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Aurora has always enjoyed her simple life She loves to explore the beautiful woods surrounding her uaint cottage She even likes living with her bumbling yet well meaning aunts But when Aurora discovers a dark secret about her past her whole world turns upside down Will she be able to save herself from an imminent curse?This beautiful novel filled with whimsical illustrations tells Aurora’s story in the upcoming Disney film Maleficent

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    The difference between a hero and a villain often depends on perspective The Curse of MaleficentContrary to the evil Maleficent of old an antagonist with no trace of a heart The Curse of Maleficent The Tale of a Sleeping Beauty builds a beautiful and fresh take on this so called villain The fairy Maleficent only ever wanted humans and fairies to get along with each other a hard task when humans consistently pillaged her land However she finds it in her innocent and pure young self to connect with a human boy even though her parents were murdered by these very same people Not long after her beautiful and radiant soul turns black when the boy now a young man does the unthinkable and turns on her Upset and filled with revenge she storms in on a celebration for his and his wife's young daughter As the fairy tale traditionally goes she curses the infant with a horrible fate that will befall her on her sixteenth birthday As the girl Aurora grows older she and Maleficent start to collide in an unusual tale of magic friendship and heartbreakThis book was filled with gorgeous illustrations that were breathtaking to look at I loved this particular take on Sleeping Beauty because I have always been a huge fan of Disney princesses and the stories that they hold The book definitely gives a promise of change and compassion that has yet to be placed in this old yet timeless tale that all audiences are sure to enjoy

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    This was horrible and super cheesy Maleficent was given no personality and Aurora was boring and naive I think a 5 year old could have written a better and believable story There was no continuity throughout the book and left me confused with so many unanswered uestions A huge disappointment after watching and enjoying the movie

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    Maleficent is a sprightly young faerie with an inexplicably ominous name who loves her life on the Moors though she doesn't understand the animosity her people feel for the humans who inhabit the neighboring kingdoms She even goes out on a limb to befriend a human boy which friendship develops into romance but which romance results in betrayal Brokenhearted Maleficent takes her revenge however she can but when the curse she casts on her former lover's child backfires will she be able to redeem herself and once again believe in the good of her fellow beings and finally bring peace to the warring peoples?So there's this trend that Disney's been doing to rewrite its classic stories from the point of view of the baddie to either shed light on their character or turn the story on its head completely thanks for that Wicked Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't This time it didn't I get that this is basically a promotional tie in for the movie but based on its design and information I kind of thought there would be a little to it especially if it fleshed out the flawed and sometimes uite silly story in the movie which it did but also didn't The writing was basic and passable and run of the mill nothing very special the characters were bland and one dimensional so than even in the movie and there were some very odd storytelling decisions The voice of the narrator or point of view shifted throughout which is usually all right but even putting aside that they all sounded basically the same sometimes it was characters that never ever appear again and it was NOT ONCE from the point of view of the title character She has the potential to be the most dynamic figure in the whole story and they don't even go inside her head Almost every single key event that happened to her was mentioned in passing seriously the betrayal was muttered as an afterthought?? The inciting incident the thing that caused the character to completely change directions barely even uttered by a character that immediately thereafter disappears?? And then they don't even have the pivotal moment when she tries to undo the curse? It's like Maleficent is a background character in Maleficent's story Now it occurs to me that there was another tie in book released around the same time of a novelization of the movie than even this and maybe her thoughts and feelings are explored in that I'm not willing to find out for myself I already had to reuest an order for this at my library but really what a wasted opportunity The way Disney changed this story for the movie isn't exactly like Wicked in that it can't really coexist with the original being instead of a retelling than a behind the scenes sort of thing but in this medium this could have been so much interesting and meaningful even if the writing were still so so The relationship that develops between Aurora and her faerie godmother has some real potential for depth and nuance but instead it was just a going through the motions sort of thing with a drippy would be foundling and her sort of guardian with uestionable motives I mean really her vendetta against Stefan and then Stefan's complete disregard for Aurora why in the world does he even care about getting revenge on Maleficent if he doesn't even care about his daughter? What's HIS motivation? HE'S the one who betrayed HER the three fairies' complete lack of credible motive it all just comes across as so silly and shallow Don't even ask about Diaval That whole thing could have added some dimension and interest to the story too I didn't have the highest expectations for this book underwhelmed as I was with the movie but it didn't really meet even those It had all the elements of a great story and it could have been pretty moving actually if done in the right way but Maleficent was a barely there semi antagonist and it just seemed like a lot of telling and not much showingI will say that the design is great and the art is at times striking hence the two stars but even that started to feel a lot like fanart scraped from the annals of DeviantArt after a while probably because it was so hard to care about the storySo think of the recent movie take away the charm and depth and heart which were slim and middling to begin with add some random narrators who come and go and then spend hardly any time with or in the mind of the most potentially dynamic character whose name still makes no sense and you have this marketing tie in It could have improved on the story in the movie but missed the opportunity Illustrations sure writing nah It was so so fanfiction significantly featuring slightly less so so fanart

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    I don't know why so many people gave this such horrible ratings I actually really liked it

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    I can't really give this book a star except it did have nice drawings but I don't generally read books for their drawings This is just a very long winded fairy tale with a different yet not any believable ending than the original I think that they should have just left the classic alone Very disappointed

