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With a nickname like Annwyl the Bloody men tend to either cower in fear at the sight of me or salute So it would be nice to find a man I can actually talk to just the way I can talk to Fearghus the Destroyer Then again Fearghus is a dragon Includes bonus novella A Tale of Two Dragons

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    Thoroughly entertaining diversion from the sht show that is our world Series YepSexy times Yes but nothing out of the ordinary Everything felt normal and silly Plan on reading by the author YESSynopsis This is actually two stories novellas in one Annwyl and Fearghus I love his name So perfectly dragon And Rhiannon and Bercelak who just happen to be Fearghus' parents Basically Annwyl's brother is a very evil toddler of a man who is out to kill his sister who happens to be leading a rebellion against him She's cornered run through and ready to die Cue the dragon Cue the rescue Cue the dragon who's a shifter Cue the relationship between the dragon and a whole other relationship with the man And don't forget cue the battle scenes The second story begins with Rhiannon's horrid ueen mother what is it with dragons and their serious family issues? If there was ever a call for therapy has decided to strip her of her powers ability to shift and drop her right in Bercelak's lap Well B has had his eye on R for years decades etc And he's all about getting his princess Cue the silly dragon kin because this is GA Cue the elistist Rhiannon Cue the low born dragon giving the princess what she likes but doesn't want to admit Cue the showdown with mamma Why it did or didn't work for me It worked It was typical silly GA and a complete escape from the horrors of the news It was fun It was a bit adventurous It was a lot of comedy After reading the first little novel in this story which I put down and picked up like 50 times over six months I was not expecting to like this one as much as I did Excited for the next one Signed Where are my dragons?

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    3 it served its purpose starsRecently I have been reading lot of thriller and horrors so I needed something to cleanse my reading palate Something light and fluffy I started with KD #1 but really got bored with it Then I started reading this and got what I wanted Fuffy Dragon romance with hot knight on side This could have been easily a 4 star read but view spoiler angry sex hide spoiler

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    About the only shifter books I truly enjoy reading are those with dragons maybe because the fantasy aspect of these types of shifters is amped up Funny in parts and unexpected in places with some mighty spicy love scenes I enjoyed this book and also enjoyed the secondary story included about Fearghus' parentsBy the way if you are a fan of Annwyl the Bloody I suggest you take a look at Monica Enderle Pierce's The Shadow the Sun because Militess Halina is cut from the same cloth in a sword and sorcery fantasy that is darker deeper yet with a compelling military heroine Sorry I can't get the link button to work for some reason right nowI look forward to reading Dragon Kin booksBook source Purchased

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    I DNF'd at 64% BUT technically I finished a book as this contains two totally separate stories I kept wondering why the first story felt like it was coming to close at 50% The second story is about characters I didn't care for Maybe one day I'll finish this

