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Now that Nara and Ethan are working together to uncover the Corvus’ secrets they’re confident nothing can stop themBut while they’ve learned to anticipate dark outside forces gunning for them neither is prepared for the insidious evil that slithers its way into their lives nor the new challenges that surface so close to homeDespite all the chaos and turmoil around them the one constant they can depend on is their devotion and loyalty to each other But as their relationship moves into deeper territory sometimes the toughest battles are the ones waged withinWhile the hunt for answers unravels layers in the Corvus world they also uncover new truths about themselves and their intricate connection to the powerful raven spiritWhen boundaries are suddenly redrawn and control shifts Ethan and Nara will be forced to make choices that could bring them closer together or rip them apart forever

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    I absolutely loved this story I love how Nara and Ethan have grown so much together The strength of their connection and the special bond that the two of them share is evident throughout the book I found that there were many heart melting moments between them I just adore the relationship between Samson and Ethan as well These were some of my favourite scenes I also really really like the added the tidbits with Patch Who knew a bird could be such a beloved character? Wow oh wow on the ending I can't wait to see how this is all going to come together in the last book

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    Love the series i practically lived in the story for weeks

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    45 stars

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    crap you guys this book went way left of what I was expecting I pride myself on being able to predict a story but this one really took me for a ride First I want to address the physicality in this book I mean holy crap we see a different side to their relationship and I think it was needed because up till now their relationship hasn’t really been oneEthan’s attracted to her light and they have a paranormal connection but their physical attraction was only addressed on the surface in the previous books And again another underlying aspect becomes our main focus in this book The plot thickens Ethan’s corvus decides to come out and play in this book He’s a bit of an ass but I’m glad we finally get to see some progression in that part of the storySeriously these characters have some deep dimension The plot has gotten pretty complex I can follow it but I know that there are some little things that will come up later that I may not remember Surprisingly I’m okay with that It really became about them in this book It was so hot She can write sensuality like no other It was just so wonderful and deep I could feel them growing as a couple setting boundaries dealing with trust issues and just taking time to be together and not worry about the small stuff It was such a great glimpse into their chemistry of which they had bucketfuls Great big 50 gallon bucketfuls Fans self I need a drink now

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    45 starsBeta read this bad boy I LOVED IT PT Michelle you rock my socksCannot wait to see this one out in the world and for the BKoD fans to get their hands on it

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    I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest reviewNote By far this is going to be my longest review I get a little long winded and for good reason Please let this reflect on my love and borderline obsession with this book series You have been warnedI’m just going to go ahead and let you know up front this review is going to have some major spoilers It’s the fourth book in this series not including the novella preuel and there really is no way not to give something up at this pointThat being said I’ve been camping out on PT’s website and Facebook page just waiting for the day she announced this book was coming out This was my very first indie author series — when I was finally starting to buy e books and realizing that the one click button was evil when it came at 1081 a pop When I found this book for 199 or close to it? I was giddy and a bit leery Surely a book at this cost couldn’t be that great By the way this was in 2011 so it was the dawn of the self pubs in my world But oh ho ho I was shown that in fact a cheap book could be made of all kinds of awesomeSince then I’ve been addicted to Nara Ethan’s story I was devastated when the release date for Destiny was pushed back understanding authors have lives too but still sad So obviously I am than a little bit invested in this seriesLess than an hour after the book showed up in my inbox for review I was already consuming it like it was a gallon of water in the desert And a few short hours later between feeding children bath time and life in general I had finished the story It was just that good And then like when you eat too much ice cream the dread of realizing that the book didn’t actually publish until the next day and I would be waiting a long time to know what happens next set in I gotta say I both love and hate that feeling Only good books do it to you and this one was another home runFor the rest of this review visit Such a Novel Idea Initial Thoughts455 starsAhh so good The wait for the next book is going to be tortureReview soon

