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The riveting finale ofthe Slated trilogy—a thought provoking psychological thriller set in a disturbingly plausible future where the government and its enemies compete to control the minds of the young Kyla is in danger from both the government Lorders who erased her memory and the terrorists who tried to use her So now she’s on the run Sporting a new identity and desperate to fill in the blank spaces of her life pre Slating Kyla heads to a remote mountain town to try to reunite with the birth mother she was kidnapped from as a child There she is hoping all the pieces of her life will come together and she can finally take charge of her own future But even in the idyllic wilderness and the heart of her original family Kyla realizes there is no escape from the oppressive Lorders Someone close to her may be one of them and even frighteningly her birth mother has been keeping secrets of her own

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    Holy shit Through the first half of the book I could't help myself but wonder how will Teri Terry wrap it all up in so little time and space? Man I was so wrong She's done it perfectly SO perfectly I was speechless till the end Well with the occasional crying and sobbing Cause I did cry This is one of the best dystopian books I've ever read And that's a factKyla Rain Lucy Riley I'll stick with Kyla This girl I cannot believe all that she went through and she was still standing We can call it courage but I will call it determination Wow Really Kyla in this book was totally badass Gone is the scared girl full of doubts and fears In this book we are faced with a Kyla who is strong determinated courageous brave smart and still fast at running I actually changed my mind about the boy and that doesn't happen often ;The writing was stunning And so realistic Really I could see it in my mind Everything and let me tell you it was pretty terrifying I could feel my heart beating so fast the adrenaline pumping through my body and the feeling was as scary as it was exhilarating And I uite forgot how amazing it feels to look at the clock and see it 5am and not being bothered about it at all Some thing are worth it And Shattered definitely isShattered is an amazing conclusion to an amazing trilogy Slated was awesome Fractured was incredible but Shattered takes the whole serie to a whole new level So if you haven't yet picked this serie up I highly suggest you to do it ASAP It's goddamn worth it

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    5 Words Mind blowing amazing secrets betrayal family I'm sorry the review you're trying to read is not available right now Please come back later when this bookworm gets her shit together because this book blew her mind and right now she's struggling to think cohesivelyNope still nothing Just read it

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    I bet it will be called 'Shattered' or something like that Can't wait

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    Hmmmm if I was being fair I would'be given it a 38 stars rating and rounded it to four but the ending just killed everything to me so it's a 35 star rating rounded down WhateverThe whole book was pretty fabulous but the ending just killed it And the romance wasn't so great in generalFirst off this was much engaging than the other two books I don't know why Maybe it's because the stakes were higher or something but it was just addictive This world with slating and everything is pretty cool I'm not big on reading dystopian novels but I like this one Overall I would say that it's a nice ending So here comes the spoilery stuffview spoilerSo there's like a love triangle now with Aiden and Ben WHAT?????? I have no idea why KylaRainRiley still likes him Like seriously In the first book their romance was just cute in the second book they only had like one scene together and she still held onto hope and in the final book she only meets him at the end and she's all over him again and even when he betrays her she still ends up choosing him the starcrossed lover instead of the super awesome guy Aiden who loves her and cares for her Actually really cares for her unlike Ben who runs off at the end Okay maybe she does actually end up with Aiden at the end since they hug and Ben is gone but I thought that it was a total butthole thing to do to just drive away one day Likes seriously hide spoiler

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    As far as conclusions to trilogies go Shattered was a good oneKyla is still wound up about what happened to Ben and although I felt sorry for her I wasn't actually too bothered about Ben Why? Because I wasn't emotionally invested in the romance between Ben and Kyla in book one It was dull and so was Ben to be honest For this reason as harsh as it may sound to some I didn't really care much about what happened to himI was however pleased with the way Aiden and Kyla's relationship evolved view spoilerHe was the guy I was rooting for as a love interest and although Kyla was pretty much oblivious to his feelings until the very end I am glad that the book hinted at a future for the two of them hide spoiler

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    EDIT It's been almost 2 months since I finished this series and I still can't stop thinking about it I miss Kyla and wish there was to her story UghORIGINAL What a way to wrap up an amazing trilogy I don't think I'll be able to forget about Kyla's story for a long time to come This is my favourite book in the seriesWhat am I going to do now? It's going to have to be a pretty damn good book that I read next in order to top thisHats off to you Teri Terry You created a masterpiece

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    “I have both been given and taken so many identities but at last I am beginning to grow into my one true nameThis was the gift my mother gave to me Hope” ― Teri Terry ShatteredYou guys have to read this An excellent conclusion to an excellent series One of the best dystopians out there Lovely

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    I really enjoyed this trilogy Book 2 was a bit slow and at times frustrating to read but Books 1 and Books 3 ROCKED

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    45 Stars

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    ONE OF THE BEST POST APOCALYPTIC DYSTOPIA TRILOGY It surprised me in the way no other book did before It really TERRIFIC What the hell with all about twisted and complicated mystery OMG I never did a right guessing All little thing in this book was amazingly complete all the puzzle in my head It's a VERY STUNNING WRAP UP OF THE TRILOGYWell what can I say The idea the starting the ending the plot the characters and all of them are great I could write a review but I will not able to praise this trilogy this book especially I wasn't so sure how it gonna end after a whole long roller coaster rides But who knows it really end very well that one will be so surprised Here I start with the starting It started slow in a good way It gave me a big uestion mark in my head how can Teri Terry end this if the story was went out of the storyline? The slow pace continued in about one third of the book Then everything came up every puzzles was revealed and placed All about Kyla's past was already settled view spoilerKyla was a name of a girl that was SLATED She didn't know about her past at all Then gradually the memories she had was appeared First of all is when she found out that she is a left handed rather than a right handed Well she could use both hands actually But when she underwent the SLATED procedure she was diagnosed to be right handed So the part that was SLATED was the time she was right handed The left handed memories came up because it never meant to be SLATED Her consciousness appeared She has two past One is up until she's 10 years old named Lucy Lucy was a happy girl living with her dad and mom actually but the memories of her mom didn't appear at all Then one day she was kidnapped by Anti Governor Terrorist AGT AGT was an organization that attempted to take down the Governor today The Governor today was awful It's leaded by a prime minister and helped by so many Inspectors The Inspectors was feared by people in country as they always seemed to take people out then the people theirself gone So the AGT took little Lucy for being the terrorist the key of its success Lucy was taught to be a left handed This personality wasn't SLATED So she gradually knew about her past when she was in AGT in 11 15 years oldAfter being SLATED she lived with her adoptive parents and another SLATED sister Her adoptive mother Sandra was the daughter of the first prime minister who created the Inspectors and all the rule She found List of Missing People LMP through her adoptive sister Amy Amy's boyfriend Jazz had a cousin named Mac Mac was one of the LMP So she found out about her past's identityWhen her memories gradually revealed She met this man named Nico Nico was likely the AGT 's leader So Kyla joined to AGT to follow its plan to make a better England without Inspectors Then in the end she found out she was being used by AGT She wished to be a suicide bomberThen in the last book she found out she was an adopted daughter also She was being used by Inspectors which is her grandmother The grandmother gave Kyla to her was known as birth mother As she was in mourning of losing her first daughter she made Kyla as she's her own daughter Kyla named Lucy Then all what happen to little Lucy next was how AGT cooperated with InspectorsIn the end Kyla's finally know that her true birth mother is the daughter of the prime minister She was dead for being a member of the current government refused unrest hide spoiler