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FALLEN ANGELA Special Author's Cut Updated Edition of Bantam Loveswept Series Romance # 799“In FALLEN ANGEL a lovely explosives expert retires to life as a specialty shop owner in Northern Nevada and falls in love with a high powered lawyer But can he accept who and what she has been? Multiple Award Winning Romance Writer Laura Taylor touches our hearts with her sensitive perception of two wary lovers who find renewal in each other’s arms” ROMANTIC TIMES Book ReviewsReaders Praise FALLEN ANGEL“Excellence continues”“Laura Taylor’s FALLEN ANGEL has it all”“FALLEN ANGEL kept me reading late into the night”“A timeless love story – everything you want in a romance”“Laura Taylor writes with the power and sensuality that characterizes the best authors in the series romance genre” Romantic Times Book Reviews

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    Secrets safety and near seclusion are the mortar with which Geneva Talmadge has fabricated a life Having lived and worked all over the world in areas where the commodities are war perfidy and poverty Geneva is an exceptional and unusual protagonist Brought into a life of danger bomb making and terrorists as a young girl after the death of her mother Geneva doesn't just trail behind her father and his associates Geneva excels; she's a natural at munitions and bomb building In fact she surpasses her father in the ability to create bombs of piercing precision and beautiful artistry of design A life full of so much danger and secrecy could have hardened Geneva Talmadge but she isn't the jaded war damaged individual that she could have been However she is not unscathed Geneva has built an emotional fortress around herself fully euipped with snares designed to protect herself from the greatest danger a heart fragmented by rejection and love lostThen Thomas Coltrane comes into her life storming the ramparts of her defenses There is no gentle seduction no slow attraction and no long entrance ramp Thomas and Geneva's first meeting is metaphor for the battle Thomas will wage to circumvent her protective countermeasuresThomas is marred from an extremely successful career as a litigator His blade sharp skills have led to his notoriety in the courtroom and his love life fodder for the tabloids but he has grown weary and lonely of an emotionally unfulfilling life Decision made he returns to his childhood home for a simpler way of life when he literally collides into Geneva Thomas goes after Geneva with the same exactness that he unleashed on his courtroom adversariesBut years of hiding have left Geneva guarded and reticent She is a paradox Her life experiences and skills could have should have led her to be one tough cookie But she isn't Though baptized into a world of mayhem and calloused mercenaries Geneva managed to retain a fragile innocence a delicate vulnerability that Thomas must traverse to win her heart and trustFallen Angel is a passion laced story that is both captivating and frustrating in a good way Laura Taylor drives the story first gear second gear; the story is paced perfectly to engage the reader to turn the page For Laura Taylor fans and those new to this series you will not be disappointed Geneva and Thomas' story is a soft susurration that compels the reader to root for them when old scars and reflexive defenses threaten to detonate ending their relationship before it's truly born You won't be dissatisfied Laura Taylor's Fallen Angel has it all love steam and Reviewed bySallie Lundy FrommerAuthor of Yesterday's Daughter

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    I love the heroine in this story Geneva Talmadge I can so readily identify with her and the type of past she has known Some of us are survivors no matter what we’ve been through Laura Taylor did a great job with her character as she is well defined As a matter of fact I don’t believe she ever steps out of character—not once I realize Thomas told her in the first 10 percent of the book that he had overheard her conversation with Nick Benteen but she never clued in that he might have heard all she feared of telling him Sometimes my husband will say about a movie “Well if he were to realize the outcome of the guys’ actions right away there’d be no movie”I get how troubled she is and sometimes how strength in a woman determines her susceptibility in avoiding pushy people and remaining on the defensive especially with alpha males like Thomas Coltrane Actually about men like Thomas Coltrane I began reading Harleuins when I was a young woman and was impressed for a while Until I got married to a kind and gentle man who never had to badger to get his way and my ideas changed I guess Today most women no longer accept a man who is pushy while he badgers her for sex and plays mind games to weaken her defenses For me these tactics no longer serve as a symbol of virility or even sound sexy Thomas says he needs to take it slowly with Geneva and he doesn’t want to badger her he still does At one point when he is particularly insistent and he has made his presence utterly obnoxious I wish she would turn around and yell at him “No means No” Nevertheless the sign of a good author when your reader either loves or hates the people involvedThe story is definitely well written almost in the style of writing copy Tell them what you’ve told them then tell them again There is one angle I would have liked to see develop In the first few pages we find out about Geneva Talmadge’s past and how a member of the Mossad tells Nick that Jamal the man who put a contract on Geneva’s head is dead I kept waiting for something to happen from this angle some proof the man is still alive and dangerous a mystery tauntingly delicious Perhaps a hook for another book Bravo for Laura Taylor’s story and for the fact that this story has prompted me to read another Laura Taylor novel

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    I loved Intimate Strangers and was hoping for the same from Fallen Angel Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it as much because of the lack of character development and many pages of sex scenes which seemed to take up too much of the plot I felt that Geneva was too timid for a woman who had lived as much as she had and found Tom to be very pushyThis story felt rushed and I wonder if the author was under pressure to write it uickly There is nothing wrong with the technicalities of Ms Taylor's writing and I enjoyed finding out what happened to Nick and Hannah I would have liked to find out how Sean became Geneva's business partner because I have often thought about him from the last book This is a measure of how much I invested in the original characters

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    Love it to pieces Great characters and a fantastic story Though this is not officially a part of the WARRIOR series it is closely associated with itHad the original books in the WARRIOR series and uite a few others by this author years ago but lost them in a house move I will be going out to get the new extended versions of these books in ebook format What a joy love the original and cannot wait to read the longer version

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    You people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

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    Fallen Angel by Laura Taylor is a romance story between two unlikely characters A former female explosive experts with partial deafness and other emotional scars falls for a lawyer but he finds it hard to break down her barriersThe conflicts between the characters and their past is portrayed very well and one cannot help but feel for the two and their struggle Written in beautiful prose the book featured several erotic scenes I loved the characterisation but found the final resolve to the issues concerned not as convincing as I had hoped forStill it is a pleasant and intriguing read

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    One of the nicest and most emotional favourite reread books in my libraryThis is one of those once picked up and started it cannot be put down books and you will want to read all the interlinked books by this authorLove it to pieces Great characters and a fantastic story Nick from IMTIMATE STRANGERS plays a part in this storyThough this is not officially a part of the WARRIOR series it is closely associated with itHad the original paperback books and uite a few others by this author years ago but lost them in a house move Though I own the shorter eBook version of this book I see there is a longer version of this book but I am loath to pay twice for the same book

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    Laura Taylor has a way of writing romance novels that keep the reader in anticipation Her characters are uniue and always well matched and believable in their roles The stories and characters overlap just enough that you want to read them in order but not so much that you feel like it's a continuation of the previous book The men in particular are the kind of men you not only want to meet but that you come to believe still existFALLEN ANGEL is the second of Taylor's books that I've read and I enjoyed it just as much as INTIMATE STRANGERS On to the next of Taylor's books

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    I got this book as a free download and I really liked it a lot This is not my first book by Laura Taylor and she did not disappoint with Fallen Angel I loved the characters the plot line and it had just the right amount of steamy love scenes I had a real hard time putting the book down I kept anticipating what would happen next and I was really rooting for Geneva and Thomas Perfect read anytime

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    Oy vey Man sees woman instant connection him so he pursues her full force regardless of anything she may say or do Woman annoys me with her constant inner thoughts She is deaf he already knows sign language Just really not my style I guess Others may love it but the conversations sometimes seemed to me to be them on some wavelength that I wasn't Felt like I was missing something