prisoners believe in revenge over rehabilitation; a mirror that steals the souls of whoever falls under its spell; and a ghost bride who makes sure the wedding vows are never brokenThirteen stories that prove the monsters in your mind might just be realThe past is no longer a nightmare

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    Disclaimer I got a copy of this book in a giveaway but that won't affect my review which will be as honest as everCL Raven are just getting better and better They are the ones who managed to make me read horror stories and I am glad I did that I have already read her other three collections of short stories and by far Deadly Reflections is THE BEST one I have read Why is it so good? Because after reading the different stories I felt utterly scared of going to my bedroom to sleep You know a horror story has delivered its intended effect when you lay down under the covers and can't sleep because you think that every single noise you hear in the dark is someone or something that wants to kill you Yes They are that good So if you like really scary stories this is the book for youAll the stories have a good balance and they will keep you reading almost non stop So don't worry if Halloween has just finished; enjoy this book and you will feel the Halloween spirit all the time I strongly recommend it

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    I had the pleasure of meeting CL Raven a few months ago in Walsall and I decided to give their books a go I really enjoyed this short story collection it appealed to the side of me that loves to be scared that loves ghost stories and also that they weren't like usual ghost stories that sometimes we see the world from the point of view of the ghosts which I found really interestingThe characters were full of Buffy esue humour I'm not sure if that was intended or not but as a Buffy lover I enjoyed the jokey interactions between the protagonists of each story and it was interesting to learn the practical side of ghost hunting which features uite a lot in the storiesI can't wait to read from CL Raven

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    Downloaded this book a while ago as part of my Prime membership I got it for free as one of my monthly borrows and it was one of the best downloads I've ever had I'm not really into horror stories but I heard about this book through word of mouth on Twitter and I decided to give it a go It was fantasticThe book is comprised of short stories so I could dip in and out as I wished but the author managed to engage me in a short space of time with each different story Several of them gave me goosebumps They really drew me inI'll definitely be trying the other books by C L Raven I've already read Disenchanted which I loved so I'll have a look for some others

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    This is the third short story collection I've bought by C L RavenAs usual there were some chuckles weaved in with the mayhem I daresay the humor was a bit less than usual but the body count was way up This will appeal to horror fans looking for tales of ghosthunting gone arrayMy favorites were Field of Screams because of Jenkins of the many angry colors and Sea of Souls because it had many great one liners and a funny ending

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    There are some very captivating and chilling tales here but there's also a little humour here and there which I felt worked very well There are a couple of the stories that left me wanting to know I also loved the imagery in this collection

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    excellent compilation of short stories some are funny