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Cassie Dannacher wakes up in a hospital over 1000 years into the future after her space capsule is retrieved from space She soon learns that 600 years prior to her arrival the earth was struck by a plague killing over half of the world’s population Naïve and desperate Cassie who longs for home and is having trouble adjusting to the new dictatorial 31st century government is comforted by Michael Bennett the 20 year old lead geneticist at the hospital where she was revived But why is Cassie in genetics’ hospital in the first place and why do several of the people around her seem so familiar including Travel Carson the hot and edgy boy she is fated to meet? Soon she discovers there is a sinister answer to all of her uestions – and that they want something from Cassie that only she can give

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    Fellow San Diegan and young adult dystopian author Karri Thompson's novel intrigued me The concept of a young woman frozen for than 1000 years waking to a new world order is such a fascinating idea I couldn't wait to dig into it The story weaves bends and twists through than 350 pages of surprises danger and righteous indignationI thought it took a little long to really get going but there are a lot of changes in the world Cassie wakes up in Cassie along with the reader are slowly introduced to these changes each new piece of information building upon the previous pieces Just when we think we finally have a grasp of the situation the author gives us a little information challenging everything we thought we knew One of my favorite parts of the writing is the way Karri Thompson continually changes the playing field keeping her characters and readers guessingPlotThe plot revolves around Cassie's uniue role in the world and whether she'll willingly embrace it or succumb to it kicking and screaming She vacillates a lot on exactly how she feels about what's going on Sometimes I feel as if she's too uick to give these people a pass and reason away their behavior Other times she's the scared seventeen year old I expect her to be There's also a strong romantic plot that weaves through the story and drives many of her decisionsCharactersI straight up didn't care at all for Michael the young doctor Cassie is instantly attracted to He rubbed me the wrong way from the start and never redeemed himself in my eyes Cassie is pretty believable as the conflicted teen in a Buck Rogers situation but there were times she didn't seem as overwhelmed by her situation as I thought she should have been The supporting characters are really my favorites They're all fascinating and easy to love or hate depending on their role in the storyEndingThe ending was yet another twist I never saw coming but wrapped up the main story of Mirror X well leaving plenty open for a seuel without being a cliffhanger That can be tough to do but I feel as if the author pulled it off wellWhat Didn't Work for Me1 The romance It felt forced from the very beginning When Cassie wakes up than a thousand years in the future her immediate attraction to her young doctor seems to overshadow what should be grief over the loss of her family friends and way of life Michael's obsession with Cassie always came across as kind of creepy to me There wasn't any chemistry between the two of them And the way Michael continually lied to her makes him completely unredeemable as boyfriend material in my eyes I kept hoping for something romantic to develop between Cassie and Magnum though but their relationship is like siblings Too bad because they have a truckload of chemistry2 31st century Earth I never fully was able to wrap my head around what the world looked like particularly the buildings All I really know is there's not much vegetation but I had a hard time picturing what this world looked like through the descriptions provided3 Cassie's introduction into the new world As I stated above she put her attraction to Michael front and center I would have liked her to struggle with the new world she's found herself in I never got a sense of the utter devastation and hopelessness over her situation I was expecting She's experienced something no one can really relate to so I would have liked the deeper psychological aspects to have been thoroughly exploredWhat I Enjoyed about Mirror X1 The surprises There were so many twists and turns I never knew what was coming next and that was so much fun to read2 The emotions Where I felt the story was lacking when it came to Cassie's response to the new world she finds herself in the writing shines when Cassie is dealing with the emotions surrounding her role in the 31st century Not only is she uniue in that she was born in the early 2000s but she possess an ability no one else in the future has This ability drives the plot and her reactions to her expected role are raw and palpable3 Technology There is some fascinating technology in Mirror X and Karri Thompson does a great job of helping us understand the role of this technology in the world she's created4 The secondary characters Magnum Travel and a whole host of other characters are intriguing and colorful and really brought the story to life5 Magnum The technology whiz kid was easily my favorite character in the book He's a breath of 31st century fresh airBottom LineMirror X is an interesting scifidystopian adventure with some uniue aspects I'm interested to see where this series goes

