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Charity Truitt and Elias Winter two of the Pacific Northwest’s most powerful corporate figures are both facing crises of career and the heart Fate has brought them together in Washington’s tiny Whispering Waters Cove each eager to downsize and simplify They’re both determined to avoid mergers of any kind—but when they meet the attraction is nothing short of blue chipAnd they definitely have at least one thing in common A martial arts master Elias is a novice at relationships; a formidable former CEO Charity is starting in the mail room when it comes to love But when the town is rocked by two shocking murders Charity and Elias realize that they must join forces to catch a killer Because behind the town’s sleepy facade run currents fed by treacherous secrets and Deep Waters

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    A little slow and tmi of the water zen but I had to finish it to see who the culprit was Otis the parrot is a hoot

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    Good mystery and characters but bad audiobook narratorI enjoyed this as a paperback when I read it ten years ago Recently I listened to the audiobook and was bored There were too many philosophical comments about water like “Things are clearest in deep water” or “One pebble causes many ripples” I think when I read the paperback I skipped over those But in the audiobook there were too many and they felt oddBut the worst thing was the audiobook narrator Stephanie Diaz She is fast reading without thinking about what she is reading She does not read with feeling or curiosity about what is happening It was hard to pay attention The characters sounded like teenagers tone of voice emotional reaction stubbornness being sarcastic They didn’t sound like adults except for the hero who sounded like a soft spoken womanMy tastes have been changing over the years Some of the romance novels I used to read are less appealing to me now If you currently like romance you might like the paperback Below are my comments from 2008I enjoyed Charity’s directness and honesty She and Elias were doing their casual bantering during their getting to know each other phase but when asked a direct uestion she was refreshingly honest even when once her answer was “Let me get back to you on that” I enjoyed the stories surrounding Charity and Elias They were both successful in the corporate world but left that world to run small shops in a small town They cook gourmet meals for each other Elias practices an esoteric eastern zen type philosophy based on meditation contemplating water and martial arts The main focus of the book is solving the mystery of who killed someone and whyDATANarrative mode 3rd person Swearing language a few occurrences Sexual language moderate Number of sex scenes four Setting current day Seattle and a small coastal town in northern Washington State called Whispering Waters Cove Copyright 1996 Genre romantic mystery

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    Review 27122017I read this book when I was a teenager even back then I didn’t like contemporary romances much It always feels too close to reality and I like a little distance between the stories and me I decided to reread today which turned into a very uick page through This is not to say that I didn’t like it I just liked it when I was younger It’s a nice little story I decided to adjust my original 5 stars rating because it didn’t move me First review on GR I am leaving the original text to provide context for the comments I read this book many many years ago and it is my only comtemporary romance by any writers in my entire life I do not read contemporary anything unless it comes highly recommended by someone whose reading tastes I know for certain that I share And I loved this book I think this conveys how great an impression this book made on me A successful business woman decided to leave her city life behind and look for herself I guess you could say that She meets a man who is uiet and mysterious They met each other had conflicting position on an issue but got to know each other This book has exactly what I love in a story a strong heroin who is not a hysterical feminist and a uiet hero who reserves his strength for things that matter Classic good writing No fights just disagreements And a little danger and mystery I really have no interest in contemporary stories but this is one book that really really caught my attention and I still remember the story fondly

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    I was curious how well a mid 90s Krentz novel would hold up and I have to say I'm impressed I uite enjoyed Deep Waters though it's mostly pretty standard in a lot of ways There were a few times when Charity was a little over emotional and I'd have preferred that Elias wasn't uite so bleak I suppose But in the end it worked very well and they fit in all the ways that mattered I particularly enjoyed how well Krentz' invented martial arts system for Elias penetrated his character without feeling artificial though his mentor's final advice is kind of out of left field and didn't fit so well if you think about it muchview spoiler the part about finding a woman and learning to love I mean hide spoiler

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    this was a silly book I couldn't connect with the two main characters The guy was weird His water martial arts was over the top I am all for the uiet reserved guy but this guy was just too much The story line was weird too suckering all those people into beleiving that the aliens were going to land I know that there are cults with dynamic leaders but it is usually not a local real estate agent bent on revenge that can pull it off Just a little too far fetched for my liking

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    Ugh I couldn't even get into this book I tried for 100 pages but it was too boring The heroine's fear of big men and the hero's Zen like philosophy got on my nerves and then there's the spaceship cult Yes it is as asinine as my description makes it sound

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    After a breakdown Charity Truitt has uit her job as a CEO of a Department Store and opened a small bookstore in Whispering Waters Cove Corporate Raider Elias Winters has also moved to the small town and took over the curio shop When a series of murders happen Charity and Elias join forces to catch a killer I attempted to read this book many years ago but gave up after reading half I decided to listen to the audiobook this time It is definitely was not my favorite Krentz book The hero kept philosophizing about water I thought he was very strange The narration was not very good I was nearly in a coma by the end of the book My rating 15 Stars

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    25 starsThis is a classic JAK novelAlthough this is not one of my favorites of her's it's not that bad eitherI did find that Elias's emphasis on his water based martial arts and philosophy to be a bit over the top but somewhat endearing neverthelessWhat annoyed me the most was the utter emphasis on Charity's nervous breakdown a year before Firstly I don't think she really had a nervous breakdown And secondly I felt that her endless apologies and references to it was unnecessary and did nothing but cause her to offer excuses for herself It struck me as a strange note to take in a romance novel and made me dislike Charity than I would have otherwise Overall though not a bad read but if you've never read any Jayne Ann Krentz before I wouldn't start with this one Start with Falling Awake All Night LongTrust Me or Sizzle and Burn instead

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    This is one of those early Krentz books with tough businessmen heroes and the uirky women who teach them to open up and find love It's not one of my favorites though if you can accept a cult that believes aliens will be arriving and ending the world and a hero who practices some sort of water based martial artsphilosophy then the rest of the book is pretty good lol As for the heroine you have to get past her silly anxiety over big men and why wasn't she just honest with her fiancé and family? But that's the very beginning Once we see her in her small town fighting for the weird business owners and whipping up tasty vegetarian dishes for potlucks she's very likeable I've said it before and will repeat myself there's a place in life for interesting uirky books that simply entertain I listened to this while allergies had my eyes streaming so badly I couldn't read and hadn't slept for two nights because I was constantly blowing my nose and sneezing At such a time you simply want to be distracted and have your brain kept happy Some folks turn to TV I turn to books like this one It worked 25 3 stars

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    I really can't recommend this audiobook published in the 1990's from the prolific Jayne Ann Krentz I've been involved in some tedious tasks for several days and was looking for some non challenging listening to go with them What we have here is a leading man who is just plain weird emotionally repressed robotic and obsessed with a strange fictitious Eastern philosophy based on of all things water Then there is the heroine; tiny impulsive fierce with the reuisite heart of gold Throw in a cult waiting for the arrival of space aliens uirky townspeople and nefarious real estate agents and you have a hot mess I don't usually mind a formula as long as it's a believable one The narrator made absolutely no distinctions in the various voices I uite often had no idea who was speaking without going backWhy two stars? I usually only give 1 star to books I don't finish For some unknown reason I stuck it out to the bitter end