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Here's the buzz on Ace Lacewing he's tall handsome and has two antennae ueenie Bee and the Royal Jelly are missing and Ace is hot on the honey trail To save the day he'll need help from his friends Sergeant Zito Slim the Walking Stick and Xerces the butterfly as they take on sinister Al the Drone

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    Ace Lacewing Bug Detective a mystery picture book by David Biedrzycki takes readers on the journey of finding ueenie Bee When Ace Lacewing the detective gets the phone call that ueenie Bee is missing he immediately begins searching for clues and uestioning suspects in the hopes of finding the missing bee before it’s too late Following his leads and clues Ace Lacewing arrives to Drone HoneyWorks He bravely and creatively finds a way into the building by rolling on a dung ball The mantis captured Ace and his police sergeant Zito the mosuito When Ace and Zito realize who was behind the disappearance of ueenie Bee they were completely shocked The ending was definitely a surprise to me; I was not expecting ueenie Bee’s sister to be the mastermind behind the kidnapping Princess Pollen was well liked by everyone Biedrzyki does an amazing job of tying humor into his suspenseful picture book The illustrations in the book are very colorful and allow readers to feel like they apart of Motham CityThis is a wonderful read aloud for students in 3rd and 4th grade This book could help students understand seuence of events The students could fill in a graphic organizer such as a timeline that illustrates events that took place during the book It is important that the students understand that the events have to be in a certain order or they don’t make sense The organizer can outline the steps Ace Lacewing took to bring ueenie Bee home This book can also be used to teach students about literary devices and vocabulary The Ace Lacewing Bug Detective picture book contains many examples of similes such as “My head spun like a whirligig in a whirlpool” “The full moon hung in the sky like a large compound eye as we left the police station” and “It happened uick as a cricket” This book will help students understand that authors sometimes use similes in books to create visual images for readers Also this book contains wonderful vocabulary that teachers can use to help students understand the text For example there are a lot of words that focus on bugs such as “exoskeleton” “honey” “pollen” “maggot” “tiger beetle” “molted” and much These words can help students develop a deeper understanding of the types of bugs and their jobs There are also words that can be used to teach Tier 2 vocabulary to students such as “misconception” “witnesses” and “suspicious” Teachers can help students create child friendly definitions for these words so they will be able to use and understand these words in different contexts This was a WOW book for me because I completely loved the surprise ending As I was reading I was trying to figure out who kidnapped ueenie Bee but I never once thought it could have been her own sister My favorite books are mystery books because I love the suspense Until I began reading mystery books I didn’t enjoy reading When I began reading this genre I fell in love with the suspenseful and mysterious plots I hope that by introducing my students to all the different genres I can help students develop a love for reading

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    Hard nosed Sam Spade like gumshoe detective story written for children with all of the characters as bugs It's an entertaining story and humorous for both children and adults The illustrations are great and have many details that children may not catch but adults will find humorous It's similar to the Chet Gecko Private Eye series of books but in a picture book format Our girls also enjoyed watching the story on the Tumblebooks website tumblebookscom

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    Hilarious When ueenie Bee goes missing Ace Lacewing is hot on the honey trail Phil Marlow watch your back This bug is hot and so is his girl a lovely rare butterfly Xerces Blue Great puns Al the Drone is prime suspect Outside Drone Honeyworks the smell of honey is hanging thicker than ants on a popsicle stick Very colorful book Watch for all the little signs like No Fly Zone Crawl Don't crawl ect You'll catch the reading bug with this one See ya wouldn't want to bee ya

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    I just love the way this children's book was written In a few short words on each page it totally reminded me of those old private detective agency books The first time I read it out loud I found myself using the affected voice of a narrator of a Private Detective movie It made me giggle it gets a five

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    This would be a great one on one read for an older kid This would have been a book I read over and over as a child each time discovering something new There are so many fun details in the illustrations I found myself reading the story in the voice of a old school gumshoe detective Very fun but not for the storytime crowd

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    This picture book mimics a classic crime mystery story from decades past which I did not enjoy but I am sure some readers will enjoy that narrative styleThis title introduces the main character for a series of mystery stories by Biedrzycki told at the scale of a bugs world The story follows a classic mystery arc with Lacewing pursuing a ueen bee in distress only to find a jealous princess is responsible for her peril The story is disappointingly predictable and I am personally disinclined to use literature that reinforces gender stereotypes to this extreme but it does offer a wealth of word play and insect infused facts I imagine children who are fascinated by bugs Sherlock Holmes or clever word play will really enjoy this bookIf I were to use this book in the classroom I would focus on the clever word play and the ways his writing mimics that of other writers Among the many creative plays on words are examples of synonyms syllepsis paronomasia puns malapropism antanaclasis and double entendreThe abundance of word play would provide ample opportunity for students to construct meaning using context and analyze the construction of words and phrases For many students it would also be a fun and engaging practice of embedding meaning and humor into words Research supports the use of wordplay for creating meaningful language learning opportunities so I appreciate what this book has to offer as a model of writing styleI would recommend this short mystery as a read aloud for grades 1 4The research supporting this approach to instruction can be found hereCamille L Z Blachowicz and Peter Fisher Keeping the 'Fun' in Fundamental Encouraging Word Awareness and Incidental Word Learning in the Classroom Through Word Play

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    This book was a really fun read I love that it is mystery but also a picture book There were a lot of details for only a short number of pages and I think it would be perfect for grades 3rd 5th since it is a challenging picture book

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    ueenie Bee is missing and it's up to Ace Lacewing Bug Detective to solve the crime With a little help from his friends Ace is out to close the case This pun filled mystery is sure to keep you guessing until the end

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    Everyone should rate this 5 stars It's my favorite book I've read it like 20 times already

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    This read aloud will be as much fun for the adults as the children Clever illustrations lightning bugs as street lamps police caution tape that says Police Bug Off