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    My thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing LLC for an eARC copy of this book to read and reviewSPOILERS AHEADI got to 35% and couldn't make myself read any The female MC Cassie is super annoying and does stupid things to further the plot The love interest was lying to her but it was ok because she was in lurve with him He was so dreamy especially when he spoke and was unable to meet her eyes which he did almost every time they spoke hint hint he was lying ShockerAnd the science in this book is completely far fetched and unbelievable 1 Cassie died in 2022 DIED As in her body gave up the ghost she shuffled off this mortal coil her spirit was no longer connected to her body But her super grieving family decided to cryogenically freeze her corpse in the hope that a cure for what killed her would be found Ummmas far as I know there's no cure for death not even in the year 3000 whatever So her frozenly preserved corpse was found and the doctor 20 year old genius male MC falls in LOVE with her corpse I'll repeat that because it's so strange it might be hard to process He falls into insta love with a CORPSE That he was able to magically bring back to life EwSo after barely two weeks adjusting to the fact that she's 1000 years in the future and everything she knows is gonechangeddead and please note she spent like one minute on grieving her dead family and other loved ones She spent time complaining about her planned field of work archeology being a dead science than crying over her dead mother Nice the rulers decide to break the news to her that due to a horrible virus that killed off 50% of the human species it left the women infertile so everyone is a clone and the clones despite being inoculated against the virus are also infertile But only the women not the men So she's the last chance for humanity to survive And she doesn't want to give up her eggs To save humanityI'll repeat that She doesn't want to give up the eggs she won't be using to save the human race from extinction Yes they also want to force her to have babies too BUT if she had thought about it she could have probably negotiated her way out of it I get that but dude really? She could save the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE and she DOESN'T WANT TO??? And she does a really REALLY stupid job of trying to escape She has no map knows NOTHING about the world she woke up to and she tries to run While wearing a GPS locator bracelet that they could use to track her Mensa material no?Ok let's back up a bit They come across a cryogenically frozen corpse with functioning reproductive organs Here's how that conversation goes HEY We just found a dead body with fully functional reproductive organs SWEET Harvest the organs when we can move them and use the eggs What do we do with the body? Who cares it's dead Bury itBut I fell in love with it can we try to bring it back to life?Uncomfortable silenceNo Carefully calls for back up and get's nut job in love with a corpse committedHumanity is saved for another few hundred years at least Or until a disease that is partial to the genes from those eggs wreaks havoc with the progeny They all lived happily ever after THE ENDThe above is not much of a book but neither is this There are other issues with this book mostly revolving around the impossible science and semi tractor trailer sized holes in the plot And the super annoying and self centered female MC This book is a definite miss I do not recommend it to anyone I really wanted to like it too it had a pretty good premise Actually it shares some similarities with one of my all time favorite books The Touchstone Trilogy The female MC in that book is named Cassandra which is very close to the Cassie of Mirror X Cassandra is also a teenager and is spirited away to a weird world where she knows nothing about anything and is pretty close to being a lab rat and super special to the people who find her who want to control her That is where the similarities end Cassandra is strong and smart and while she isn't happy with her situation she keeps calm and learns about the people culture and does her best to adapt and fight the battles that matter Cassie in comparison is just throwing temper tantrums and saying stupid stuff without thinking it through first She doesn't even say WHY she won't donate her eggs to save humanity It's just exhaustingSo please to save yourself the aggravation and your eReader from sailing across the room skip this one

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    The ending was so hurried and rushed while the middle felt long It was a great concept and I thought the implications of a future society unable to replicate were well reasoned The insta love was a bit of a turn off One minute Cassie would be thinking about how to escape and the next she is kissing one of the doctors who is keeping her confined It didn't make any sense as most romances written for teens nowadays are written I thought the way Cassie's viewpoints from our time frame were completely out of synch with how a future society thought and what they believed was well done Society is always evolving and what is widely held conviction in today's world will seem out of place in the past or in the future Cassie's value on freedom was foreign to Michael's world The message that life is special and sacred is an important one I thought the book really highlighted this well and did so in a non didactic way For those women who cannot have children the message will be especially poignant I know this was written for teens but the struggles of a future world who cannot conceive can create an empathy for women who are struggling with the same thing And really isn't that a great benefit of books stepping out of our own worldview and into another creating empathy and compassion?This book was good but I felt the pacing was off and the romance played way too much of a part in the story This will make you think about the future of humankind but it wasn't really a stand out in the field of dystopians

