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Eilidh Lawson’s life has hit crisis point Years of failed fertility treatments a cheating husband and an oppressive family have pushed her to the limit Desperate for relief Eilidh seeks solace in the only place she’s ever felt at home – a small village in the Scottish Highlands There Eilidh slowly begins to mend her broken heart but soon learns she is not the only one in the village struggling to recover from a painful pastJamie McAnena Eilidh’s childhood friend is trying to raise his daughter Maisie alone After Maisie’s mother left to pursue a career in London and Jamie’s own mother Elizabeth passed away he has resigned himself to being a family of twoBut sometimes there is to a story than meets the eye Despite their reluctance curious circumstances keep bringing Jamie and Eilidh together For even when it seems all is lost help can come from the most surprising placesAn ethereal and beautifully written debut novel Watch Over Me is a poignant story about letting go and moving on – with a little bit of help from beyond the grave

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    I'm really not sure what I was expecting just by the look of the cover so was pleasant surprised by how much I enjoyed this touching emotional taleEilidh is left heartbroken after miscarriaging so soon after finally getting pregnant through various fertility treatments with her marriage also in tatters she seeks solace from her childhood home in the highlands of ScotlandShe soon forms a friendship with single father Jamie and is instantly besotted by young Maisie even though theirs clear chemistry between Eilidh and Jamie her recent traumatic experiences are stopping her from wanting to take the next stepThe people are so vividly brought to life in this debut novel that you really get a wonderful experience of life in the small village of Glen AvichWhile this story might not be the most original but its the raw emotions that Eilidh now feels that is so powerful the fact that she feels inadeuate and broken as she can no longer able to have kids has completely altered herA genuinely touching story about loss and learing to love again

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    If you have something precious and fragile and you keep it locked away like a little plant trying to grow into the darkness well it'll die and your secret will turn into regret Love needs to be in the light of day A secret love will eat itself and die or eat your heart and kill youThis is a story of a 35 year old woman Eilidh who's life is torn to pieces After many attempts to have a baby she and her husband Tom finally succeeded She waited for so long to feel that joy to feel those little kicks of the new life that is growing inside of her Yet she was not destined to have that baby Shortly after the miscarriage she finds out that her husband Tom is cheating on her and that's when she decidesshe needs a new life A new life away of the painful memories away from the failures She is off to Glen Avich this little place in Scotland she used to live when her mom and dad had marriage problems There she is reconnected with Jamie once a friendbut could it be she is starting to grow feelings for him?Both Jamie and Eilidh have been very unfortunate in their love life and they have both lost faith in love But Destiny has plans for themplans they are both not even aware ofEven when it seems everything is lost help can come from the most extraordinary placesOh I don't think I will ever be able to express with words how much I enjoyed this book Maybe if you were able to see the river of tears I cried while reading it you could understand me Eilidh is such a loveable character so unfortunate yet so strongI could be EilidhEvery woman could be EilidhIt was really easy to relate to her and to feel the pain she is going through But oh noyou won't be sorry for her you will admire her She is a fighter someone you would love to be your best friend or a relative I look up to her for her strength to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and head towards a new life For even when the womb is empty and the heart is broken hope is the last to leave Make sure you never let it go because When you let go off hope you have nothingWatch over me is a debut novel by fantastic Daniela Sacerdoti Funny but while reading it I didn't have the impression this is the FIRST book Daniela has written I absolutely enjoyed every single page of it By all means Daniela is a talented storyteller and someone that will surely conuer your heartsFinally I would like to thank Daniela and her publisher for sending me a copy of this book It surely is a diamond I am going to keep forever