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    I've loved this series since book 1 Now that I have finished book 4 all I can say is that I will be counting down to the final book especially given how this ended We pick up with Nara and Ethan together again and hopefully forever However things are still complicated Nara's dad is back but her mom doesn't know yet Her mom is dating David one of Nara's teachers and her dad doesn't know this After having been in a dream with Ethan Nara's dad is not crazy about him and wants her to stay away from him And Ethan and his Corvus are in denial over being the Master Corvus Nara will have her hands full trying to convince Ethan that he is the Master Corvus while still trying to decipher the raven book map and her role outside of loving Ethan and helping him resolve his issues And of course nothing is easy when demons become aware their is a Corvus in Blue Ridge I love Nara and Ethan She is just so strong but fair Even when Ethan seems off or is upset she doesn't lose her cool and gives him the space she thinks he needs She isn't a pushover is loyal and caring She is one female character that I can honestly say I love She isn't snarky or annoying and I loved how her relationship with Ethan seemed so solid in this one He on the other hand can be strong but also vulnerable Though the only one he really lets see that side of himself is her He's still struggling with balancing the Corvus and if he had his way would get rid of him The one thing he agrees with his Corvus on is that he is not the Master Corvus If I have one complaint it was his decision at the end Up until that point Nara and Ethan were just so solid that I didn't think anyone could come between them This one is a little uieter too Not sure how to explain that but there were moments when you just got to enjoy them working together being together and further developing their bond If you haven't read the series yet and are a fan of paranormal YA books then this is definitely one I think you'd enjoy reading

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    Oh Shit The ending It just about killed me When is the next book coming out Warning Its a cliffhanger When I was reading the book as it came towards the end I had a feeling it won't end with a happy ever after view spoiler Ethan left I can't believe he left Why did he leave? hide spoiler

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    I love how Ethan Nara's relationship has developed This book has crossed over into New Adult The connection between Nara Ethan is magical We get some answers in this one but there's still to know I love how in this book we got Ethan's point of view He also communicates with his Corvus They don't exactly get along and they make a deal which I'm not too sure is very smart of Ethan to do I love PT Michelle's writing style It's like I can see it all as I'm reading itI highly recommend this series It's amazing I'm going to be sad to see it end I love Nara and Ethan and how their relationship has grown and changed It's one of the best series I've read and I would say better than some that have been turned into movies Give his series a shot the first book is free and the series gets better from there on