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    I received this book from the Publishers in exchange for an honest review25 starsThis book just really I don't know I hate that didn't love it The concept was Holy bat mobile Awesome I had to get my hands on it and when I was sent it as an ARC I couldn't have been thrilledUnfortunately for me that Thrill was short lived and allhopes I had for this book to be Amazing was washed awayThe book seemed to take forever for me the pace wasn't good and at times frankly it was boring How can A book with a synopsis like that ever get boring?? I know CrazyThe romance was just not a good romance That's all I'm saying about that train wreck of a relationshipCassie well Cassie was annoying As much as I wanted to love her she was just too annoying for me which probably ruined most of this book for me When you have a Heroine you want to just punch in the face to get her to shut up and stop being so naive you know the book is usually pretty much X'ed While I didn't like Cassie I really enjoyed a lot of the secondary characters I loved the CoverLoved the concept but unfortunately that is as far as my liking goes and I wish that wasn't the case at all

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    I do not think that I have been so frustrated with a book that I had been reading like ever But it was a good frustrating I could seriously feel my blood pressure rise while reading and had to put it down several times because I wanted to just jump on into the story myself and commit murder on a few characters This book made me feel something and even though it was anger it left me with a story that I definitely will not forget due to all the mixed up emotions that I had while readingCassie wakes up 1000 years in the future when she is informed that the world that she knew is long gone and everyone that she loves is no longer alive This is where I first starting having the heart palpitations but believe methis was only the beginning Cassie is literally kept a prisoner that is expected to just do what the government tells her even though their plan is so sinisterI really enjoyed Cassie as a character and was enad of her strength If I had to go through even an ounce of what she did in this book I definitely would have given up I also love the fact that even though she didn't want certain things to happen she welcomed them with open arms because that is just what you are supposed to do and never in the book did she even have a thought of giving that up I cannot reveal what I am exactly speaking of because then you will all be spoiledNext we have Michael and I liked him at first but the the book went on the I was not so sure of him???? He had all these secrets that he just kept keeping from Cassie which really was annoying and added to my anger The biggest ones were revealed right at the end and I wish that Cassie would have given him the boot I just adored Travel and thought he was the man for Cassie He was sweet and really tried to make her happyI could probably go on and on about this book but that will deter all of you from reading itso go right now and hit up I guarantee that you will be as frustratingly happy with it as I am AND then come on back and discuss it with me I am dying to chat with someone about it I can't wait for the next in the series

