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Make sure if you bought this before 122713 UPDATE IT New Edited Version available Book One of The Switching Tracks SeriesRory is a simple girl in a simple world It wouldn’t take much to make her happy but that’s a goal she gave up on long ago Now her only goal is to simply survive Rory used to count down the days until she could leave but now with a younger brother in tow it would be hard she could never leave him Rory is trapped in the Trailer Park like a princess in her tower with her mother playing the big bad drunken fire breathing dragon The dream of her knight coming to save her faded away about the same time her goals changed Feeling useless and angry Rory starts her new school and gets trampled by none other than Monroe Falls Golden Boy Tobias West She finds herself seeing him as the knight she dreamed of though she believes it to be just that a dream Tobias Toby is Mr Popular Mr Perfect Mr Money in the bank He is too high on the social ladder to step down to her level Or was he? Toby was smitten with Rory Toby’s ex Ashley refuses to lose out to trailer park trash and Rory finds herself the fuel to Ashley’s new found hate On top of Monroe Falls High School drama Rory still has to deal with her drunken mother and needy brother She doesn’t have time for childish games Reality hits Rory hard when her mother brings home a ticking time bomb for a bed mate and the need for that shiny knight becomes real Rome appears like she conjured him up out of thin air with magical powers and instantly becomes her best friend He seems to always be around when she needs someone to talk to and seems to always know just how to fix it Did I mention he is drop dead beautiful? Two knights in shining armor? Nope That doesn’t happen not in fairy tales and definitely not in real life Rory finds herself realizing there is a thin line between relationships and friendships lines that are starting to blur Toby is getting ready to leave for college Ashley’s nonstop meanness and Rome showing up can Rory handle the pressure? Her old friend reality takes another whack at her causing her dread and despair to take over Rory is uestioning herself and its wrecking havoc on the strong girl she’s always considered herself to be Has her poor choices doomed her to life in the trailer park or will she be able to exceed even her own expectations? Will she ever realize she is truly a princess worthy of getting her prince? Or will she simply survive? How does Rory’s story end? This book is suited best for readers over the age of 17 due to sexual content and some language As well as a few different types of abuse that is rarely talked about Verbal Mental and to some extent sexual and psychical

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    I received an arc of this book for a review Well I have to say Trailer Park Princess by Delia Steele was awesome A story about a teenage girl that was a dealt a bad hand from the day she was bornI have never lived in a trailer or a trailer park but Delia has a way of describing it that makes you want to think twice about living in oneThe story is about a teenage girlRory that has had to grow up too fast She has a younger brother that she has to take care of beause her mother is a drug addict and alcohlic that never wanted children to begin with Some days shes there and others she may be gone for days But never sober or straight Rory is a teenage girl in a new town in a new school She has met one friend here and only one friend She never had many friends before because her mother moved from town to town while she was growing up This time shes staying put No matter what she has to do to support her brother and herRory's first day of school here she is or less ran over by the star football player and one very good looking young man Almost intstantly she becomes than just a hit and run Toby is not the average guy to date if your living in a trailer park Hes from an upstanding family only child and wealthy Rory is not the type of girl his mother wants him to date If Rory is going to date him he has told her that he will never come to a complete stop to pick her up for a date because if he comes to a complete stop the place may suck him in and he plans on getting her out of there They have a typical boyfriend girlfriend relationship but being from the wrong side of the track no one paticularly likes her and especially Toby's ex She is out to make Rory's life a living hell She is the snob girl we all knew in high school that thinks she better than anyone else Rory is a year behind Toby because of all the moving her mother has put them thru and caused her to fall behind but not because of Rorys grades Shes smart and does well in schoolOne night one of her mothers many one night stands decides to take advantage of Rory Her mother being passed out Rory is screaming A young man going by hears her screams goes in to help her In comes this beautifully built good looking young man she has no idea where he came from Rome is his name and he is raising his 2 much younger brothers after the death of his mother He lives a few trailers up from Rory Their relationship blooms into good friends But Toby is a jealous guy and doesnt want anything to do with him Rory tries to set Rome up with her best friend Mando short for Amandolette She has mixed feelings about it but she loves Toby and he has plans for them when they graduate Prom night comes and Toby is not happy that Rome is there with Mando So he sits with his ex thru prom til Mando tells him how it is After Prom Rory and Toby go to their favorite place Toby takes things a little farther than Rory wantsFrom here on the story changes from Toby Rory to Rome RoryI loved all the charactures in the book They have a special place in Rorys life Where are your friends now after graduation?Did they go to college? Or did they stay behind and start families in their home town? Read the story and find out what Rory does after high school Does she graduate? You'll have to read to find outA definite 5 star for me I loved Rory's story and Im sure everyone else will too