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    Re readI believe that re read will enrich our reading experience and that's what I feel about this book Really enjoy to revisit the world of the Dragon Kin that began with Anwyll the Bloody and Fearghus the Destroyer I sincerely remember how AikenLaurenston used to write steamy sex scenes back then sighOf course my favorite is Dragon Actually and also its preuel Chains of Flames story about Fearghus's parents Bercelak and Rhiannon But there's addition A Tale of Two Dragon that preceded the first two about Fearghus's uncle Addolgar and also give reader first glimpse to young Bercelak Aiken's tendency to write a strong women is always appreciated I love how even her heroine is not dragon or fighter like Anwyll they are badass in their own way Re read also confirm my pet peeves with this series I think the way Aiken write about how her dragons behave is a little weird It seems like they move like human notIdkdragonlike? They bring hammer sword and any weapons that make me a little bit hard to imagine Should that their movement are limited to flying roaring throw fireballs etc? With Dragon Kin series I try to broaden my mind to accept this uniue concept about dragonsWhich bring me to re read another book of Dragon Kin again I always love to read this series because the crazysauceawesomeness of the concept and world building Also it been years after I read book 6 so re read will refresh my mind My first review about this book can be read belowFirst ReviewNot so crazy like Pride series by Shelly Laurenston But still good nonetheless I think for the firstthis book is set on medieval era or maybe our era But turn that its fantasy romance With dragon And bloodthirsty heroine Wooohoooa wet dream for fantasy geek like me har harDragon Actually is the first book of Dragon Kin series by GAAiken another pen name of Shelly Laurenston my crack when it comes of crazy comedy story This book have 2 stories Dragon Actually or the original title A Dragon Challenge and Chains and Flames Dragon Actually is story about Annwyl the Bloody and Fearghus the Destroyer Annwyl is a human that try to kill his tyrant brother while Fearghus is the dragon who save her when she had been ambushed and almost dead Now you wonder how dragon and human relationship can work? Well Fearghus can shift into human a secret the dragon kin keep from mankind As dragon he is in friend zone with Annwyl and she pledge her loyalty to him since he saved her life As human he make Annwyl blood heat up in the good way Annwyl of course don't know that the knight she hate and the dragon she love is the same While the truth revealed Annwyl of course angry to Fearghus to keep that fact but he's willing to help her war with her brother and claim the throneChains and Flames is the story about Princess Rhiannon and Bercelak the Vengeful Both are Fearghus's parent and also appeared at Dragon Actually This is the story when they first meet and mated Rhiannon is a powerful dragon but she always think she is weak Little she know its her mother doing ueen Addiena who fear she once will take the throne So Addiena cast a spell to Rhiannon to make her human and can't shift back Fortunately or not she is saved by Bercelak her mother's warrior Rhiannon hate Bercelak and mock him as lowborn since he's not royalty And his father is a famous womanizer that bed many women and Addiena is one of them But her heart always beat faster when near him As for Bercelak he already want the princess from the beginning despite the ueen want him Claim Rhiannon with force Together while try to release Rhiannon from her spell Bercelak must conviced her to let him Claimed her and rule together I love both stories But Chains and Flames is my favorite You know what to expect when read the word Chain don't you? wiggle eyebrows I give a hint KINKY ; But of course not just that GAAiken make a wonderful dragon story Love Annwyl with her ass kicking and bloodthirsty characteristic but she also have flaws when it come to manage her anger and fear Fearghus is a grumpy dragon don't care with others concern as long he's not disturbed but Annwyl change all I also love Fearghus siblings from Morfyd the Dragonwich Briec the Mighty Gwenfael the Handsome or Whore Keita and Eibhear And from Chain and Flames Bercelak's family that defend him and Rhiannon but also crazy in their way I think that's the similarity between GA Aiken and Shelly Laurenston Both have a family theme of their story No matter what how much the craziness ran in family when your are in trouble your family always there for youOh and another similarity is both know how to write steamy sex scenes My favorite of course still Chains and Flames Beside kinky the Claimed part is scorching hot and very uniue GA Aiken write about dragon as good as Shelly Laurenston write about shifter If you fans of Shelly Laurenston you won't to miss this

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    Annwyn and feargus ❤️❤️❤️❤️🐲👩🏼‍🎤❤️❤️❤️I adored this book Annwyn is our FMC who is a battle honed deadly lethal warrior who’s nickname is “the blood ueen” This tale is a PNR 11 and is the 1st book not including preuel in a series about the dragon kin and their mates Lots of action and feisty arguments the book praises dominate strong willed women who don’t ever need rescuing and who own their shit The play between the pair is gorgeous and sizzling Ferg is the eldest child of the reigning Dragon ueen one of 6 and he is the older serious keeps you himself Hates everyone except for Gwaenvwl and morphyd cannot spell their names Until annwyn whom he saves from her village as they were trying to kill her for being witch and decides finders keepers Annwyn actually has no powers except for her rage and that rage plus his dragon passion is LIT This book has taken me down the rabbit hole of all of GA Aiken’s dragon kin series and I’m loving it The dominant sassy argumentative females their their dragon lovers who adore that about them These women Mac resonate with me they are wickedly smart dominate assertive mature and don’t just fall over to “my body betrayed me” They think and weigh the options Happy happy happy Read this now Dragons 🐲✔️Sexy sizzle smexy times ✔️Funny AF humour ✔️Cute dragon kin siblings laughing and joking with each other ✔️There is nothing not to love about this first book

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    Ammmm this was stupidBut for some strange reason I've read it and finished I really don't know what to say

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    This is black dagger brotherhood but with dragons that can turn into humans If you want to lose yourself in some fast paced romance meets fifty shades of grey but better with royalty and fighting this is the book for you This isn’t a brain twister of a book but a book you’d probably love while on a beach somewhere relaxing

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    I really enjoyed both females in this story Annwyl the Bloody really lives up to her name until the dragon Fearghus She's a kick ass heroine and is willing do to what is best for her me she just needs to defeat her brother The banter between Fearghus and Annwyl is great and of course the heat between the two is steamy Annwyl is uick with her remarks to Fearghus but he finds that he really likes her fistiness Now Rhiannon and Bercelak are also fun characters but bit crazy but in a good way Even though they're fearless when it comes to their families and how they push each others buttons with all the teasing and argumentsBoth stories where fun to read

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    This book has two related novelas Annwyl and Feargus are one of those couples that you just adore and cheer on I loved their story seeing a lot of my personality traits in Annwyl I think she rocks as a leading lady And what a KnightThe second story while delightfully entertaining did not stick with me in the same way Fun to read just not for me