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    25 starsHere we have Maleficent the wicked fairygodmother to Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty The princess is the side character here; this is Maleficent's malevolent and magnificent tale in which she is both the heroine and the villainess Unlike the Disney adaptation which was maledicted with instalove and inexplicable evil that seemed to exist solely to be evil Maleficent here is a morally grey character although still a bit inexplicable at timesI do not know how much freedom the author has been given in this novelisation effort but it reads like a faithful transcribe with minimal fleshing out of characters and events Therefore it is subject to the same shortcomings that movies generally face the short duration utilisable to tell the story usually necessitates in cutting off corners when it comes to for example world building and character development I have not watched the movie though so I cannot confirm thisThe story is told in a narrative matter of fact writing style giving the impression of telling instead of showing I felt like I was being told what happens in the movie scene after scene I'm sure the actors brought the characters to life with gestures and body languages which are sadly lacking in this book Character studyIntrospection is weak hardly delving into the characters' thoughts everything extra added seems to be on the surfaceIn summary the fairies of the moor are in a state of perpetual warfare with humans for land and freedom In the midst of this you get a fairyhuman love story and I am not a writer so if you want to know you should read the novella It's only 130 pages long Or just watch the movie because I suspect that would be the better option You'll find out why Maleficent becomes wicked and it leads on to Sleeping Beauty as we know it by which I mean the modernised version by Disney but retold with some twists some snark some clichés and a whole load of redemptionExamples of the writing in this book that I do not like For some reason Maleficent becomes the de facto leader of a battle between fairies and humans without any explanation as to why since there should be others older and experienced than her Apparently the movie decided to skip the reasons why and the book decided to follow suit? There is hardly any description of the Moors in which the fairies lived We're told that it is beautiful and has a lake full of jewels because it's necessary to the plot and the rest is simply left to the imagination Poor description of a battle seuence They moved forward and backward their motions a terrifying mockery of a romantic waltz and that's all she wrote Right I have read canon compliant fanfics written better than thisI believe this book would work excellently as a bedtime story narrated by a parent to hisher child As a reader though I expect the characters between the pages to come to life for me instead of needing life breathed into it and this falls short of the mark

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    In reality I would like to give this book two separate ratings;For the illustrations 5 stars They are the reason I bought the book in the first place; exceptionally beautiful and fairytale full of soft curves and sharp angles and some really enchanting backgrounds Top marks Nicholas KoleFor the text itself 1 star Not for the story I had already seen the film before I read it so I knew I was going to like the story and the characters but for the actual writing I was prepared to give it two or maybe even three stars because even though it was perhaps overly simplistic and fell often into the trap of telling instead of showing it was after all intended as a kids' book and was sort of charming in a way UNTIL I CAME TO PAGE 166 Let me uote;Several older women sat around the table mending sheets and dresses by hand That's odd Aurora thought In a place this big one would think seamstresses would be given spinning wheels to use Her aunts had always told her that spinning wheels were silly things That you could sew much better with your fingers than with a wheelWell this is true Because I think what you mean Ms Rudnick is a sewing machine which would not in fact have been invented in the time period this story is loosely set in and also has nothing whatsoever to do with spinning wheels A sewing machine attaches two pieces of cloth together; a spinning wheel applies twist to raw fleece and spins it into yarn for weaving Therefore it would not at all have been unusual to see seamstresses hand sewing since the sewing machine had not been invented and it would have been ridiculous for them to have spinning wheels as it would be impossible to sew with oneNow if this were fanfiction written for love not money by an enthusiastic amateur I would have tutted rolled my eyes and uickly forgiven them But it wasn't It was written by a professional someone with access to research materials and training in the use thereof who expected to be paid for their work and therefore this kind of lack of attention to detail and apparent inability to do a five second fact check that basically amounts to authorial laziness is inexcusable in my opinionSo 1 star D Please try better next time And for goodness' sake do your research

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    Personal Rating 25I LOVE the tale of Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent It's been one of my all time favorites ever since I was a kid so while looking for something uick and easy to read before the year ends I thought to pick this up and indulge in this wonderful story of my favorite charactersUnfortunately it's disappointingThis is basically a book adaption for the movie Maleficent which came out in 2014 Go watch that instead Yeah I'm actually say that I enjoyed the movie way than this book There is something about the writing that put a bad taste in my mouth and I really didn't like how the author portrays the characters Maleficent is so bland The 3 fairies are dumb as rocks to an over exaggeration This just wasn't for me and it's terribly sad because it's Sleeping Beauty

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    First of all apart from the briefest mention of Maleficent's parents in the prologue and a few scenes from Aurora's POV the book adds nothing to the film It follows the film word for word and does not ever bother to delve deeper into the motivations of the characters I was hoping for some depth and development for Diaval and Aurora Some mention of Aurora's mother perhaps Alas it was not to beThat said it is a lovely book I love the illustrations The book is a hardcover I wish books were as lovingly made

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    Very few additions to the movie Maleficent which was a bit of a let down Really the only thing that stands out as being any different was a mention of Maleficent's parents in the prologue Other than that it was exactly the same as the movie but with 80% less of my favorite character Diaval Bother That being said I still enjoyed it probably because I liked the movie But this really didn't add anything to the storyI did very much enjoy the intermittent illustrations mostly for their coloring which was superb and not for the faces which were pathetic