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    Trailer Park Princess is a new kind of spectacular From page one I was dragged in The book moves fast pace Not the fast pace where you are telling the author to slow down but the fast pace where you don’t want the book to end I didn’t in reality I could have read the book and never want it to end because this story just kept getting better The one thing I didn’t like was the fall in love superfast part I am not into the love at first glance and what not I hated Tobias that may be why it bugged me but in reality it is a little cliché I liked how it went fast though; it made it acceptable and believable The best thing happened from that cliché and I am so happy it did It made the conclusion of this story just simply amazing so that is another reason why the love at first sight was acceptable to me The turns this story took were amazingly plotted out and were achieved without flaw Trailer Park Princess will definitely hit my top 2014 reads shelfI love the commentary by the main character Rory She is what all female leads should have in their character spunk huge mouth bad attitude and very witty One thing I can say is that she is a girl you’d want by your side for the rest of your life She is straight forward and doesn’t keep what she is thinking from slipping out This book will bring you a new kind of hatred for men but it will also bring you a new type of understanding of what love can give you in life Trailer Park Princess brings you a lot of tears and leaves you with a heavy heart Saying that if you are faint of heart I would say bring tissues for a few parts that may be too much for some people to handle but if you have experience in things that are involved in this story like I do you will be fine it just may bring up some locked away memories and feelings I can say this book brought me back to a past I do my best to forget but it brings me a type of closure most people won’t understand Just read the book and enjoy it like I didIn this book you are taught YES you learn that everything in life isn’t what it seems The thing is this book gives you as a person insight on how your life could have been growing up I mean all the crap things near death and rape experiences actual life threatening experiences and alcoholic parents that could give a crap less about you You also learn to appreciate what you do have and if you have come far then great appreciate that and if not? Work your butt off until it happens You learn that family is what matters most in the world and nothing will change your mind on that Another thing to take from this story is that everything in life isn’t given and by reading this you will learn that some people in fact have to work their butts off just to get food and water in their bodies As a child my life sucked not willing to go into details and you learn that you may in fact have to work for everything you have ever wanted whether it is simple as getting an “A” on a test or to pay your bills as a young person raising themselves Like Rory I was that person a straight “A” student with a past that would make most people cry I don’t ask for sympathy because my terrible childhood is what brought me here today Having a bad past can take you two places the place of me and Rory or the place of Ashley Rory and I took the crap life we were given and made it into something amazing Ashley on the other hand took what happened in her life and became a bully which is no excuse but her way of coping with how crappy she had it There are also things you learn in life that teach you that no matter how low you feel there is always a reason to wake up tomorrow My reason is my rock like in this story Rory has her own rock “Rome” he is what gets her out of bed in the morning She doesn’t realize until so far into the story but you know it is there the whole time He is her happy place the place that doesn’t change and will stay that way forever I can appreciate this book for the awesome ualities it has shownWhen you read the title Trailer Park Princess you probably think “WOW this book sound BadA” but in reality it is SO much This book brings you hatred of teens and growth of adults You experience pure hatred to some and a newfound love for others The love described in this book is not what you think I am talking about the kind of love you hold close to your heart and cherish not the sappy “puppy love” or “love for friends” I mean the true love of family the love that is hard to come by The love shown in this book is so tender and wholly I love all the family grown in this story The people you’d least expect to be amazing are the ones with the best love to give The way each of them looks after each other and respects one another is something I didn’t have growing up and it is heartwarming to know it can exist whether it is fictional or notHer characters are uite the bunch I mean that in the nicest way her characters only grow and continue to make me happy Excluding one that will not be named Her main character is by far my favorite female leads EVER Eva lol We can relate a lot and I think that is where my love of this character starts She is so strong sweet kind and has one of the most loving and forgiving hearts Rory is unlike any character I’ve had a chance to read about Then there is Mando she is a kid at heart she is independent strong and packs a wildmean punch She does not take no for an answer and if you need a shoulder to cry on a person to defend you or even a person to make you smile she is that girl Rome is what you look for in a future husband he’s supportive loving carefree and loves you unconditionally He is strong and what makes him that way is his love for family and the people he brings into his life He appreciates everything and that makes his not only a great character but a loving soul All in all something all these characters have in common is strength LOVE in its strongest and family as it’s fullest This book and its amazing characters will stick with me forever and I mean “EVA”In conclusion I haven’t read a book this eye opening in uite some time but I can also say I have NEVER read a book like this I mean some books have similar ualities and similar things involved but nothing can compare to the setting lingo experiences and the reality of this story What this book has accomplished for me is something different and I will appreciate that for sure I am very happy I chose to read this book and am glad I liked it Being the picky reader that I am I am happy when I get the opportunity to read a book that I actually enjoy and read exceptionally fast

