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March of the Toymakers follows the journey of Santa's chief elf Nissa on his uest to save Christmas Santa barely has enough elves to make enough toys for all the children of the world so he sends Nissa on a mission to find the Fair Feather Maid who will help them recruit an army of elves to become toymakers However there are many challenges along the way from solving riddles and breaking pixie spells to fighting off ogres trolls and goblins all of whom wish to prevent the army of toymakers from making it back to Santa's Village in time If they do not make it back by Midsummer's Eve they will not have enough time to make all the toys that bring Christmas joys

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    Santa’s workshop far away at the North Pole is suffering from a severe shortage of elves With the start of the New Year preparations for the following Christmas getting dangerously close to being underway Santa is beginning to panic Now as anyone knows this is entirely the wrong time of year for such a dearth Toys need making for all the children in the world to open and enjoy at Christmas next and without sufficient toy makers there will not be enough toys to go round The burden is placed upon Chief Toymaker Nissa to solve the problemArmed only with some lines of enigmatic verse and a magic sword and accompanied by his favourite reindeer Rudolph Nissa gathers his chosen companions as they ready to embark on their uest to find the Fair Feather Maid She is the only one who can provide the much needed extra workforce Forewarned of the journey’s dangers the elves set out aware that to save Christmas not only must they overcome these perils but they must meet Santa’s deadline and be back at the North Pole by Midsummer’s Eve The fierce opposition however is clearly determined not to let them do thisThe March of the Toymakers is an action filled adventure story involving a whole cornucopia of evil fabled creatures such as ugly trolls wailing banshees and gruesome ogres Throw in a few secret gates scary forests and long blood curdling battles and you have the ideal adventure story for childrenThis is a very enjoyable book which I would have no hesitation in recommending The plot is tight well written and contains just enough ‘scare’ to keep children interested without frightening them too much This is a perfect Christmas book but I wouldn’t describe it as just a book for Christmas Although it does focus on the spirit of Christmas giving and Santa does feature at the beginning and end it stands up on its own as a tale which can be read at any time of yearThe characters are well developed and on the whole likeable The descriptions of the mythological creatures are clever – not too long just enough to get the right mental image The scenes are depicted in a creative manner and there is plenty of action tooIn all a delightful little fairy tale and lots funThis review is also published at

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    The March of the Toymakers is an imaginative book full of adventure and mythical creatures including elves fairies trolls ogres and goblinsEven though Santa is at the beginning and end of this story and his chief elf Nissan is the main character this is of an adventure than a Christmas story Nissan is on a uest to get toymakers for Santa or there won’t be enough toys for ChristmasThe March of the Toymakers is nonstop action and a fun read for both children and adults It is especially a good book for those who enjoy uests