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MOMENT BY MOMENTA Special Author’s Cut Updated Edition of the Loveswept Series Romance Novel #765 which was originally titled Lonesome TonightIn MOMENT BY MOMENT Laura Taylor explores the risks of love with sensitive precision A chance meeting on a California beach between a soul weary documentary filmmaker and a beautiful former cop leads first to friendship and then to something much deeper But can these two people overcome bitter lessons of the past to build a lasting relationship? Ms Taylor’s superb characterization and haunting ambiance will leave a lasting impression on your heart” ROMANTIC TIMES Book ReviewsReaders Praise Moment By MomentA standing ovationCouldn't put it downRomance at the beach

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    When Michael Cassidy and Elizabeth Parker meet there is an instant chemistry but they are both playing it cool due to events which have happened in their past Trying hard to but unable to fight their mutual attraction they become close only for Michael to reject Elizabeth with both Michael and Elizabeth afraid to take a risk If they take it moment by moment is there a chance for love?It is another sensational read from romantic author Laura Taylor This is an emotionally charged story about two mature people who need love but are afraid to let go of their past The sensual scenes are very well written and add extra flavour to the story line This is a passionate and dramatic story of a fear of love over taken by a deep desire of the need for love

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    I didn't like this one as well as the Warrior books I've read all 5 of those It's very well written Ms Taylor has a knack for natural dialogue After some of the books I've read lately with awkward stilted dialogue I really appreciate thatElizabeth was a great heroine She smart funny beautiful compassionate and willing to stand up for herself I wish the relationship with her family had been explored a little further I would have liked to know Michael I had a harder time warming up to He's full of secrets yet so pushy when trying to uncover Elizabeth's past He pursues her and pushes her away at the same time it got a little frustrating for meThe last chapter was confusing and a little too rushed Elizabeth walks away after Michael does something they both consider to be unforgivable But her attitude sort of turns on a dime and left me with a bit of whiplash It seemed to resolve itself too soon She was so angry and then just ok with it

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    This was my first read by Laura Taylor and just a couple of chapters into the book I knew I would be reading of her books With every scene I felt the character’s angst so much so it was if I were looking through her eyes With my daily distractions while reading it is not normal for me to become so pulled into a story but every time I picked this one up I lived it I especially love the heroine’s strong character and loyalty to what she feels There are twists and turns in this romance keeping the reader riveted to the very end

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    I enjoyed the story once I got into it but I almost uit reading because it took until at least chapter 4 to really get any kind of momentum going I also find the characters' need to restate their feelings of hesitation to be a bit repetitive That said I was satisfied with the ending and overall it was a good read

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    Astoundingly beautiful Absolutely stunning Worth many stars A recommended read if you're a romantic at heart and believe that love can conuer all even the emotionally crippled