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The warrior died at her feet his blood running out of the cave entrance and mingling with the waterfall With his last breath he cursed the woman told her that her spirit would remain chained in the cave forever until a child was created and born there So goes the ancient legend of the Chained Lady and the curse that bound her throughout the ages until destiny brings Diana Prentice and Colby Savagar together Suddenly they are both haunted by dreams that link past and present while their waking hours are filled with danger But it is only when Colby Diana's modern day warrior learns to love can these dark forces be vanuished Only then can Diana set the Chained Lady free Compilation of Dreams Part One and Dreams Part Two

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    It is a story about mature people FWith the past with the already broken dreams children realistic expectations This is a story about eual treatment of women both in legend and in life Colby is a mature man who had to uickly grow up to deal with being a single father His past bothering him Diana is hidden behind a wall of independence single living They both need each other they are meant for each other Independently and each other they learn being together Diana helps Colby to keep a distance with beeing a father But she really needs him because her world suddenly changed about 360 degrees Work baby marriage In her place I would myself have panicked But as it Colby repeats they are mature and give cope Great supporting cast Son mother in law the son's girl I love that book

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    This was a nice combination of contemporary romance and super natural loved it

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    I read this book by pure accident after the online bookstore I purchased it from had sent me this book by mistake instead of the actual book I had ordered I’m a fan of romance novels and I have read my fair share of them so I’m not overly judgy about the cheesiness that often comes along with stories like this one However I did find the writing uite over the top in this instance The story was cool and I really enjoyed how an old legend was weaved into the plot but man the writing was a bit much for me It was the dialogue that tended to be a bit over dramatic and unrealistic But if you need an overly romantic book to get you through a tough time then I highly recommend this one Sometimes we need books like this

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    Very different book ancient legend and shared dreams between two very different people Diana is a thirty four accountant who has just lost a large promotionWhile Colby is the towns bad boy who has turned things around and is now a famous Author of horrorstories Their paths are somehow linked to this small town the falls and the legendWhat a great book I read it in a couple of days on a trip Do give it a try know you will enjoy the different plot

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    Not her usual style but you will enjoy itI read both books one after the other I found the first book disappointing Because I normally hit them right away and have never been disappointed I thought that this one would be have been A lot of a action from the beginning but in totally I'd say worth reading

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    Chained Lady Falls has a legend attached to it and now two strangers are drawn into the story

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    It is a fascinating story I really like Jayne Ann Krentz Her stories always have a surreal feel to them I liked in this story she linked the past and present with the legend

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    Interesting Interesting easy read Not as good as most of her books but a good story line and a relaxing easy read

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    Good re readI always enjoy a good JAK novel This is a classic and one I often go back to for a reread

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    Good read