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“’Tis one thing to be tempted another thing to fall” William Shakespeare Measure for Measure He’s no stranger to sinA prolific serial killer is crucifying and ‘baptizing’ the working girls of Portland and FBI Special Agent Luca Ramirez is locked in a desperate race to prevent the next casualty The game changes when the latest victim is pulled out of the Willamette River alive and Luca knows this witness may be his key to breaking the case When the fanatical killer threatens her life a second time Luca is assigned to protect the most uniue and captivating woman he’s ever met by going undercover as her lover He finds himself locked in a relentless game of cat and mouse with an elusive and violent psychopath while battling his temptation for the alluring woman he’s charged to protect with his life As the fatalities continue to mount so does the intensity of his desire for a woman who should be forbidden but is determined to dial up the heatBestselling author Kerrigan Byrne laces dangerous edgy content with palette cleansing humor in this sexy character driven series debut that will leave you wondering Is there such a thing as A Righteous Kill?

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    12162013 Overall Rating 4 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb Book Title 4 4 4 4 StarsWriter’s Voice 4 StarsCharacter Development 4 StarsStory Appreciation 4 StarsWorth the Chili 5 Stars 99 on 394 pagesI found this author earlier this year when I read a few of her free novella's It was a series about Berserkers in historical Scotland It was pretty good When I saw she had written a contemporary suspense full length novel I was intriguedThis was really very enjoyable It is a series but stands on its' own with no cliffhanging ending I'll read the next I really enjoyed her charactersThere were places where the book dragged a bit but overall a very decent readAbsolutely loved the Prologue GRABBED me LOVE when that happensHappy Reading

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    I don’t read a ton of romantic suspense because I have a hard time finding books in this genre that work for me But this review reuest came along and I decided to try it and I couldn’t put my Kindle down This book has a great blend of creepy suspense a gruff sexy hero an adorable heroine and dirty sex Let’s get to itA serial killer nicknamed John the Baptist has killed six red headed women nailing them to a cross and letting them bleed out and drown in a river But his next attempt will fail Our heroine Hero her and all her siblings have uniue Shakespeare names survives the attack and is able to give a few details to the FBI agent in charge of the case Luca Ramirez After much recovery Hero heads back to her apartment only to find a menacing note and a goat head in her refrigerator John the Baptist isn’t done with her yet and Luca under the guise of being her boyfriend moves in to protect herThat is a very brief set up of this book But let’s get to the good stuff yes? Some points I want to make1 Luca is a grumpy gruff intense FBI agent I love a well done grumpy hero and Luca fits it perfectly He has demons sometimes wondering if he has just as much darkness on the inside as the serial killer Hero is his light the woman who can crack his façade and make him feel While he is very professional and devotes every minute of every day to tracking down this killer he also has to be with her all of the time to keep her safe It’s hard on his nervesDuring a simple dinner conversation “So what are you in the mood for?” Hero asked from the tableWas she kidding? Even if she offered what he knew she wasn’t offering Luca wouldn’t have been able to decide Naked He was in the mood for naked hard and wild And that was a fucking dangerous moodFor all of his fight each day he gets one step closer to losing control around her When he has her amazing coffee Hero took another sip “It’s my special blend I usually reserve it for the morning after”Luca almost dropped his mug Some coffee sloshed onto his map “Morning after?”“Well yeah I like to leave someone with a good taste in their mouth you know?”Heat that had nothing to do with the coffee scalded his insides If this was the morning after coffee then then night before really must be—And finally he makes Hero a promise “I vow on this holy ground that when this is all over I’m going to bend you over the first available surface and fuck you sideways Got it?”Hero blinked The carnal words and the hard tone didn’t match his callous voice at all causing her to uestion what she’d just heard Had he just said?“Wait W what?” she stammered“You heard me Now get out of the car we’re going to church”2 Hero is an adorable heroine She is definitely scared about the serial killer stalking her and takes it very seriously But she also provides some lightness to this story She is a very confident person somewhat a hippie an artist and can’t understand why her body wants Luca so much When she first wakes up from her attack in the hospital she is high on pain killers and she made me laugh She continued to make me laugh smile and fall in love with her the entire bookShe falls for Luca right away God she was going to sculpt him naked someday And if he didn’t let her see him naked? She’d just have to use her imagination her very vivid imagination She was probably going to try to get him naked thoughShe knows Luca is into her and gives him a very hard time about it Luca looked up from his report but his eyes snagged on her lips closing over the chopsticksShe drew them out slowly Just because Then licked themAnd for all of her joking around with him she really wants him to do dirty things with her She wanted him to fuck her wearing that gun She wanted him like this On the edge of his control wild and angry and afraid She wanted him to pull out the erection pulsing against her stomach and slam it into her without even bothering to take his pants off She wanted his belt to bite into her skin whiles she watched his wide shoulders to strain against the leather of his holsterShe wanted it right nowOh naughty Hero3 Besides all the wonderful sexual tension we actually get a great suspense too John the Baptist stalks Hero the entire book The author gives you many people that it could be and the last uarter of the book I was so excited to find out which one it actually was4 Hero has a very large family and I loved all of them Her sister is fun and her brothers are all very protective intense and each one is set up with a background Knox’s book is next and I can’t waitThis is a new to me author Looking at her website her previous book have been historicals which I might have to check out In any case I’m very excited for another book in this world If you like romantic suspense I’d definitely give this one a tryRating B

