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Serenity Makepeace knows a lot about whole grain bread but she doesn't know beans about business She's expanding her natural foods emporium to sell local handicrafts by mail—which she hopes will benefit her offbeat artist community in Witt's End Washington But she needs a crack financial adviser to make her dream a reality—so she charms her way into the office of Caleb Ventress a handsome wolf in conservative clothing An expert in the art of the deal Caleb isn't sure what to make of the unconventional Serenity—but there's no doubt he's attracted A pass from a paragon of conformity—even one as handsome as Caleb—is than free spirited Serenity bargained for But when a lethal blackmailer threatens her plans and perhaps her life she puts her whole trust in the man who seems her complete opposite—and the net result might be true love

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    “Hippie” heroine from a uirky mountain community hooks up with a staid business consultant hero to launch a catalog featuring handmade food and craft items from her general storeThis opposites attract couple find themselves embroiled in a blackmail scheme – nude photos of the heroine will be given to the local newspaper if the hero goes forward with this business association This echoes the blackmail scheme from the hero’s past Seems hero’s father had a mistress hero’s mother who posed nude and someone tried to blackmail the family with her photos It didn’t work Hero’s father decided to divorce his wife and marry hero’s mother but both were killed in a car accident before their HEA Hero has lived with his grandfather’s disapproval ever since The author has fun setting up all the possible suspects and doesn’t mind killing off a character or two The hero’s past is relevant – but that mystery is only revealed in the last 20% of the story The real fun is watching the Hh grow close and getting to know the characters in the community Seeing the hero embraced by the town and the final adventure where he bonds with his grandfather really added to the HEAA big suspension of disbelief is reuired – the coincidences and mystical caves come to mind – but I’ve been reading Diana Palmer and this is just as “realistic”

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    Another classic Krentz Hidden Talents from the 90’s it may be a little outdated but is a good comfort read If you want something light fun to keep you entertained on a boring rainy day this might be it Caleb is a business consultant that specializes in start ups; Serenity runs a store in the small town of Witt’s End and wants to expand through a catalog featuring handicrafts to help her eccentric neighbors Witt’s End reminded me of Scargill Cove from The Scargill Cove Case Files an Arcane Society novella While he is a prototype of the mainstream she is basically an offbeat character Despite that they fit well together A lot happens in its 400 pages some angst from blackmail attempt and a murder; jealous relatives but also reconciliation; true love regardless of crazy ex fiancé or obnoxious ex boyfriend; all that among a whole town of eccentric neighbors and a cranky family I found Hidden Talents fun gratifying and a page turner 3 stars recommended

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    Trying to save her hometown Serenity Makepeace approaches business start up expert Caleb Ventress Serenity wants to publish a catalog featuring homemade goods from her neighbors Caleb is hesitant when he finds out Serenity is being blackmailed But he is intrigued by Serenity and decides to follow her home and check out what kinds of items would be put in the catalog When they arrive in Witt's End Washington they find the blackmailer is dead But someone else is lurking in the small townsomeone with evil intentionsThis is a cute story with Krentz' usual ultra conservative hero and offbeat heroine But the stars of this book are the secondary characters who inhabit the town There is a light mystery concerning who is trying to blackmail Serenity but most of this story is about the relationship between Caleb and Serenity My rating 35 Stars

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    Shadow's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsCharming is the best way to describe Jayne Ann Krentz's Hidden Talents This murder mystery romance has great characters a fascinating plot and humor laced throughout The best part of the book though is the location Witt's End Washington a small town in the Cascade Mountains founded by hippies in the 1960s Filled with delightful and eccentric characters the town is a reminder of several unusual placesSerenity Makepeace is the unofficial princess of Witt's End with bragging rights for being the only child ever born in Witt's End Her mother came to town gave birth to Serenity and died The town elders kept Serenity out of the foster system by drawing straws to see whose name went on her birth certificate The town raised her and still acts as her family Her gratitude leads her to try and establish a mail order catalog business for the townEnter Caleb Ventress hot shot start up consultant who is intrigued enough by Serenity to forego his usual strict standards and agree to be her consultant Both their plans are thrown into chaos by the discovery that Serenity is being blackmailed and that the cause goes back to Caleb's past Can these two captivating characters learn to trust each other and find their HEA in spite of murder and blackmail?Serenity was an interesting character sweet and strong who has a hard time functioning outside her free spirited town Caleb started off as a cold calculating person but one who has had to build up walls to protect himself from his family Serenity is sure she can teach him to love but can they keep each other safe long enough for him to learn?Overall it was a great book drawing the reader into the story and keeping you turning the pages to find out what will happen next One of my favorites