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    35 hearts full review originally posted on BookCrushin Blog on 162016 in conjunction with the Ascendancy Blog Tour“Life is precious”Mirror X is one of those books that has been sitting on my TBR shelf for a while I even purchased the book the day after it’s release because I absolutely love Entangled Teen releases and I have come to trust their imprint But you know how hectic reading schedules can be? I guess it’s safe to say that I left it on my TBR until I was learning about the seuel and this tour So I figured since I work best under deadlines and need motivation to read something that isn’t a brand new release so boom here I am reviewing book 1 and now I am really looking forward to reading the seuelThe plot is uite intriguing; Cassie wakes up 1000 years in the future and she is being reawakened for purposes of saving the human race No big deal No pressure Then it gets even intense keeping it spoiler free even though if read the synopsis for book 2 this isn’t a spoiler any hint I can’t even imagine the weight and pressure that Cassie is dealing with She has no choices for her future since she isn’t supposed to even be alive any and the geneticists are holding this over her everyday as she slowly works to regain her strength and mobilityI enjoyed really the story and I’m looking forward to reading book 2 Ascendancy My only real issue with the book was it felt very repetitive during the first half of the book and I think that had a lot to do with Cassie’s inner monologue She flip flops back and forth as to whether or not she is willing to accept her new fate or if she should just be selfish and live out her second chance at life Which at times was whiny but she is 17 lacking physical strength and awoken to a whole new world; where she is being seuestered in a windowless room so she really has no clue what the truth is about the future world I think she has every single right to be scared and unsure of everythingThe story moves and twists as and secrets are revealed Soon Cassie gains the friendships of many of the employees at the genetics compound The she connects to them the help knowledge she gains about her real purpose history and future I also love that Cassie suspects that the powerful people have a hidden agenda and when push comes to shove she isn’t afraid to throw punches She fights for a simple moment at a window or for a walk outside to the Botanic gardens She constantly fights for her truth and that is admirable The outrage that Cassie feels is expressed in a few wrathful outbursts that allow the decision makers to continue to hurt and subdue her and then use it as an excuse to exert power over her since violence isn’t commonplace in the future However at every turn she is being manipulated and even though she trusts her friends they all happen to be employees of the facility that is trying to control herI absolutely loved the side characters Magnum Travel and Ella They really were an amazing supporting cast to Cassie Then there was Michael He has had a sad life and the weight of the world on his shoulders as the lead geneticist for this new version of north america He fell in love with Cassie and it causes him to throw his world view out the window and help Cassie turn this world around I may take issue with how he fell in love with Cassie but that is my own hang up and one I will not spoil for you allI can see this book being very divisive If you read it with your opinions and current world view you might not be able to handle the subject matter However if you read it like sci fi you know we are working with our imaginations on how the world may be and the conflicts that might arise Overall I say go into this with an open mind and read it because it can really make you think about your life rights and what would you sacrifice in order help the rest of the world? It is very thought provoking and I definitely recommend if you like YA dystopian reads I give this 35 hearts it felt like it could have been a little tighter less repetitive but love the twists and the plot Well worth the read I hope to post a review of the seuel soon

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    My original review got eaten by the site so my review won't be as long as it would have been as I didn't save it nor can remember all that I saidWith that said Mirror X fell very short of what it was trying to accomplish I truly don't know what it was supposed to accomplish what its point wasIn Mirror X Cassie and her archeologist family are caught up in a storm Cassie got fatally injured and for no reason given was put into a cryogenic capsule even though no one would have done that Cassie was pronounced brain dead her other injuries too great Yet she was put in a cryogenic sleep Why?I had a lot of uestions while reading A lot of them centered on this setting because it made no sense And because the story focuses on romance up until the very end a lot of things are left unexplainedWhy was Cassie put into a cryogenic chamber when no one would've done that?Why are there only three regions?Why is LA the representative region for 13 of the planet?Why not some historical state like DC or PA?Why were the regions lead by an American a Asian and a Russian?The US would not be the leader of one third of the world That's what I feel at least Not when it's superiors are Canada Europe and France Most likely Europe would've taken Canada and US and made them colonized nations again and took France at wellother problems I had aside from the focus of the story being in the wrong place and unanswered uestions is that the story and the synopsis doesn't match up Maybe it's just me I don't know But in the book it is explained that Cassie was found in a warehouse as the sole survivor from every single cryogenic program from the 21st century She wasn't in space she wasn't retrieved from space It's further told that this futuristic world doesn't have a space program and didn't have one for six hundred years Another thing this futuristic world doesn't have that's unbelievable that it doesn't have is organic life Aside from humans there is no organic life No trees no flowers no grass Nothing Without these things our planet would not be able to continue to survive I feel that the author should've researched that as there was truly never a reason why plant life was a rarity in their world Speaking of their world is it truly a futuristic world? I wouldn't be able to say so This book's focus is primarily on setting up Cassie with her doctor Michael and further worsening it by giving a love triangle and giving her Travel Why is his name Travel? I don't know but it's a stupid name Nothing in it really shows the science fiction genre nor a post apocalyptic genre as I wouldn't say the world in Mirror X was post apocalyptic It only is on a technicality There was a plague that killed over 50 percent of the world but that was six hundred years ago it's hardly in the post apocalyptic stage any And finally on to the characters The best was saved for lastAll the characters felt flat They felt like caricatures of the people they were supposed to be Cassie is described as naive and desperate but there's a fine line between naivety and being really gullible Cassie is too trustful towards her love interests but wary of others who tell her the same thing and withhold the same information from her Cassie immediately latches onto her doctor Michael as a source of comfort and affection yet when Dr Love treats Cassie the same way Dr Bennett does with kindness she gets a barrage of uestions and wariness Cassie is completely too trusting for someone who would be in a situation like this which irked me For me this book was a let down It felt rushed and needed corrections With the ending that it had one would think that that plot would've been focused on that the world would've been shown a bit gritty than it was But it wasn't It was too focused on the bad romance and not nearly focused enough on the world around it Which sucked