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    Sex yesLanguage 7 F words 4 Lord's name in vain 10 S wordsViolence possessions violent fightsHEA or Cliffhanger cliffhangerDo I need to read books before this one yesWould I read of the series yesI liked this book because there wasn't a love triangle Sure glad I'm not these characters; talk about stress  SPOILERS Sunday Nara doesn't tell Ethan Michael told her to get Master Corvus on track because he's in denial about what Fate said Can't say Michael can't talk to him because Angels can't talk to Master Corvus She studies the map but isn't sure what she's supposed to study Then Dad calls He's planning to stay for a few days They burn the map and will study Freddie's book later Houdini takes an instant liking to Dad very unusual While Dad and Nara have coffee Mom comes home Flu meetings canceled Mom ignores Dad upset goes upstairs He leaves after telling Nara to not see Ethan because he's dark and because of the condom wrappers he saw Mom avoids by shopping Nara goes to Ethan's huddles in his lap he suggests mistletoe because it has power according to his Corvus He shoots mistletoe down it falls into the pond Ethan strips to get it not cold He dives for 4 minutes The fog from her breath forms Tell Him; back off Fate Ethan takes her underwater surrounded by his wings kissing her; she stays dry and breathing They kiss in the back seat; Patch wants mistletoe berries Ethan understands every other animal but Patch is blank to him Ethan promises to never ever risk her to always watch out for her She says I want you and your Corvus to care about you for me He almost cries They make love she hears his thought dismisses as imagination On the way home she tells him Michael said he's Master Corvus Instead of focusing on fighting Lucifer he feels guilt for creating Furia Corvus doesn't believe her source He drops her off earlyRather than stew she gets Freddie's book shops Thinks about Drystan hears him say her name in her head Home she lets Houdini out David comes in with Mom's gift is possessed by Drake attacks  Demon can't get Freddie's book because of mistletoe her raven yin yang tat burns him she casts Drake out burst of light Ethan bursts in with Houdini she protects David David leaves Ethan tends her wound didn't smell demon; when he dispatches demon yellow and smell Are you angel? Did you make Drake not Furia? Houdini's ear got snippedGravelly Voice is Corvus He was mean to toughen Ethan up He wants to take over completely; no They argue Corvus speeding not Ethan I'll be happy to see you gone GV No one else comes with Nara We are both unworthy Her lightness is addictive Ethan will find books on mental exercisesMom knew Dad had a gift saw it in Nara doesn't want to talk about it Nara asks her to invite Ethan to dinner Christmas Eve yes And Dad because he's staying with Sage who's coming Yes smuglyPatch had cut Houdini's ear for leaving his post to chase rabbits He pushes his head under Nara's hand to be petted I'm ok She hears Drystan say Nara Then he video chats her already in London Patch pecks at Drystan Nara lets him out If I were Corvus I'd want you to be my Paladin Wicklow gave Drystan watch with Corvus yin yang etched on back; inside was manually written Don't Trust EW His dad Hang up Ethan's possessive Lainey brings early Christmas because blizzard coming Tee Adder's wheel keeper with certified street tread Earrings Nara gives her bracelet with good luck charms and the Corvus yin yang Always wear it Matt's been drawing it obsessively The black bird in his drawings is thousands of birds crumbling He's getting tattoo N Get it of my design E Keep it hidden Nara covers some professions don't allow Lainey leaves Ethan kisses her everything changing but we're real and solid Never boringThe book says it's checked in at the London library; when she goes on class trip she'll check it out; Ethan can't afford it Matt hosts a rave Ethan doesn't get through to him Ethan and Nara dance hearts synced white bra raised shirt Demon is waiting for them outside Just before Ethan kills swaps body with one holding Nara then gets killed Self defense lessons will start after holidaysMonday email to Madeline bounced No evidence she exists Nara hears Drystan think about slackline Video chat Find book for me? Dad was happy go lucky until Master Corvus thing then somber honorary Paladin only Powers evolve in Order's Sanctuary Maybe yours has I heard you thinkCorvus negotiates with Ethan I won't put Nara in danger if I get to control you during demon fights He had during rave fight held Nara's cheek before Ethan came back Dinner with his parents is actually a house party; Samson leaves with Ethan after 10 minutes Samson takes him to McCormicks for dinner Ethan can't dissuade him Ethan gives him new watch with Corvus symbol plus BrotherMentorRole ModelFriend Thank you for being my whole family Samson tears up Band calls him to help set up He texts nurse Emily from car accident to have drink with Samson He plays with band then smells demons The Corvus fights the 5 until Matt shows up in the alley; then Ethan takes over obliterates 1 He learns Inferni remember their incentivestorture from Under  Matt saw the sword with the design; must've been my tattoo Matt's been seeing the design a few months when Drystan moved inNara buries the book again then gets Gran She's looking forward to the soap opera of dinner David's not well not coming possession probably unsettled him Gran insists on kiss under mistletoe from Nara then Ethan to Nara Sage to Dad Ethan bought Corvus symbol gifts for Nara to give her family Dad whispers mean things about Ethan to Nara she whispers You look like a deadbeat deserter father After dinner and gifts Houdini vomits; he's gotta see the vet Dad'll drive because of snow Mom knows where clinic is Nara is not going Dad got Mom a month long cruise Nara gives Ethan a guitar and a leather pad for good drawings to keep He gives her a uick lesson of keys Be mine Forever Then she sees injuries from fight Tends sees her name tattooed on the white half of symbol She touches make out in bathroom Light switches off she glows where he touches her intimately Christmas wishes as kids dad return guardian angel so I could be bad yet safe Dad's here you're my guardian angel He gives her a silver angel wing bracelet with snowflake designNara dreams looking for Ethan finds but it's Corvus She's uniue light He won't accept he's Master Corvus She hears Drystan wakes up he reports book isn't there All telepathically Ethan's upset Houdini comes home Dad and Ethan sleep in living room Ethan fights with Corvus while Drystan talks to Nara His name is Rave and he heard Drystan in the dream That's a corny name Nara gave it to me She named you like a pet Roars and leavesChristmas morning she wakes him He believes he's Master Corvus now Rave doesn't Part of memories came through White feather comes from angel touching potential Corvus; only Master Corvus can see bring to surface by giving part of self then it turns black In closet Ethan wanted to claim her as his Don't know what happened yet She's figured out map They can be proactive finding Inferi then send Corvus to hunt Order has skills Messages must be courier not electronic to keep away from demons It's going to be harder to convince Rave now because he doesn't want to let you go thinks he can protect you better than I can Dad bursts up the stairs hoping to catch them in bed awkwardIt's been a few days David's not come Mom's ready to watch Dad's videos Dad's living with Sage will be moving permanently Gran calls possessed Nara calls Ethan move book I gotta go Demon killed Gran's friend Clara Nara tells location demon leaves Ethan Dad plus police and paramedics show up Dad had cloned Nara's phone wants Ethan and danger far away threatens Ethan never went to the graveyard so demon has book She's safe Can't kiss goodbye Nara wants him to confirm the book's safe that Gran's and Clara's sacrifices aren't for nothing; he's gone