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Lona Sixteen Always is about to become Lona Seventeen Always but she isn't feeling much older or wiser Unlike Fenn and the rest of the Path strays she is struggling to move on with her life How can she look to the future when she knows almost nothing about her past? Lona feels like everyone's pressuring her to become 'normal' even her beloved Fenn and on top of this she's been having strange violent dreams It almost feels like someone's trying to send her a messageLona's dreams turn out to be memories clues hidden inside Lona by her mother who Lona always assumed was lost to her forever But she isn't lost at all she's being held captive by Harm emotionless psychotic murderous Harm and she's desperate for Lona to find her But can Lona work it all out in time? And why does Harm need Lona's mother? In the bid to find out who she really is Lona will fall headlong into a trap far dangerous and cunning than she could ever have imagined The Path was just the beginning

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    Check out the review on my blog here A huge thank you to Hot Key Books for sending me a review copy of this book If you want to see my review of the first novel in the series Stray Click Here After the explosive ending of Stray I was really looking forward to diving into this novel Although I felt a little disappointed that this book didn't surpass Stray I did really enjoy it The novel picks up six months after the events of Stray and we see how those events have changed the characters lives and emotions I really enjoyed seeing that the group were still a group and the way they interacted with each other was still close I liked seeing that they had become close with Talia and didn't blame her for any work on the Julian Path I enjoyed reading about the progression of Lona's and Fenn's relationship I really liked reading about their budding romance in Stray and reading about them as a couple was great I felt that Monica Hesse has really created a relationship with ups and downs but that feels so grounding for the reader in the midst of the sci fi plot I really enjoyed learning about the Julian Path a little I'm really intrigued by the workings of the Path and how it came to be I am also really interested in finding out about Julian himself as he still seems mysterious to me I really like that we haven't been given too much information about Julian or Path yet as I think if we were given the information all at once it would be too powerful I enjoy the way it is spread out over the series I really love the theme of uestioning what normal means that lies beneath the surface of the book I found the book to be really though provoking as was Stray It has made me stop and think and uestion my own morals if I were in a situation as Lona finds herself in One thing I did not like about the book was that I felt the POV's transitions were not as smooth as they were in Stray I sometimes felt they were a little jumpy and uneasy I also would have liked to see of the side characters like Ilyf and Gamb in the story I don't think they were mentioned enough and I would have liked to have seen of their interactions to give a break at times from the heavy story line I loved the dreams visions aspect of the novel I found it to be really entertaining and gripping It added to the sci fi uality of the novel and had me guessing the meaning behind them until the very end of the novel Overall I really enjoyed this novel and if you liked Stray I would definitely recommend you pick up Burn Fingers crossed for a third book

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    Review by Layla Year 8Burn is about a sixteen year old girl called Lona who has been part of a science project all her life The science project was called ‘Julian Path’ because the children who are part of it live in pods and watch the life of a man called Julian As all of the children there are abandoned when Lona leaves she goes searching for her real parentsAlthough the story is written in 3rd person Monica Hesse manages to portray Lona’s feelings very well Monica steps into Lona’s shoes and talks about her thoughts and feelings about the whole situation As Lona’s thoughts and feelings were always so clear it made it easier to understand what she was experiencingThe plot was always moving there was always something happening so I was easily absorbed by the story This made it very interesting and enjoyable to read I read the book uickly because I always wanted to find out what would happen next The plot is very good because it’s as if it’s slowly building up a puzzle as Lona finds out information about who her parents areAnother thing that I liked about the book was that Monica Hesse thought about how Lona’s search for her parents affected her friends Part of the story is also about what her friends think about her looking for her parents and how they react to some of the problems they faceSomething which made the story interesting was that Monica Hesse told most of the story from Lona’s point of view but some of it was from Lona’s mum’s point of view Seeing where Lona’s mother was and what was happening to her deepend the mystery still The fact that the plot got interesting as I went through the book made it very hard to stop reading because I wanted to find out what was going to happen nextI found that towards the end of the book that there was an interesting twist as to what I thought was going to happen which made the ending interesting I thoroughly enjoyed reading Burn

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    A fitting finale I think anyway Got a little overdescriptive towards the end what with the explaining plot direction when it was already clear My issue perhaps A few interesting twists in there that I did not see coming

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    Would recommend YesI think this seuel was a reasonable follow up to the first installment although the pacing was a bit off The first 23 strolled along and then it was a sprint to the end Still the book's dystopian premise is interesting and original the story was pretty well done

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    One highly manipulated event orchestrated to make poor Lona convinced of something that wasn't even remotely likely but I could give it enough of a pass to love this Very satisfying follow up to Stray and can't wait to see what Monica Hesse writes next

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