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It really impressed me that the author combined all of her talents — writing songwriting and singing — to bring this poignant YA paranormal to life Robin Covington USA Today A bitter sweet foolhardy mission it is to want to know how much the boy you love loves you back Ruby Parker a sixteen year old singer in an all girl band one day finds herself on such a mission and then there’s no going back no matter how crazy that mission makes youWith the aid of bad advice from a ghost who is trapped by a curse a little bit of magic courtesy of her unsuspecting half sister and a televised music talent show coming to town to hold auditions Ruby Parker makes of a mess in death than she ever did in life Bad choices right choices she’ll do whatever it takes to find out how much Leo loved her Because her life truly does depend on the answerCan she fix everything before it’s too late? Or will she spend eternity as a ghost haunted by the unknown depths of love?Either way one thing Ruby learns is that while love can make you do crazy things it can make you do amazing things too But at what cost?

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    What I ThoughtI really enjoyed this book It was full of depth emotion adventure real life moments and a bit of my fav paranormal This book is about a girl who passes through to the afterlife She soon discovers the love that another had for her and sets off on a journey to find out and correct her past She soon finds that things aren't always what they seem and are never as easy as they first appear She catches herself in a series of mix ups and messes and tries to correct them before it is too late Along the way she also learns a lot about love and what it can provide I liked the characters I felt like the author made them very real They had depth and personality making them easy to connect with Plus even though one of them was a ghost they were dealing with adventures and lessons that we all learn in lifeand hopefully mistakes we haven't made The world was completely real and believable I felt as though I was there with the level of description the author provided for the surroundings The story also had an excellent pace There was enough pausing and slower movement to really make you feel what the characters were feeling but there was also a uicker pace to give you a feeling of urgency Overall this is an excellent book It is very well written has depth and personality is completely real and believable and the adventures hook you straight away I highly recommend this read

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    Reviewed for Readers FavoriteRuby was having a bad couple of weeks things just didn't feel right between her and boyfriend Leo and this is when she really needed them to be the most right In a fit of anger Ruby drives away from Leo and is killed in a car crash but her ghost is left behind to wander the earth trying to get the one answer Ruby didn't get from Leo before the crash who much he really loved her Little Red Gem follows the ghost Ruby as she tries to follow Leo and her old friends and find out what is going on As young teenagers this love is eternal and the most important uestion to Ruby she has to know D L Richardson write a tell of teenage love mixed with rock and roll and the everyday issues surrounding teensD L Richardson does an amazing job blending music into this book Not only is Leo in and band and writing his own songs but Ruby was in a band and writing her own songs A number of original songs written by the author specifically for the book are in the book which is uniue and fun making it relevant to teens Little Red Gem deals with a number of issues that face teens today including drinking and pregnancy It also presents parents that are flawed and have made mistakes who are maybe a bit understanding and not your typical sit com parents This is a great book for teens and young adults even adults will enjoy the book A fun read

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    Received for free from First Reads on GoodreadsIF YOU LOVE TEENAGE ROMANCE CROSSED WITH GHOSTS READ THIS PLEASEThis book was the perfect mixture of real life teenage angst and romance combined with the paranormal side of ghosts and possessions The main protagonist Ruby was the most frustrating main character of a book I have ever read but the reasons behind this made perfect sense I didn't love her any less I just hated her choices She at times was cruel deceiving and self centered But it was for love and as a teenager that made it alright in her mind She was able to rectify this in the end with a realisation that what she was doing was selfish as she tries to help another cursed couple I think the book was too short for my liking However the ending was pleasing and satisfying I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who loves to read teenage romance at its most raw and to those who enjoy a good paranormal story D L Richardson's writing style is clear and concise and makes it an easy book to devour in a day or two

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    I received this book as an Early Reviewer Copy through LibraryThingcom and was really looking forward to reading and reviewingImmediately engaged with the characters I was intrigued to discover where the story would take us and how Ruby's life would unfold Seemingly a typical teenage story I was surprised to find it was a paranormal romance the twist giving an added dimension and edge to itIt was great to see the different relationships develop as Ruby tries to fix one problem and creates so many I love that the eyes are the windows to the soul and personality trumps perceptionI was a little surprised with the ending which came uite suddenly and was a little superfluous Given the events throughout the story if this could have happened then why didn't it happen sooner? It felt a little as if the story had to end so let's do it this way A further proof read would also be beneficial as albeit minor typos can be very distractingAll in all however it was a good read full of twists turns and a humour which I thoroughly enjoyed I would definitely recommend it as a light read and look forward to from this author

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    Ruby Parker dies in a car crash after having a fight with her boyfriend Leo but she doesn't realize she's dead until she encounters her half sister Audrey who is able to communicate with her With a bit of help from Audrey and a couple of cursed ghosts Ruby sets out on a mission to find out if Leo really loved herThis is a complex narrative full of interesting characters and back stories Music fantasy and romance combine to create a magical story of young love The author's musical background and talent shine through in the song lyrics which are particularly poignant This is a sad heart wrenching book that will end up putting a smile on your faceI really enjoyed this oneI received this book in return for an honest reviewFull blog post

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    This is both a sweet and frustrating book Ruby and her poor decision making in death aided by a misguided young man who just happens to be a centuries old ghost irritated me However you cannot deny that despite her tender age she and Leo definitely have a deep and true love for one anotherFinding out that she is a pregnant and rushing to crash a jam session with the guys Ruby has to know if Leo truly loves her Becoming upset at the response she crashes and dies and becomes a ghost Befriending Anne William two ghosts desperately in love with one another and yet never able to be together thanks to their curse Ruby decides she cannot let poor Leo be so sad So she hijacks her sister's body and sets about to live onA lovely paranormal romance with an ending that will make you smile as you definitely do not see the opportunity she has coming

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    This book entails a girl on a mission unlike those you have heard about What would you do at 17 if you loved a boy than life itself and wanted nothing than to know he loved you just as much? For this teen coming back from the dead is just the beginning After her death she finds that there is only one unanswered uestion and she must find the answer to it Even if it means taking on a life that is not hers going beyond the bounds of death and learning to be someone she is not she will get her uestions answered With a surprise ending I did not even guess Recommended for ages 12 and up

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    I was given this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a great teenage paranormal romance with some frustrating times I was frustrated at choices the main character made but it was all part of the story The storyline flowed well and the characters were well developed I would recommend this to anyone who likes YA paranormal stories Look forward to reading from this author

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    At times this book made me irritated primarily relating to the choices Ruby was making and how she came across as pretty self centered Then the light bulb turned on for Ruby and the transformation occurred and I was able to connect with Ruby This book flowed well and kept my attention throughout the book I loved the ending