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Hold on to your hats harpoons ye landlubbers set your sails for the greatest sea yarn since Jonah A tale of daring devils death Moby Dick is one whale of a story Come aboard the good ship Peuod hoist the anchor ride the written waves of one of America's greatest novels

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    This is an adapted version for kids that I read out loud to my 8 and 9 year old This classic story of obsession is filled with interesting characters The ending is surprising and sad

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    I read this book aloud to D at bedtime We both really enjoyed this book It was a surprise to both of us how good it was We were shocked at how hard the life of a whaler was What brave men they were to leave their homes for long periods of time to live at sea with a crew their job to hunt whales Once a whale was sighted they'd jump into small boats and row out to the whale throw a harpoon at it and if the whale was killed they'd have to cut it up and then get the oil out of it and the spermacelli from it's brain area all the while with hungry sharks circling to get some of that meat Not to mention the big storms including tsunamis they'd have to face In addition to all of those dangers Captain Ahab was a very obsessed man with his only goal to find and kill Moby Dick the great white whale that took his leg Ahab was on a peg leg after his first dangerous meeting with Moby Dick He was bent on finding that whale He didn't care if it put his men in danger or if they lost all of the whale oil that they'd already collected he didn't care if he or anyone else died he just had to get that great white whale In the end that's what happened Moby Dick took down their entire ship took his life and the lives of the entire crew except one Ishmael How sad that humans can get so obsessed with revenge killing and death to the point that it overshadows everything else including good judgements care and concern for others and love of own's on self That's why hope and forgiveness are such needed and powerful healers in this life What a story D and I enjoyed it very much

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    I am reading this as an adult because I never did read it when I was younger I read this shorter version because I found it cheap but I think it did a good job of condensing the story to take out a lot of the long descriptive parts that are probably boring for younger readers and leaving the action It was full of action and it is interesting easily finished in less than one day However of course it is also sad to hear about the killing of whales just for their oil and perfume products Especially because everything else on the whale was tossed away and wasted I was honestly cheering for the whale in the end I have also found it horribly ironic and idiotic that people who get injured while trying to hurt something else blame that thing and hate them for it when they were the first start the hurting

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    I loved reading this book to my son Granted he is only 3 and is still figuring out language but he loved the pictures He would ask me to read him the Whale book This is what we have been calling it Almost every night I would read at least a page to him Some nights I could read and keep in engaged This is a very short version of the original book It's adapted in a way to keep young readers engaged I'm hoping as my son grows up he'll pick up the full version of the book and love it just as much without the pictures

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    I just finished reading Moby Dick Ishmael is the narrator of the story Ishmael wants to hunt on a whale boat The Peauod was the name of the whaling boat and Captain Ahab is the Captain They hunt Sperm whales They hunt the whales to get oil for lamps There's a lot if stuff about whales at the beginning It does get exciting when they find Moby Dick Captain Ahab wanted to kill Moby Dick because Moby Dick bit off his leg You wouldn't want to go on a whale boat because it's dangerous I wanted to go on a cruise boat on the ocean

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    Absolutely loathed it was up reading it till gone 3am just so I wouldn't have to dwell on picking it up again tomorrowNever wanted to read it and only did so as my nephew bought me a scratch off book list that included itBloodbath from beginning to end and was like a day out at an abattoirCannot think of enough bad words to describe it foul loathsome vile and sickening are just a few that come to mindWill never read this author again and I literally cheered when Moby got Ahab This would only appeal to other sick animal hunters and torturers out there

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    Short chapters; fun to get into with the kids We kept misplacing it and I explained a little bit a about metaphors and how the white whale could be a metaphor for something you are trying to accomplish but can’t I said our ‘Moby Dick’ seemed to be “Moby Dick” and the kids thought that was hilarious

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    This version was terrific Both my 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son both listened to the entire story read over a three day period and were entranced I also found the book to be interesting and exciting I had never wanted to read a book about a man and a whale that sounded long and boring but this abridged version really captured the story and made it interesting

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    A pretty good read for the short version of a classic I have never read

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    Fascinating themes characters and dramatic action at the end So many opportunities to discuss good and evil madness and courage with my children They were riveted