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The number one blockbuster bestselling author returns with a thriller that pits Eve Duncan against the one man who can put her darkest horror to rest or make her relive it over and over again Do you still miss your little Bonnie?This one sentence spoken by a madman in an anonymous phone call is all it takes to drag Eve Duncan right back to that horrifying day years ago when her only daughter vanished without a trace Since that day her life has become an obsession to find Bonnie's remains and put the pain of her death to rest However one man wants nothing than to prevent that from happening He is every woman's waking nightmare a brilliant ruthless killer whose hunting ground stretches from coast to coast But taunting Eve Duncan might be his first and last mistakeFor Eve is armed with than just her talent as a forensic sculptor and her fierce protective nature She brings with her former Navy SEAL Joe uinn an Atlanta detective who will do whatever it takes to bring Eve some kind of peace even if he has to lie to do itEve's only salvation may be through the mysterious skills of another woman whose chilling talent leaves her as tormented as Eve and as driven to bring this monster to justice But when lives are in danger every step could be a trap and every inch of solid ground seems to be shifting under their feet And this killer wants nothing than to lure Eve further and further into his swamp of madnessWith relentless pace and gut wrenching intensity uicksand is Iris Johansen at her best

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    This was another really good read in the Eve Duncan series although I still find myself getting tired of Eve on occasion I was happy to see a reappearance of Montalvo was a little perked up by the fact that Joe uinn grew a new backbone in this story and was really excited by the part that Megan Blair played in the story see PANDORA'S DAUGHTERI know that Eve needs to find the body of her daughter Bonnie for closure I know that she's obsessed with this task But sometimes you just want to smack her for letting it ruin so many other aspects of her lifeMany times throughout UICKSAND I had to wonder what either Joe or Montalvo see in this woman I think she'd drive me batty No matter what happens in the long run though I hope to see of a paranormal aspect to the storyline and it seems that there will be what with the way the story endsIf you're a follower of the Eve Duncan series you'll want to read this one It's good overall and you can always hope that Montalvo comes to his senses and looks for a new woman to obsess over soon

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    I picked up this book after enjoying The Search by the same author but reading the two stories one would never guess they were written by the same author uicksand follows Eve Duncan a forensic specialist who spends her time reconstructing bodies with wax faces in order to help identify them She began this career sometime after losing her own child Bonnie She's married to Joe uinn a detective and has an adopted daughter named Jane There's also Montalvo a man who loves Eve and let's face it she has some feelings for him too but she's married so he's off limitsEve and Joe were only minor characters in The Search and I'm starting to think that was a good thing uicksand is a boring read to put it bluntly The only thing that kept me reading was my personal goal of reading 50 books over the course of a year Well that and I kept hoping it would get betterEve Duncan is by far one of the most annoying characters I have yet to come across in a book Throughout the story she complains about how she's dragging Joe into danger in her pursuit to find Bonnie's killer even though it wasn't his child It's Eve's uest after all so he should sit on the sidelines and stay out of danger However Joe refuses to put Eve in danger and therefore chooses to be proactive about everything in order to find Bonnie view spoilerHe is after all the one who gets the story going in this novel by finding Kistle the supposed murderer But Joe won't let Eve do anything but stay in the hotel and that makes Eve angry hide spoiler

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    If you have been reading the story of Eve Joe and Bonniethen you MUST go NOW and get this book If you like romantic suspense suspense than romance then you should really check out this seriesBackstory Eve Duncan is a forensic sculptor whose daughter Bonnie was apparently the victim of a child killer Neither Bonnie's killer nor Bonnie have ever been located and Eve just can't stop searching She needs to bring Bonnie homebut since she can't she specializes in child skull reconstructions to help identify dead children so at least their parents can have some sort of closure Each book in this series provides hints and clues to Bonnie's case Eve her cop lover Joe and other Eve intimatesIn uicksand Joe has a good lead on one of Bonnie's possible killers The killer is a true whack job and delights in taunting Eve with each new kill At points in this book I wanted to smack Eve For such a strong intelligent woman she has some definate stupid moments Eve also has to deal with Montalvo prior book She's still strongly attracted to Montalvo but cherishes what she has with Joe In uicksand Eve finally realizes that her obsession with Bonnie may be damaging her current relationships and just how far she's willing to go to bring Bonnie home