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    Update I have received an updated edited version of Trailer Park Princess and now it is pure perfection Please make sure to update your version so that you receive the most up to date copy Happy ReadingI received a complementary unedited copy of Trailer Park Princess Please note that I did not take grammarspelling into consideration when reading and review this bookI feel so honored when a new author asks me to review their work I love to see how an author's writing grows and matures as they continue on their writing adventure It takes someone with some pretty big cojones to put their hard work and talent out there for everyone to judge and pick apart so my hat is off to Author Delia Steele for jumping into this with guns blazing She has talent ambition and a wonderful attitude and personality to take on the publishing world Now for the good stuffRory is from the other side of the tracks Most would consider her trailer trash She live in a trailer park with her alcoholic mother and little brother who she cares for as a mother would Rory doesn’t live the typical teen life but that doesn’t stop her from dreaming that one day her prince will come and rescue this “Trailer Park Princess”However when Rory meets Tobias Toby she believes him to be her prince charming Toby promises to take her away from all the sorrow and ugliness in her life like that of Toby’s ex girlfriend Ashley who mercilessly humiliates Rory But wait life has other plans for Rory and Toby may not be as charming as she believes him to beAs fate would have it Rory is rescued by a dark knight ok tan Rome is from a few trailers down and comes to Rory’s rescue in a time she most desperately needs him With both being from the same world Rory and Rome form an unbreakable friendship one that is sure to last a life time Now with both Rome and Toby in the picture things begin to uickly change and Rory finds herself in uite a predicament Who does she choose or does she even have to make that choice??? This is where you have to read the book to get all the juicy details I absolutely loved Rory’s story She is strong intelligent hardworking and can kick some serious butt I found her easy to relate to and her story is one that is believable and very true in some circumstances In addition to Rory she has a one of a kind best friend to help support her throughout a very trying time Rory may not be rich but she is rich in life Her best friend Amandolette Mando has got to be one of the best characters I have ever met in a book Mando means business when it comes to her BFF so watch out because this girl will take your head off and do it with style Mando was absolutely hilarious and I can really see the author’s personality come out in her We meet many other character throughout Rory's story Some may be enemies and some may surprise you when they turn out to be friends Goodness knows I love a plot twist that could lead to another book Author Delia Steele did a remarkable job at tying up the story and giving the reader their HEA we all search for in a good book I hope to read from Delia Steele and look forward to seeing her expand her growing talent as an authorSome of my favorite Mando uotes “Aintcha ugly ass got knocked the fuck out enough this year you frumpy looking douche discharge oompa loompa twat snot?”“Ha Rory I see your coochie and there is a head in it”“Rory my God the boy is a genius I am going to refer to him as Captain Manmeat from now on” Okay I never said she was a proper lady but boy is she funny and fiercely protective of her friends As far as I'm concerned Mando is golden in my book Rory loves her friend like a sister and will do whatever she needs to be there for her Friendship like this is hard to find and I was happy to see it expressed so well in Trailer Park Princess