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    FBI Special Agent Luca Ramirez is the lead agent trying to find a serial killer nicknamed John the Baptist JTB has tortured and killed three prostitutes leaving their bodies in the river When another body is found in the river Luca is shocked to find this one is still alive Hero Katrova Conner doesn't remember anything after being drugged and thrown into a gray van She has holes in her hands from being nailed to a cross and an injury in her side from a spear When Hero recovers from her injuries and returns home she finds that John the Baptist isn't done with her He's leaving items in her apartment telling her that he will be coming back for her Luca and his partner decide to give Hero around the clock surveillance while searching for the murdererThis is the first book in Kerrigan Byrne's Shakespearean Suspense series I believe this is her only romantic suspense title and it was written early in her career It is your typical romantic suspense with the lawman chasing the killer and protecting the heroine My problem with the story was the main characters Hero is just unlikeable She is a sex kitten who is constantly rubbing up against Luca or undressing in front of him just to get a reaction She also throws tantrums if she's not getting her way It was ridiculous Every time she was told to stay away from the scene of the crime she'd be right there in the middle of it a minute later Luca was good at his job; but has a major anger management problem He was in a constant fury for most of the book I'd think the FBI would be putting him on a short leashThere isn't a whole lot of suspects in this book I guess when you're looking for a religious fanatic it reduces the suspect list I liked the secondary characters especially Luca's partner and Hero's family Hero's siblings are named after characters from Shakespeare's works There is a uote from various plays at the beginning of each chapter There are supposed to be books in this series in the future Since I love this author's historical romances and I enjoyed Hero's brothers I'll be giving the next book a try My rating 25 Stars

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    This page turning story follows FBI agent Luca Ramirez as he chases John the Baptist a serial killer through the streets of Portland Oregon Luca thinks he just found JTB’s seventh victim until the startling discovery is made She is still alive No longer a victim but now a witness this may just be the break that Luca has been waiting for in his yearlong search for the reclusive killer But what Luca finds are mysteries to un ravel starting with the his witness Hero She doesn’t fit the profile of the past victims So what is her connection with this deadly predator? And why does she make his blood boil with a passion he has never felt before? Luca knows that Hero’s life is still in danger and will do whatever it takes to save her while hunting down John the Baptist But at what cost?From the moment I started reading A Righteous Kill Kerrigan Byrne immediately grabbed my attention it like grabbed me by the throat and making me NEED to read on attentively right until the very end Twist after twist Ms Kerrigan weaves together a devastatingly incredible mystery that includes historical and religious references along with other ancient tidbits some centuries old It was meticulously written with imbibing details in such great depths structurally creating a picture with mere wordsBoth Hero and Luca were incredibly flawed but strong characters the connection between them almost instant as they worked together to capture this deranged monster who was crucifying young women and throwing their bodies in the river A killer merely steps ahead of the FBI as he starts taunting them with clues that leads Luca and Hero on a breathless journey Each having to face their worst fears and learning to trust “A Righteous Kill” left me flabbergasted to the core and was an amazing start to a wonderful new series by Kerrigan Byrne I can’t wait to read about the rest of Hero’s awesome family who we meet throughout this book

