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Bright Young DEAD ThingsHave Clara Woodsen's attempts to save her silent film idol from an untimely death unleashed a zombie plague? Or are her speakeasy customers just really bad at dancing the Charleston?Speakeasy manager Clara Woodsen will do anything to save her silent film idol from an untimely death Even summon a demon Even bet her soul she can teach his half humanhalf cheetah assistant to foxtrot But Clara's devotion is tested when the love of her life turns out to be one of the walking dead What's people around her are beginning to act strangeHave Clara's efforts unleashed a zombie plague? Or are her customers just really bad at dancing the Charleston? And can Clara find true happiness with the man of her dreams if she uses herbrains?A PG Wodehouse Inspired Romantic Zombie Comedy

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    I expected I should have stopped reading it as soon as I realised one of the protagonists is a seventeen year old girl I am rarely lucky with those Clara is not very likeable to put it mildly I hated her Bernie is the other point of view in this story and his chapters are a bit better but he never gets to shine There are some things and views that belong to this age and not in 1920s and some others too but I won't waste my time writing about that

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    Let's just call this book what it is Brilliant Speakeasy Dead is full of humor the subtle intelligent kind and it is a fast paced read with witty characters that are absolutely endearing Vicky Loebel is a writer I greatly admire because her writing reads effortlessly This was my first time reading anything zombie related but I picked it up because I enjoyed Loebel's other book Keys to the Coven so much I surprised myself by how easily I could slip into the world of zombies and demons witches and warlocks so I can only imagine how much other readers who like anything zombie related are going to love this Read it You're in for a treat

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    Yay This is the first book I finished in 2015 and it was awesome If I was a believer of signs I'd say that this is going to be an awesome year for reading

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    Think of the romantic comedies of P G Wodehouse and toss in bootleggers zombies witches warlocks ghosts demons and sex Not too much sex though PG 13 or so and just a little bit of goriness Zombies after all The humor is excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it

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    What a fun read Set in the Roaring 20's in Falstaff Arizona during prohibition a young lady decides she will become a warlock by calling up a demon to say her beloved silent film star Beau Beauregard Clara is successful than she thinks Now Beau is a zombie attached to her How does she keep him from making zombies?I laughed so hard while reading It was fun I loved the pictures that were painted by Ms Loebel's words She has a delightful way of putting prose on paper Her use of words and phrases was wonderful I'll read her again just to see how well she does it againI loved these characters Clara and Bernie I also enjoyed that the story was told from each one's point of view Beau and Hans were great as foils to Clara The secondary characters were colorful as well Lots of undercurrents run through Falstaff I cannot wait to read of this town and its characters

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    Mobsters and zombies witches and warlocks golems and ghosts dance contests and prohibition liuor embalming fluid and some literary licensethis is a uniue fun read that had me smiling through most of it Very enjoyable read

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    This is a preuel book to Keys to the Coven Both books are great as a stand alone or together I definitely hoping for in this series This book switches perspectives from Clara Woodsmen to her cousin Bernard Benjamin as it switches narrators Yes the same Woodsmen family from Keys to the Coven just a little further back in the family tree This book even adds zombies I loved it Of course there was sex Can't have witches warlocks and demons without sex Great story and excellent narration Looking forward to the next book

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    A clever story well written and entertaining

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    Full review at Smart Bitches Trashy Books Speakeasy Dead is being marketed as a romantic comedy It has all the ingredients to be a great screwball 1920’s comedy including bootleggers movie stars fabulous clothes and zombies Unfortunately the characters aren’t very sympathetic or interesting and the romance is almost non existent It’s a fairly entertaining light read but not terribly engrossing and certainly not romanticIt’s a hard plot to explain which is fine because that’s what screwball comedies are all about – everything makes sense it just keeps madly escalating until it grows from a small matter involving three people to a multi pronged disaster involving the whole town and potentially the worldThe problem with the book is the people not the plot Clara is the ditzy ingénue who makes a lot of mistakes and then matures – but I never felt sympathetic to her I thought she was pretty amoral all through the book although she did get responsible as the story went on Bernie is a sweetie pie but he never got to come into his own I did not care what happened to any of these people Other characters showed up but were so poorly defined that they might as will have been represented by little stick figures or a set of initials They were place holders – the cute kid the sleazy bootleggers the scary sisternone of them even remotely felt to me like actual characters Carrie S

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    I loved itWhere does Speakeasy Dead rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?This is a very entertaining book I loved the book It is very different than other books I've listened toWhat did you like best about this story?The 20's setting I thought that it was interesting to listen to the author write about a bar that had witches running the bar being harassed by the mob guysWhat does Nick Podehl and Emily Beresford bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?The both brought the characters to life Each had a uniue uality to their voices to make the book much fun and interesting to listen tooDid you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?I think that this book keeps you all over the place You get a feeling of shock nervous for the main characters and sad for Bernard Benjamin he seems to get screwed over a bit by his cousin Clara a bit too much I think I would listen to the book again It was fun to listen toAny additional comments?I was provided this audio book at no charge by the author publisher andor narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via AudiobookBlast dot com