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    I was sent a copy of this for an honest review so here it isI really enjoyed this book I was looking forward to reading it from just reading the synopsis and it paid off The book is around Rory you'll love her straight away She is as the books says a trailer park princess Stuck in her Trailer tower waiting on her prince charming to save her from her alcoholic mam Not only to save her thoughbut also Thax her kid brother She is his mam then big sister Working her butt off after school taking any hours she can take at her friends parents diner to keep them a float Then one day her prince charming literally bumps right into her in school Tobias West The golden boy who has the best of everything in life All star sports playergood church going boy and member of the community Rory falls for TobyTobiashard He is so sweet to herand the fact that she's from the wrong side of the tracks means nothing to him He begin's her fairytaleor so she thinks Things with Toby start falling apart He becomes less charming Not standing up for her when friends put her down Or when his ex Ashley gets hand on or bitchy She is out to get pure Rorythinking that Toby will always be hers He doesn't even say anything when his mam literally say's take the trash out with you and don't bring it back Yep she's just that evil Her golden boy is way to good for Rory in her eyes Rory lets in go though She has a weak spot when it comes to him He's the man in her life and she'll stand by him Well he is the man in her life until one night she needs saving from one of her mothers over friendly 'friends' Like a white night he just appears from no where Romein all his glory And boy is he good looking Wipe drool from your face kind After her near attack he demandsin a a nice way that she come's back to his trailer so he can make sure her mam's 'friend' doesn't wake up and try anything again After that night a bond is formed Best friends that will never be seperated To say Toby isn't pleased would be an understatement He he pleased he save Rory from been attacked don't get me wrong He is just not pleased with there blooming friendship And it is one heck of a friendship He stands by her no matter what Then something happens that turns her life upside down She needs Rome then ever This is something life changing and she doesn't no what to do Her life will never be the same again But that can't push Rome from her He's her best friendif anything this just makes there friendship even stronger This book shocked me It didn't go how I taught it would Although I had the book planned put from reading chapter onLOL So it was a good shake up to the story You will really enjoy this book So give it a chance Let Rory take you to her trailer castle And listen to her fairy tale It's like nothing you will have read before

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    Series Switching Tracks #1Category Genre NA Contemporary RomanceReceived from Delia Steele in exchange for an honest reviewTour by Just One More Romance Book ToursRecommended for 18 due to sexual contentGrammarediting B – a few small errors Aurora 'Rory' Wilde has lived in a succession of miserable trailers moving often with her alcoholic mother and dodging the advances of her mother's boyfriends On the first day at yet another new school she is run over in the hall by the BMOC Toby West is her knight in a big black pick up truck The night her mother brings home an especially persistent man another knight presents himself Her neighbor Rome Tate saves her that night and keeps on picking up the pieces of her broken life With two knights in shining armor attending to her Rory finds that relationships and friendships are complex Can she be rescued from her tin castle in the trailer park to become the Princess her knight pursues? Which knight?This is a very well written story with clearly developed characters I love Rory and her BFE best friend eva' Amandolette They have a relationship that is so true uirky and honest Toby is an odd duck He has told Rory he won't stop the truck in the trailer park to pick her up or drop her off Instead he slows down and expects her to jump in or out Poor lost Rory buys into his explanation that he doesn't want to be sucked into the trailer park but will instead pull her out Since leaving is her dream and not knowing she should expect better from other people she accepts it In my opinion it should have been her first hint that he didn't respect her at all This is juxtaposed by his ability to be truly loving and sweet The way he celebrated their one year anniversary of dating was swoon worthy Then there is the tattooed mechanic Rome He has shown maturity beyond his years since his mother died and left him with two younger brothers to raise He is the knight I would choose He is older not in school and has a temper but he also a great capacity for gentleness and gentlemanliness My heart cries for Rory and all that she has endured while maintaining her naiveté and innocenceThis is the first in a series but completely stands on its own I hope the second book will be about Amandolette and the HEA she should find

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    My granny always said “Rory baby you are a dreamer” and if she was here now I would tell her it’s because when you live a nightmare you have to dream or you will never make it Rory First and for most I found myself respecting her outlook on life through out the book Even though for a few months there she does travel down the wrong path when she finally straightens herself out she turns into a very well liked and respected woman I truly loved how she DID try to tell Toby but in the end I also understood why she didn't just go to him and tell him I mean she believed he knew even though he didn'tToby I never did warm up to him the whole they dated in HS He was on the verge of emotional abuse towards her a few times And then towards the end there he became so distant with her I seriously thought he was doing than he owned up too Even though nothing is ever said But I did come to respect him in end on how stepped up and took responsibility and didn't try to take her awayRome From the get go you can tell he cares very much for Rory but holds himself back He patiently waits for her to open her eyes to see what is right in front of her eyes I loved how he took care of his 2 brothers and then takes care of Rory Thax without a second thought about it Even when Toby comes back I found myself scared for him he seriously thought he might lose everything he had and loved You don’t mean anything to me; you mean everything to me You are the only woman who can make my heart smile like this Every time I look at you I want to stop what I am doing and write you a love song Overall this turned out so much better than I first thought It had me giggling throughout the whole book right up to the last sentence I do recommend to everyone Remember when you stop searching hunting and digging for love you FALL in love Till next time Sweets Books

