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He's dead I killed him I killed that godsdamned bastard The holy war that has threatened to tear Dragoloth apart is coming to an end With so much at stake both sides will do whatever it takes to win New families united by secret agendas appear while old families torn apart by dissolution crumble Encarz and Pharun will clash swords but who will emerge the victor? Meridith will fight for the soul of the one he once loved but will he make it in time? Felix will find happiness at last but will he be able to keep it? Varijin will seek revenge but will he live long enough to administer justice? In spite of all these uestions there is one shared concern on everyone's mind Who will be king tomorrow?

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    Book – The Hollow Living The Age of Waking Death #3Author – CN FaustStar rating – ★★★★★Would I read it again – YesPlot – as brilliant as the first twoCharacters – even better than beforeMovie Potential – ★★★★★Ease of reading – very easy to read I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK BY THE AUTHOR IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW I have been in love with this series since Book 1 The Dragon’s Disciples Book 3 is even better than the ones before I am so happy to see Pharun back not only as mean and as clever as ever but showing his true colours openly I have a feel this won’t be good news for Felix but I will just have to wait and see I have my fingers crossed however impossible it might be that the pair stay together They’re my golden couple of this seriesI also have to admit that I really enjoyed meeting the new characters such as the Ercole family I find Adriel to be a little like Pharun only less brutal and in a much tamer way Narissa is very much like Encarz’s mother the belated ueen though I have a feeling she doesn’t have the same weaknesses that the ueen had which led to her death She may just be the formidable character the ueen aspired to beIt’s also very nice to see Nisroch back again I do love him and if Felix has to love Pharun for anyone I want it to be him Just call me a FanGirl and get it over with Lol I FanGirl for this series so bad it’s just not right It’s that lovely kind of wrong that we all love so muchI do have to admit that I think Shrukian could be a surprise dark horse in this book He’s been gone for a while hiding in shadows and so on and I really think he could just creep into the story and change everything He’s unpredictable that way I’m very excited to see what the rest of the book holds I’m only 25% through just yetNow that I’m 50% through let me just take back when I said about Adriel being tamer than Pharun I was wrong Lol You’ll know what I mean when you read it Total moment of ‘he did not just do that’I do admit that I feel bad for Felix He’s so lonely and ignored by Pharun in this book and when he’s not ignored he’s not treated the best by Pharun who says he loves him I believe he does but I also think he pushes Felix away so he can focus on his politics It’s a shame because they are the most incredible couple when he allows them to be But at least Felix has Sterling now On the other hand I’m worried Pharun is going to kill him or send him and Felix away He’s either going to get jealous or not care and either way it’s going to hurt Felix He would never think of cheating on Pharun but Jhauril will make it look that way if it suits himI really want Jhauril to die It sounds cruel but you’d feel the same if you read it What does he offer Pharun that Felix can’t? Pharun should have killed him when he hid Felix’s letter last timeI think Domenico and Austric together will be very dangerous and formidable but very interesting to watch develop Already they could sneak in and change everythingThe ‘Atlas’ story in Malhii’s history definitely puts things in perspective It’s sad and it makes a lot of other things make so much senseI do have to say though that as much as I love Pharun I have to give it up for Morre Dude you seriously know how to stand up for your kid What he did for Felix was just amazing No one else would dare mess with Pharun and although it could have hurt Felix he knew that it would have benefits than downsides for his son Saldon never did anything that selfless before for either of his kids But it does make me wonder since I’ve not read much after this event yet how this will impact on Felix and just what Pharun is going to do about it If he hurts Felixwell let’s just say that I won’t be loving him any and I’ll be doing a Morre on his assThe court audience with Meridith and Encarz was just a piece of pure Pharun genius I have to say It was classic and had me giggling like a fangirl at Pharun’s sneaky plan Unfortunately there isn’t much I can say about the last 20 30% of the book without giving the game away And I don’t want to do that I want you to read it and be sitting reading it at 2am in the morning covering your mouth at the Holy Crap Moments unable to make a sound the way I did I’m nice that way So get to an online store or bookstore buy the book or the series and then you can find out exactly what I’m talking aboutI will say this turning that last page and seeing 100% on my Kindle was a very conflicting moment for me On one hand I was silently screaming “Nooooo It can’t be over” because I don’t want it to end Book or series And then I realised how utterly perfect an ending it wasMaybe the story isn’t wrapped up with a nice pink ribbon telling us what happens to absolutely every character But it’s certainly implied and I think I like not knowing That way my imagination does the rest I imagine everyone eventually getting the happily ever after the book deserves but I can’t tell you what that means without giving away spoilers so let’s move on ; Favourite scene – Felix and Pharun in the snow Favourite bad guy – Adriel – for the WTF moment Favourite character of all time – Felix and Pharun You didn’t think I’d choose between them did you? Most adorable moment – Pharun’s last words to Meridith and their meaning Because I remember very clearly what he promised about the vessel for Ravenel’s soul – “He will be the most beautiful in the world Aside from myself” And that perfect explanatory moment at the end where you realise what that means Again I’m not telling you GO READ THE BOOK Favourite good guy – Morre I know not a good guy really but this is for the Pharun ‘incident’ because he loves Felix so much And a guy who loves Felix as I do can’t be all that badOverall this book and series were perfection One of the best stories individually for each book and as a whole for the series that I’ve read in a long time There was nothing I didn’t like about this series except maybe Jhauril Okay except for Jhauril who I hated I couldn’t stand to have him between Pharun and Felix I mean seriously? Even the Gods wanted them together sigh But I get my happy ending Why? Because Jhauril doesn’t appear in the last 20% of the book I choose to believe that the most perfect thing happened I choose to believe that Pharun killed Jhauril for threatening Felix after the Pharun ‘incident’ with Morre And I don’t want anyone to tell me otherwise I’m uite happy believing that thank you SidenotePlease Please Pleasesomeone has to make this series into a TV series or a Movie I want to see this on the big screen or any screen And I really really want to see this cast in action Cillian Murphy as Meridith Chris Hemsworth as Shrukian Jesse Williams as Pharun Bill Nighy as Encarz Amy Lee as Olympia Jared Leto as Felix Tom Hiddleston as Raul and Rooney Mara as Brisha Can you say ‘lush’?