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Tapping into the healing energies of the traditional medicine wheel the evocative images in this 40 card deck represent the individual stones and their placement within the wheel Whether you choose a single card or perform one of several spreads described Spirit of the Wheel guides you with gentle prophecies and prayers along the spirit pathways toward self discovery

10 thoughts on “Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck with Poster and Booklet

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    Book and deck repetitively used

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    Gorgeous art Really really beautiful cards I just fell in love and fell in love and fell in love Wonderful cards In case you can't tell I love the art on these cards So beautiful The text is adeuate but it really can't compete with the cards which are almost inspiring by themselves Ah the cardsNew Note I've started to appreciate the text It is simple but simple can be very good I wish the booklet were better made That would make a difference in how the text is received

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    this is a great deck with fantastic artwork the desciptions are short and to the point yet the deck is effective i dig it

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    EXCELLENT One of the best I have used