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    As I began to read this book I was completely unaware of how the author was uietly captivating me and drawing me into the story If you look at the book as a whole you realise it is a basic love story yet as you delve into the layers of the story you find it is so much There is magic hiding within the chaptersThe little village of Glen Avich is enchanting It reminded me of the mythical Scottish town in Brigadoon one of my favourite musicals ever It seems like a town that hasn't aged with time Everyone still knows everyone else's business and goes about the same thing just as they have done since they were children I hated putting this book down as I needed to find out what would happen and I found myself desperate not to let go of this book once I had finished it I was so mesmerised by this beautiful village and its inhabitants I was sad to finish it I wanted to find the village and move there Search out the characters to see how their lives had progressed because the way they were written had brought them to life for me There wasn't a character in the book that I did not feel empathy for I was convinced I could see snippets of people I know within them This book has a strong theme to it It is about learning to accept the past in order to help you move on with the future The characters had been trapped by the events of their past which seem to cloud their judgement of the decisions they should make However a little helping hand from the spiritual side of life helps to bring them together The book reminded me of two of my favourite authors It had the warmth of Beth Hoffman's book and the magic of the books by Sarah Addison Allen A book I will treasure and read again and again I feel like I should buy hundreds of copies and give them out in the street If you want a mesmerising captivating read that presents the circle of life in such a magical way then I suggest you read this book

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    As I sit having just finished Watch Over Me I can’t help but wonder how an author can come up with a debut as incredible as this This book is honest and raw it’s heart wrenching and heart warming and it’s beautifully writtenWhen I first picked it up I did think that it was going to be a little predictable all too convenient to be realistic but how wrong I was It’s subtle yet magical – there isn’t any of the “girl meets boy boy goes off with other girl boy comes back to girl” stuff here – it’s real and it’ll make you think about life There are so many ways that the added touch of Elizabeth’s “help beyond the grave” could have gone wrong but Daniela doesn’t fall into any of the traps – it’s perfectThe main characters Eilidh and Jamie are exceptionally easy to love And don’t even get me started on Maisie; what a gorgeous little angel The story is told in a uniue and incredible way which draws you in instantly and lets you fall deeper and deeper until you’re totally captivated The writing itself is beautiful – I found myself re reading passages just to absorb the beauty radiating from the pageTake your time when you read this I didn’t and devoured it in a matter of hours absorb every word because it’s totally and utterly worth it The first book I’ve ever wanted to read again before I’ve even finished turning the last page; this book will stay with me forever

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    This book was okay It was like a sweet marzipan tolerableTo me it was an average story set in The Highlands of Scotland What I disliked was the fact that there were chapters where a ghost was involved kind of guiding people along in their lives I don't think there was any need for thisI gave three stars as this may appeal to others It wasn't a terrible read but I've definitely read better

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    has a lot to answer for The was a recommendation based on something else I had read Whatever it was it couldn't be as bad as this I don't know what editors are getting paid these days but either it isn't enough or its far too much and they've become lazy This book is written in the first person of loads of character but if you didn't see the names at the start of their section you would be hard pressed to figure out who was talking since everyone has the same tone and vocabulary I found the whole book boring and contrived By the end I was skimming Blech

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    Not having read this author I was dubious at first Once I started I could not put it down Set in Scotland a wife of a doctor living in London struggles to fall pregnant After four failed IVF treatments and on the fifth she is at rockbottom and goes home to Scotland to try to recover you will have to read the book to discover her outcome