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    A great romantic suspense book Extremely well written with a solid story line a ton of sexual tension and an alpha FBI agent with a shoe fetish The heroine has three sexy brothers and lets not forget Luca's partner Vinceenough hotties for several books It looks like the next book will be about fighter Knox and I'm totally down with that The book seemed a bit long and may have dragged just a tad in the middle I'm not embarrassed to admit that some of the religious history went right over my head after a while although I was uite impressed with the complexity of the plot details etc A very solid 4 STARS

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    4 Righteous Stars It's been awhile since I've read a RomanticSuspense that was heavier on the suspense I've got to say I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book although it did lag in a couple of places but for the most part I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the rest of the seriesespecially since I think Knox's book is next? Fingers crossedLuca Ramirez is an FBI Agent in Portland OR on the hunt for John the Baptist a serial killer who is killing prostitutes by staking their hands to crosses and then dumping them in rivers around the city When he gets called to the latest crime scene the victim is noticeably different she doesn't have the same characteristics as his prior victims Just as he begins to investigate the crime scenethe latest victim movesHero Katrova Conner wakes in the hospital and can hardly believe she has survived the brutal attack She doesn't understand how she caught the attention of JTB killer as she is not nor has ever been a prostitute The fact that she survived makes her a target for JTB to finish his ritual and a chance for Luca to finally catch his killerAs Luca and Hero get closer so does the Killer there are many suspect characters and they will keep you guessing till the end The romance is a slow burn with tons of sexual tension but when Luca finally gives into his hunger it's explosive and just gets betterAll in all this had a great storyline and fantastic secondary characters especially Hero's brothers and Luca's fun sexy partner and best friend Vince Looking forward to the rest if the series

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    Let me start out by saying this book was different from any other romantic suspense book I've read And that's a good thing Hero the main character and young lady who escaped certain death at the hands of a serial killer was not written as the typical lost soul scared of her own shadow needing a man for her recovery heroine you usually read in these type of stories Luca one of the FBI agents assigned to protect her was not perfect Sure he was easy on the eyes but he had his own psychological and emotional stew simmering beneath the surface And he focused way too much on the uality of his shoes I liked that I mean come on A man who's into expensive perfect fitting shoes who's an attractive and dangerous Latin lover to boot? I call PERFECTION But seriously this was a very well written book with a story that grabbed you and wouldn't let you go until the disturbing end The humorous banter intertwined within the characters had me LOL than once and highlighting so many passages on my Kindle it now looks dangerously close to one of my graded reports returned to me from back in my high school days The secondary characters had as much charisma as the main ones and I hope the author continues this into a full series with a separate book for each of Hero's brothers For now I'm happy to know at least there's another book in the works and I'll get to see of Vince Luca's FBI partnerWell played Ms Byrne Well played

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    I was snared before I finished the prologue Once you start reading you will not want to put this book down for anythingKerrigan has just upped her game This series is going to be amazing Is it too early to start wanting the next one in the series ?Characters Hero and Luca are great Will they be able to deny what is growing between themWill they even have a chance before a killer finishes what he started killing HeroLuca sees the sunlight in Hero and she is slipping under Luca's tight guard and slowly winding her way around his heartHero knows Luca has a darknessin him and she cannot deny she wants to lose herself in him with himFrom the moment she opens her eyes to see his dark eyes and hears his voice she knows he will do whatever he can to protect herThe give and take between these two are priceless from gluten free pizza to expensive designer shoes and were are not talking womens yoga morning after coffee teal paint You just want it to keep going The suspense to keeps you guessing until the end Don't wait another moment grab your copy now

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    A scary one and very intense This is the first of a series called Shakespearean Suspense The family at the heart of this series is the reason The first story revolves around a serial killer who is targeting women with red hair FBI Special Agent Luca Ramirez is the SAC and is given a gift a victim who does not die and becomes a witness It's a gift with thorns as Luca and the victim will discoverThis one is intense but worth the ride If you're timid understand that this one is at the far edge of romantic suspense definitely going towards thriller If you have the inclination go for it it's worth it

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    The first book in A Shakespearean Suspense by Kerrigan Byrne Serial killer John the Baptist's latest victim is pulled from the river and FBI Special Agent Luca Ramirez is sent to investigate Only this victim isn't dead Hero Viola Katrova Conner is very much alive but her life is still in danger as John the Baptist is intent on finishing what he startedI love the main characters and there were uite a few interesting characters introduced Hero's parents apparently had a thing for Shakespeare so her siblings have some unusual names The mystery element wasn't too hard to figure but there were enough red herrings to throw you off and have you second guess I liked this book and will probably continue the series