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Nick Spinelli's normal life as a homicide detective has been catapulted into a whirlwind of chaotic holiday adventures ever since he met the beautiful Shannon O'Hara Nick had hoped to spend his first Valentine's Day with Shannon in a traditional manner starting with a nice dinner out on the town and then perhaps a long warm adventurous night in her arms His plans uickly change when cupid is found murdered in a back alley The investigation becomes and inconceivable as Spinelli discovers that Shannon is linked to the victim When another cupid turns up dead and it is discovered that Shannon knows him as well Spinelli is motivated to go undercover as a singing valentine dressed as cupid complete with wings and a uiver of arrows How many other cupids are at risk? Is Spinelli on the killer's list as well? The stress ignited by the day's events causes sparks to fly between Spinelli and Shannon as he struggles to piece it all together and stop the string of slayings

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    Nick and Shannon's story set on valentines day sends the reader head first into a murder mystery involving poisoned cupids Clarizo does an Excellent job of pulling the reader in immediately and making you want to read until you figure out the culprit Throw in a spice of humor and a heaping spoonful of love and you have yourself a wonderful story You will enjoy reading this latest Spinelli mystery

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    Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' FavoriteCraving Vengeance is A Nick Spinelli Mystery Book 2 by Valerie J Clarizio It is Valentine’s Day and Detective Nick Spinelli’s romantic plans with Shannon frizzles when a man dressed as Cupid is murdered Someone has a serious grudge against the god of desire as Cupids turn up dead and the detective goes undercover as a singing Valentine Cupid He learns that one of the victims operated an escort service and is surprised that Shannon dated all the Cupids He has mixed reasons about his relationship with her and when he and his team digs deeper into the case they come to realise that Spinelli does look like the victims and speculates on the killer’s next moveCraving Vengeance A Nick Spinelli Mystery Book 2 is the second book that I have read from Valerie J Clarizio The protagonist Nick Spinelli and his team of detectives are very likeable and thorough in their investigation Each detective contributes special skills to the case that the other does not possess which makes the plot interesting The author does not write content that is graphic or action packed as she concentrates on the investigation Nick’s personal life is complex and his insecurities come into play when dealing with certain parts of the investigation Craving Vengeance Book 2 in the Nick Spinelli Mystery series is a fast paced story with a nice plot and characters The attractive cover illustration complements the short book which is a light suspense that is uick to read