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    Firstly I’d like to thank Black White Publishing for sending me this book to read and give an honest review This isn’t the first book I’ve read by this author I have also read and enjoyed the first two books in The Sarah Midnight Trilogy I had heard many MANY good things about Watch Over Me so I was very much looking forward to reading itWow what a powerful prologue It was thought provoking slightly haunting and completely drew me in so that I just had to find out exactly what happened on that spring night in the woodsAs soon as I read about Eilidh’s struggles to fall pregnant and the effects it had on her life I felt incredibly sorry for her I knew then that she would be a character that I’d take to my heart and as she ran from the pain I felt glad I thought it was the right thing for her to doWhen I read Jamie’s story I felt a mixture of emotions I was shocked that a mother could up and leave her child so easily sad for what Jamie and Maisie had lost but also happy that they were able to stay together He seemed to be a very likeable character and I uickly warmed to him even though there were times that I felt frustrated by his actions particularly when he didn’t say what he really wanted toThen came the twist that made this book so special for me – Elizabeth’s story after her death She was Jamie’s late mother and reading about how it broke her heart to leave her family behind brought tears to my eyes She raised some great points about motherhood and talked about death in a peaceful kind of way The moment she ‘felt’ Eilidh’s distress gave me chills and I enjoyed Elizabeth’s memories of Jamie and Eilidh’s childhood as friendsAs Eilidh and Jamie both tried to rebuild their lives and battle their inner demons Elizabeth was working behind the scenes to make sure they would find each other again – this was one of my favourite parts of the book and brought a smile to my face every time she intervenedIt wasn’t just the main characters who captured my interest the author created some fantastic supporting characters who were just as interesting and I really enjoyed following their ups and downs too Elizabeth had to be one of my favourite characters though her words were inspiring and made so much sense the author had written it so beautifully that I felt like I was actually reading the thoughts of someone who had passed awayThere were a couple of heart stopping twists and turns towards the end one in particular that gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes once again I found this story so poignant and was completely unable to put the book down – I finished it in just one dayThis was a breathtaking read it was beautifully written with such an emotional atmosphere I have a feeling this book will stay in my mind for a long time

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    I adored this beautiful haunting and romantic tale set in the Scottish highlands Eilidh is heartbroken after losing a baby and ending her marriage and finds solace in the uiet village where she had spent time with her grandmother as a child Reconnecting with the slower pace of village life and with old friends including single Dad Jamie Eilidh begins to heal I loved the idea of the spirit of Jamie’s mother Elizabeth match making from beyond the grave; it is a uniue idea which encapsulates the spirit of the novel that there is a reason for everything and that destiny prevails Daniela is a smart and talented writer who has carefully crafted the world of her story all of the characters even the minor ones are fully rounded and the sense of place in the novel is incredibly vivid This is a gorgeous and ethereal debut which will have wide appeal I hope to see much from this author

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    I absolutely loved Watch Over Me it was a fantastic story of life love loss and happinessEilidh is so very lost and heartbroken bearly able to functionwhen she arrives at her Aunt Peggy's door in Glen Avich She needed to leave her old life behind she needed a place to go to heal to try to start her life again she needed to go HomeJamie has the most beautiful perfect little girl he has his job he has a good life but he isn't living Maisie is his world and with her mother no longer around and with the loss of his own mother still fresh he wants to keep her life normal stablebut he's lonely He feels that it's destined to be just the two of them him and Maisie a little family until he sees Eilidh againCould these two desperately lonely and broken people be the answer that they are each searching for? With a little unusual interference they could both be heading for their happily ever afterThis was a most unusual story It was written from various characters view points which worked incredibly well and the added bonus was that the age old uestion of 'is there life after death' was dealt with in a fascinatingly refreshing wayThe story itself was full of heartache with the main characters having both suffered loss in very different ways but it was also full of fun and happiness and laughter It was like taking a journey through normal everyday life but with a slight twist and different perspectiveThere are no rampant and detailed sex scenes and the strongest profanity used is 'shit'; this is a story of real life and you can connect with each of the individual characters in the story and you can empathise with their ups and downs and take this journey with each and every one of themNone of the characters are perfect they all have flaws Jamie is always tongue tied finding it hard to express what he feels; Eilidh is lacking in self confidence after spending years of her life trying to achieve something that always seems to be out of reach but they are endearing and real making this a heartwarming readThe scenery portrayed by Daniela Sacerdoti is spellbinding; it makes me want to journey to this small village in Scotland to see the beautiful surroundings first handI would highly recommend Watch Over Me the only time you'll be disappointed is when you finally turn the last page and realise the story is no