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    This series is hard to put down If you haven’t read the Eve Duncan forensic sculptor series start with them in order as her relationships grow and change91420 My mother just finished this and enjoyed it and recommends it

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    I love the Eve Duncan Joe uinn books This one doesn't disappoint have Eve and Joe finally discovered who killed Bonnie even though the lead came from Montalvo who wants to steal Eve away from Joe? I won't tell but if you are a fan of these two characters it is a must read If you aren't you will be after this book

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    ❤ Miguel ❤ MontalvoI'm in love with Montalvo and Miguel makes me smile They are the best part about this book I also love Bonnie she seems a lot wiser than her motherI'm kind of getting tired of the relationship between Joe en Eve and their behaviour in general Still it was a good read and I'm looking forward to reading the next one in this 'trilogy' within the Eve Duncan series However I oh so much wished she would choose to be with Montalvo

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    Nasty child killer stopped by Eve Duncan

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    A very abridged summary Years before the opening moments of uicksand Eve Duncan's daughter Bonnie was abducted and murdered Since that time Eve's primary interest has been trying to find her remains So when she gets a phone call from a serial killer claiming to know where Bonnie is buried Eve joins the search for the caller's latest captive in hopes of finding her daughter as well Though mainly a traditional action filled murder mystery uicksand also adds the element of psychic searchersMy primary gripe I feel cheated in some way by stories that have either too many happy coincidences which benefit the protagonist and eually short changed by stories that have a continuous series of bad luck complications uicksand falls into the latter Somehow it seems that plot driven stories too often have to depend on trouble after trouble to keep the engine of a book's action in gear In a way it reminds me of a tennis match when the plot has a series of tricky plays that get overcome only to face another; the threats and complications operate only as a progression of things at a similar level One ball returned after another Background When I first read The Hunt for Red October I was amazed at its structure; there was than a big picture problem to be solved When I read of the explosion about a third of the way through the book I wondered how it would be possible for the author to sustain the story after that high point Silly me There were two of them each building and resolving as well as also moving the story along its arc of the bigger conflict to a grand denouement It is that sense of plot that I find missing in uicksand The sense that each difficulty encountered is part of a larger idea rather than just another rally across the tennis court being replaced by another one different in its details but in essence just the same thing how to return one ball successfully

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    I haven't read Iris Johansen books in a long time; they were my go to book back in the day when all I read was romantic suspense Now that I'm a bit older I thought I'd go back to the Eve Duncan series and catch up on the ones I've missed yeah not going to happen At least not right now This book wasn't bad just very babyish reading for my literature tastes right now I need happening in a novel than a gal talking to her dead daughter on the porch which I remembered from all the previous Eve Duncan novels Just too juvenile for me Plus it always bothered me how Iris Johansen never have her characters any true humanity Never once in her novels do Eve Jane or Joe ever call each other by an endearment or a nickname or anything that you hear on a human day to day relationship Her dialogue sounds forced and typed That is one thing that Nora Roberts Jayne Ann Krentz and Karen Robards have down I'd rather be reading their books instead Too bad

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    I really like the characters in this series I got uicksand after reading Stalemate because I was left with unanswered uestions UGH This book still didn't give me the answers but I did enjoy having Miguel and Montalvo back in this story line There were new characters introduced that were eually as interesting Megan who has psychic abilities and Laura Ann a spunky little girl who is abducted by Kistle who was named in Stalemate as the suspect who abducted Eve's daughter Bonnie years earlier and her body has never been found If you enjoy suspense novels this series is for you I have to check out Johansens following books to see if I can get my uestions answered