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Come play in the snow with these five fun loving ducks It’s snowing Five little ducks can’t wait to go out and play They pull on their bright new boots and race outside for a day of snowballs and skating When evening comes the tired ducklings are happy to find the perfect toasty ending to their busy day From the first sprinkle of snowflakes to the last sip of cocoa this cozy little book celebrates all the joys of winter

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    Five little ducks head to the local pond for some skating and winter fun in this picture book from author Lynne Berry and illustrator Hiroe Nakata As they gain a surer footing on the ice they engage in other games skating into a pile of snow having a snowball fight and so on Eventually they head home for some warm food and a snooze by the fireThe first of four picture books featuring these five ducklings from Berry and Nakata Duck Skates is a cute enough book pairing a rhyming text with colorful artwork Some of the passages would lend themselves to counting games and I would imagine that the book as a whole would make an engaging read aloud selection All that said it didn't leave a strong impression on me despite my fondness for wintry scenes Picture book readers looking for cute stories about winter activities might want to give it a try particularly if they enjoy rhyming texts

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    Duck Skates features five ducks who go out to enjoy winter activities They skate slide and play in the snow They also have a snowball fight with a friendly ending It's great to add in counting throughout the storyIt was shared with three year olds and they sat okay through the story I think I would select a different winter story to share with that age group A couple students shared the number when I held up the count on my hand I wished for but with a small group they little ones tend to be shy I shared this book at a Family Storytime with children of all ages and added counting We counted boots when they came off and on ten boots for five ducks It went a lot better012015 Theme winter storytime tour022015 Theme Sweaters032020 Theme Skating FB Live StorytimeReviewed from a library copy

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    A rhyming story with cute enough illustrations but I didn't feel like it really grabbed the kids Looking at it again I think it might be better for one on one sharing rather than storytime That would give kids time to see all the details in Hiroe Nakata's watercolor and ink drawings I do love the minty color palette Nakata usedWorked fine for the four year olds as a shorter wrap up story at the end of storytime Not their favorite of the day but it still held their interestUsed for St John's Preschool Let It Snow storytime 12109Used for Snow Storytime for four year olds at Light of Christ Preschool 1411 Used for 3 5 yo storytime at Sunshine Early Learning Center 111611

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    The story is kind of just ok but I like two things specifically about the book One you can sing the entire thing to the tune of Five Little Ducks; and two though the parts of the text where two ducks are doing this and three ducks are doing that are a little tedious to read the illustrations match the text so reading one on one with a child you could slow down and do some counting adding and subtracting

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    HmmmDuck Skates does have a lot going for it A lot It's a fun way to do variations on counting to five The predominant one is 3 2 It also talks about how there are ten of something think five ducks 2 mittens each etc And the illustrations are colorful and delightful I just don't love this book like I want to There is disobedience as a major theme to drive the tale Which I didn't uite catch until my second read through My kids in storytime also didn't react to this as I wanted them to either So needless to say this will not be a reread

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    This could fit into a winter or snow themed story time for toddlers but I think it makes a better lap read as the pictures are engaging than the story if you want to read it aloud I would suggest counting a lot to get the kids involved in examining the pictures

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    Five pairs of duck siblings venture outdoors to skate and play in the wintry wonderland Extra cues for counting 5 ducks with ten boots skates Used for winter storytime

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    Duck Skates has five ducks can be used in a mathematical way and counting there boots You can talk about the weather how it is snowing and what you can wear for that weather It also shows activities to do outside in the snow and is being active at homeLearning Extension In the art center teacher can have a duck cut out where they can paintcolor in their duck along with and cut up dress up outfits to dress up the duck according to how the weather is outside to get ready to play outside

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    This is a very cute story I find it a bit too long for storytime for younger children but is great for one to one reading The illustrations are DARLING I did make flannel board pieces for this book and I used the duck coats boots hats and mittens during a winter storytime to illustrate appropriate seasonal dress

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    Nice rhythm and pleasant watercolor illustrations make this book about five ducks who enjoy a day of ice skating a good bedtime read Probably not enough action in either the illustrations or story to engage a group read and even though it is a counting book there are the counting cues to really invite students to count on their own Better for lap reading