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Toxic Thoughts is true story series about adversity and resilienceRunning around a basement looking for a safe place to hide from a wild eyed step witch wielding a pair of scissors wasn't a life I ever imagined or wantedI'm Jacynta Roth I wasn't born into a dysfunctional family I was the sixth child in a loving household but that was long before my widowed father developed a dysfunctional relationship with the married woman next door At age four I lost my dying mother to cancer For two years my twelve year old brother and thirteen year old sister played Mom and Dad to us younger four siblings while my father was stationed at various air force bases away from home Just before my sixth birthday my father Ned and his best friend packed up our families and drove five hundred miles to start a new life On the morning of my sixth birthday my friend and I while spying though a fence hole witnessed a woman assaulting two boys That's the moment I realized how lucky I was We didn't tell anyone All the adults were focused on the upcoming housewarming party for my poor lonely Dad Ned Roth He's uite the catch with all his fancy new furniture and state of the art appliances but he's never home long enough to make start a romance with a decent woman At my Dad's party he meets and develops an affair with a woman and eventually tells us that a new housekeeper named Irma is moving in To my horror it's the same woman I spied on through the fence and she has her two battered boys in tow Eventually Irma's dead husband surfaces and approaches me to help him kidnap his two sons from a woman the courts will soon label an unfit motherYes I survived I'm the Jacynta Roth who saw the new neighbor beat her kids I'm the girl who thought it wasn’t my problem until she left her husband and moved in with us Now her ex husband is bugging me to help get his two kids back Life sucks My sister has vanished and the new step witch is trying to get rid of us one by one I wonder who’s next?

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    This book is great Once I started I could not put it down It made me laugh and made me cry and mad at times at how parents can treat kids and get away with it This book is very well written I could sense and almost see the characters and feel the emotions of how they felt It makes you think about our society and who the laws really seem to protect There are some cool descriptions of surroundings and attention to details that I really enjoyed like a bed of green grass curls and moves with the tide like cooked spinach I would recommend this to anyone 16 and up to read

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    Battered engaged me from the very beginning The author did an excellent job of narrating from a young girl's perspective but still writing in a way that is interesting and compelling for adult readers It's a tragic story with glimmers of hope throughout and that's what makes the characters so easy to connect with particularly young Jacinta who is the narrator I found myself rooting for her throughout the novel I experienced the highs and lows of which there were many along with Jacinta Can't wait to read what happens next in book 2

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    I normally spend a month reading a book but with this book I found myself picking it up whenever I had a spare moment Found the book very interesting and amusing Hard to believe people can be so blind to things going on around them Looking forward to the next book Great book Juanita Ray Ray

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    i read it and read it and i read it until it was done and i hated it well not the writing the author or anything to do with the composition i hated the content it made me angry emotionally angry like when i read wuthering heights and hated and loved heathcliff at the same time and when that happens you know its a good book it draws you in it makes you feel things gets you involved in the character's life and then it spits you out at the end wanting and hating yourself for wanting like a bad habit an addiction that makes you feel guilty i read a child called it when i was a kid and wondered how this could be how could there be such abuse in the world and this book lends to the fact that yes indeed there is such abuse in the world but there is also a light at the end of the tunnel it may not be perfect not so much a spotlight like a dim red flashlight but at least its something to hold onto great book cant wait to read the next addiction

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    wow I mean yeah this book is amazingI hate the situation so much but as a reader there is nothing you can do about it BRAVO so much emotional control this book is amazing read it don't think about it read itI wanted to freaking kill some people in this book but I will leave it spoiler free do yourself a favor and read it

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    Poorly writtenThis book was so confusing because it jumped all over the place I have so many unanswered uestions because the author wasted so much time rambling about things that didnt pertain to this book Don't waste your money

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    Disappointed in the end It is an ok read The book does not end the way I hoped or anticipated Maybe a seuel to is in the works

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    Almost UnbelievableThis book is carelessly edited with typos etc It is hard to believe that this is a true story The abuse begins at such an early age and is described in such graphic detail that it is hard to believe So many people were aware of this child's torment and yet no one came to her rescue Also it is hard to believe the guilty parties were not punished and if they were the reader was left to wonder The ending was disappointing What became of the planned adoption? What happened after Juanita ran away?

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    Jean38noA very good read Surprised the author was able to tell her story so well All though the book you could feel the abuse going on You could feel the anguish she endured by not being being able to tell anyone People saw her coming to school with bruises Even people that were suspicious such as teachers they never went far enough to overcome her distrust I’m sure neighbors knew something It just pains you to know no one helped these children not even the father They should have gone to jail

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    Great readThis story needed to be shared It's horrific and real It could be an amazing novel of the editing was properly done There are spacesof time missing and some jumps in time I would love to read an updated version with editing and possibly additional narrative added to make the novel seamless