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    Thank you to Entangled Teen for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest reviewImagine waking up from an accident and discovering that you have woken up 1000 years later would you be excited for the future or sad for the people you never got to grow old with back in your pastCassie has these exact feelings when she finds herself woken up from a cryogenic stasis chamber following an accident back in the 21st century she is frozen by her grandfather We revived she find herself unable to move by herself and incredibly weak following the time spent in stasis As she becomes aware of her surroundings in the hospital she finds it strange that everyone is so young the doctor who is treating her Dr Michael Bennett looks like he is only a couple of years older than her plus there are robots everywhere and everyone has to wear a band to interact with any sort of technology It is all a total culture shock to her but she gradually learns about her surroundings but some of what she learns is almost too much for her to deal withThe world has been ravaged in the last 1000 years a plague killed millions of people and left the survivors changed for the worst the female population have been unable to reproduce so scientists have been working to find a way to procreate whilst they struggle to make this happen they turned to plan B cloning everyone on earth has been cloned from old DNA left in human remains that have been taken from graves Some of the clones Cassie recognises as people from the 20th century I won't spoil it for you by telling you who they are Cassie is shocked to find this out but as the only person from the 21st century as no other stasis chambers has been found she is all alone so she starts to make new friends and finds Dr Bennett not only very friendly but very attractive but of course the path of young love never runs smoothlyCassie learns that she is the only fertile female on the planet and they have big plans for her at the hospital they want her to kick start the human race and as she in only 17 needless to say the idea of being artificially inseminated does not come high on her list of things to do especially as she finds her self getting closer to the handsome Dr BennettMirror X is a look at a future gone wrong Cassie is basically held captive by the hospital will she help them or will she run in a world were she has no place to beI can't uite pigeonhole this one I suppose it is part dystopia part utopia yes the futures kinda bleak but society is still surviving It is well written and the characters are very well brought to life on the pages my only complaint is that the ending was very abrupt I hope there is comingMirror X is awarded 4 out of 5

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    Mirror X is the type of book that would make a great addition to a teen or even adult book club reading list There is plenty of topics to discuss and it would probably lead to an enlightening discussion I did not think when I started Mirror X that it would be a book that would stick with me but this one got me thinking and it is going to stay with me for a while Although with Mirror X I can see it becoming a book that either you hate it or you love it depending out your own opinions and the way you take in Cassie’s situation I love when a storyline makes me feel connected to the main character even if that shared connection is anger This story made me feel outraged for Cassie and maybe not everyone will feel that way but that is the strongest feeling I felt while reading Mirror X I do not want to get on the topic of the story because I really do not want to give it away for other readers and I tend to try to avoid spoilers if I can I just warning you if you have a blood pressure problem you may want to keep a supply of medication nearby during reading mine was defiantly elevated from time to time Cassie is a bit unsure of her new situations and feels like everyone is keeping her hidden from the world for some unknown reason This does make Cassie feel uneasy and I will agree the her uick infatuation with her doctor was a little hard to take but she is also a 17 years old woken up in the far future away from everything she knows so I gave her a break She also wanted to be a paleontologist when she grew up so that is a win in my book While the first part of the story is bit slow as everything is being revealed the middle to last half of the book is uite packed and fast paced The ending did feel kind of a bit uick and easy so I am hoping that book two show what happens next for Cassie This may not be an easy book for some people to read there is some upsetting scenes throughout the book Mirror X really touches upon so tough topics that even we face in certain ways today and it really got me thinking of what I would do in Cassie’s situation I like books that make me think in the end so Mirror X was a remarkable book in that aspect I will defiantly pick up book two and see where Cassie’s story leads next Unabridged Bookshelf received this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Probably of a 35 but the ending was great soo