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Re edited and re released in 2013 with a new coverSomeone is stalking Miyuki Price JonesAs the host of a very successful home shopping TV show that sells adult toys Mi has become the object of an ex con's obsession reuiring the services of ex Navy SEAL turned bodyguard Lucas VegaDamaged by their pasts Lucas and Mi find in common than they could have imagined and secrets they thought would tear them apart could be the ties that bind them together forever But with the stalker growing bolder Lucas and Mi must learn to trust each other or risk losing than their heartsOne of them could lose their life

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    Come on How can someone resist a read like this The blurb straight away gets you hooked with simple words that makes readers stand at attentionStalkerSells Adult ToysObsessionBodyguardEx Navy SEALDamaged STEAMY HOTNESS not really mentioned in the blurb but goes without saying Nested together continuously 247 is bound to make an attraction rise to the surface and deliver an insatiable challenge and determination of whose going to break first ;

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    Romantic Suspense Can’t Get Any Better I knew after reading the first couple of pages of RUSH that I was going to love it It’s rare that I feel this way about a book right off the bat But debut author Beth Yarnell pulled me right into the story from her first paragraph and didn’t let up one bit until the satisfying conclusion Beth Yarnell’s story telling ability and fast paced writing style puts her up there with the best of the romantic suspense authorsI loved Mi and found her job as a home shopping network host hawking sex toys fascinating and fun And ex Navy SEAL bodyguard Lucas Vega is every woman’s dream hero The sparks flew between them from the moment they set eyes upon each other and the steam didn’t let up as the story progressed Through thrilling twists and perilous threats as Mi’s stalker became dangerous we learn about the scars and secrets Mi has held onto and shapes who she is However having to spend 247 with Lucas she must learn to trust again and Lucas Vega not only needs to protect her body but her innermost secrets as welleven when he guards his own secretsEngaging back story intriguing sub plots and taut suspense make RUSH a riveting well orchestrated read Add the sizzling romance between Mi and Lucas and you can’t help but cheer for their happily ever after I’m eagerly waiting to see what Beth Yarnell offers up next in the Pleasure at Home series She's now on my auto buy list

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    This book was so depressing The heroine's mother is really mentally ill The heroine's brother acts like a spoiled brat he does grow up by the end of the story The hero's family hates her because she's not Latina The heroine's mother burns her house down because she's mentally ill She takes care of a baby doll thinking it's her dead baby who died 13 years ago So sad This book just made me sad Don't read it It will depress you

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    I love bodyguard stories – and the combination of traditional Lucas and entrepreneurial Mi with her sex toys is brilliant Fast paced with plot twists galore Beth Yarnall’s RUSH is an escape read you won’t want to put down I loved the story’s suspense but I also loved the way feelings developed between Mi and Lucas and the sizzling sex did not hurt either I wanted their relationship to work so badly but Yarnall kept throwing obstacles at them with such rapid fire succession that I never thought they would have their happily ever after Luckily however Yarnall did not disappoint with RUSH’s ending – so I can’t wait to read what she puts out next I was provided an ARC for review as a professional courtesy No monetary or other compensation was involved

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    I wasn't sure what to expect in a book described as a romance between an ex Navy SEAL and the host of a home shopping program that sells adult toys but what I got was a terrific suspense story with a tender love story woven throughout Miyuki Price Jones is being stalked and her cable TV show sabotaged Her boss hires Lucas Vega to be her bodyguard Lucas has his own way of protecting Mi and she's not always happy about it particularly since she has secrets to hide from him and from everyone else But then so does he Inevitably their attraction results in a hot and heavy romance but even after the stalker is revealed and the attraction acknowledged the secrets could mean the end of the romance Yarnall has created sympathetic characters in a hard to put down book that makes the reader rush to find the Happily Ever After

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    Since she was fifteen Mi has kept a secret a dark secret that stole her teen years and has prevented her from staying in a relationshipSabotage in the TV program an adult shopping show she hosts puts her in contact with Lucas an ex navy who is assigned to protect her Mi falls hard for this thoughtful stranger and for once feels she is the one being cared for Lucas loves her too but fearing from the conseuences that revealing the truth about her past can have in her loved ones Mi refuses to confide in himThe threats of an ex con obsessed with her TV persona throws her again and again into Lucas's arms making her decision harder but Mi's sense of family and duty are stronger than loveAction suspense and a steamy romance are cleverly intertwined in this novel making Rush a most satisfying read

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    I had a great time reading this book I was putting it off bc I thought it would be the same type of story I have read before but I was wrong The H is tough super protective and very manly What he isn't is a manwhore He actually wanted a wife and kid This was so refreshing The H was never mean to h He was into her from the beginning He fell in love first and fast I loved him I was really afraid that bc the h sold sex toys that it would be included in her relationship with the H However neither of them had any interest in using them and they had really steamy scenes wout any help Bravo to this author She stayed away from clichés and it paid off My only complaint was that the h didn't take her mother's mental illness seriously Her mother was a danger to herself and others I don't understand why she didn't get her the help she needed It was really dumb

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    Mi doesn't have your average 9 5 job As one of the hosts of the popular home shopping program Pleasures at Home she loves what she doesand she's good at it From behind her trademark glasses she's able to convince her viewers to try a few things to spice up their love lives But one of her viewers has become obsessed with her not just her products That's where Lucas comes in Recently retired from the military Lucas owes Mi's boss a favor He's called in to be Mi's personal bodyguard As the stakes get higher the heat between Mi and Lucas rises Rush is a fast thrilling ride full of unexpected twists with well developed layered characters

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    Sometimes keeping secrets can get you killed and that is just what is going to happen to Miyuki Price Jones unless she learns to trust someone Mi is the host of a Home Shopping Pleasures tv show yes that's right pleasures As in sex toys And that pisses off a group of protesters and eggs on an ex con All out to get MiLucas Vega has been assigned to protect Mi from anyone wishing to harm her But can he protect her from her past and the secrets they are both hiding? Most of all can he protect her from himself and his desires to have her?I enjoyed this novel a good bit It had good pacing and great sex too I look forward to from this author