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    A typical book by Jayne Ann Krentz that she wrote in 90's Cute naive virginal heroine emotionless hero and a love interest from the very beginning Plus the suspense part that is naighter very innovative nor well developed And of course a sweet happy endying in this case very sweet A uick read that you are going to forget about in a month Nothing special

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    Decent pacing and sense of drama but the characters didn’t work The main ones were almost 2 dimensional while the secondary ones didn’t get that far; they didn’t have uirks they were uirks waiting for their button to be pushed

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    Author Jayne Ann KrentzFirst published 1993Length 6239 kindle locationsSetting Contemporary Witt's End maybe Washington State?Sex Not explicit but heated Infreuent ProtectedHero Advises on startupsHeroine Ex Sociologist Academic now running small grocery store and trying to expand into mail order catalogueThe problem with Hidden Talents can be summed up as isn't always betterMore charactersMore red herringsMore plot threadsMore angstAdd some paranormal and mysterious backgroundAnd you somehow don't get a better bookWho knew??Here's the thing I really like KrentzCastleuick I enjoy her writing style light touch strong female characters The touch of paranormal she adds and uirky characters appeal to my fantasy pastBut Hidden Talents missed the mark Trying to add all the things just didn't work It needed a good carving up to slice off the unnecessary and tidy the plots into a cohesive wholedisappointedReferencesAuthor's website ISBN CR

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    Easy listen complete escape a little dated but enjoyable

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    This turned into a much enjoyable reread than I remembered actually It is very much a hero's angst centered book because Serenity with all her little hesitations about fitting into normal life already has found the place she belongs and is fiercely defending itI loved the fact that when we meet the two we find out why Caleb has his hangups horrible guilting from his surviving family decades of it while he is doing his best for them and in general in search of his granddad's approval and are right then confronted with a situation which pushes all his buttons really fiercely If he followed his usual mo the book would be over after the first twenty pagesIt isn't because he does the first totally atypical thing and regrets having broken off the business relationship with Serenity whom he fiercely desires we don't uite understand why at that point He goes after her finds a totally spurious reason to force her to hold up to her part of the contract and determinedly puts himself in her space a bit like a big dog acting fierce in the hope he'll find a way and regain the ground he has lostSerenity and the whole group of people at Witt's End are a pleasure to experience just fun eccentrics I just wish we didn't have two crime scenarios and could concentrate on the romance Ah well one was at least necessary to discover the truth about Caleb's past there's a lovely juxtaposition in the comparison of Serenity's and Caleb's pasts and presentCaleb is no idiot and when he realizes what Serenity's love and loyalty are worth he grabs onto her any which way bar blackmail overcoming his own prejudices and really emotionally growing up At the end he knows where he is willing to compromise and where not Of course it is Serenity and the fact that his grandfather may be stubborn but is still able to learn from his previous mistakes who makes Caleb reconcile with his grandfather that image of the two of them sharing a hottub is just hysterical

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    I read this book in the 90's even though I rarely read contemporary romances They're still not one of my favorite genres yet I reread this and several of Krentz' others every so often I find them enjoyable light entertainmentThis particular book is charming and uirky I like the MCs and the way they slowly get to know each other peeling off the layers of their lives as the story progresses But I really like the eccentric people at Whit's End who make up our heroine's extended family There are plenty of books about tiny towns filled with crazy people and sometimes they're just annoying After all I grew up in a very small town and it was mostly full of very ordinary folks But I like these people especially Blade a war veteran who admits to being paranoid but insists he isn't crazy That may be one of the things that charms me about this book it turns out everyone can be odd without being actually nuts I'd like to live in a world where we could follow our passions and be honest about our deepest thoughts and fears without being rejected or labelled by others Turns out I just need to move to Whit's End WA lolThere's some depth to this story too with themes of dealing with the past and how we learn to love and there's a mystery but mostly for me it's just a good book about interesting people two of whom happen to fall in love