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    I finished this book awhile ago and have been meaning to write a review but life kept getting in the way I really like this book Rory is sassy and a strong female character She working her butt off at school and a job not just for her but her brother She meets the man of her dreams or so she might think Tobias West He is the cookie cutter image of perfection up standing member of the community popular and seems to really like her no matter if she is from the “wrong side of the tracks” However he proves with little actions here and there especially with his ex Ashley that he may not have the backbone needed to make their relationship last Than sweeps in Rome Right time to save Rory from a very bad situation And WOW he may not have all the credentials as Tobias but does he have something Tobias doesn't Rory’s back They cement a friendship I was even jealous of Rome cares for Rory in a way she has never really had before And to say Tobias isn't happy is an understatement What I really enjoyed about this book was any preconceived notion I had about the outcome was proven wrong This is a great strive for a new author and a must read

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    Im going to apologize in advance if this may seem harshI don't even know where to start with Trailer Park Princess The blurb was awesome and thought it has potential Then I started reading the actual bookThere were words miss spelled Words that did not belong in lieu of other wordsFor instance there was one set of words that should have been written as Left alone and it was written as Little AloneThese mistakes are all over the entire bookSo much so that I am having a hard time understanding all the 5 star reviews There is a time when an editor is needed or a beta reader or something to step up and say there are a ton of errors in this book way to many to publish the book with It feels like this was maybe rushed or something to get publishedNext time please either hire an editor or have a few beta's read this for spelling and language errorsI promise it will help immenselyOh and smiley faces do not belong in the middle of a narrative in the story

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    DEBBIE'S REVIEWMeet Rory extremely smart but born into a life no one would ask for Her mother was your typical trailer park trash Drunk and had men in and out of their disgusting broken down trailer Rory was taking care of her younger brother and became a mother to him instead of a sister One day she bumps into and I mean literally bumps into Toby The boy from the other side of the tracks uarterback of the football team Hot and real popular Now here is where it gets interesting What is the all american boy doing with the girl from the wrong side of the tracks? Well not to give much away but when you add over protective controlling parents that you want to stick it to into the mix you can figure it outShe was fun for me something different and off limits My parents hated her and I had the need to rebel”Now to even add drama into the mix you have Ashley Toby’s ex and high school’s ueen bitch Little do you know she is carrying some heavy baggage That explains her attitude towards RorySo Toby and Rory are a couple? Hmmm??? This is where the plot thickens and you really start to feel bad for Rory Toby will not even stop at her trailer to drop her off He drives real slow and she has to jump out Seriously??? I am yelling at my kindle Rory Hello he is a ass You deserve so much better The problem is she doesn’t see that She sees herself as the white trash the whole town has condemned her to beWell gotta love Mando She is Rory’s BFE best friend ever She is funny and witty and she had Rory’s backMando sualls taking in the scene “Ha Rory I see your coochie and there is a head in it”Mando's parents own the diner that Rory works at to support her and her brotherLets not forget Rome Hello Mr Bad Boy HOTTIE himself He saves Rory one night from being attacked by one of her mothers Johns They pretty much hit it off right away and you can feel the chemistry between those two He is older and lives in the same trailer park with his two brothers that he has taken care of since there mother died of cancerRome and Rory start hanging out and she thinks of him as an older brother He has a different view of her but she is so wrapped up in trying to hang on to Toby the ass she doesn’t see itRome is untouchable to me Older HOT bad boy baggageand then there’s Toby”“By the way I may have seen a lot in my life but your peep show tonight was bar none the best ever Proof of how perfect you truly are”Prom comes and thanks to her BFE Mando she has a dress that she didn’t pick off the racks of the local Thrift Shop Toby basically rapes Rory and yes took her V card She tries to defend his actions and again I am yelling at the kindle for her to wake upRory ends of pregnant and by the time she finds out Toby is long gone off to college to play football She is alone in a crappy trailer working at a diner and taking care of her brother and now she is pregnant Rome being the man that he is once he learns about the baby coming takes on the “baby daddy” role Rome is the man that everyone dreams offI may not be the dad but I will be here every step of the way if she lets me”I have loved her from the second I found out Rory was pregnant and I have not missed anything in her life I never will miss anything Nothing will change it”Well I don’t want to give everything away but there are lots of twists in the plot that had me screaming at my kindleRome from day one you have been a lifeline for me You have saved me from everything including myself”Toby was my best mistake He was the road that led me home Who knew when he plowed me over all those years ago in the hallway it would land me right here Not taking up space but residing in Rome This is my life I am home” Received an arc in exchange for an honest review