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I have no idea what is truth and what is fiction I'm all I've got now I can't trust anyoneWorld War III has left the world ravaged by nuclear radiation A lucky few escaped to the Alaskan wilderness They've survived for the last thirty years by living off the land being one with nature and hiding from whoever else might still be out thereAt least this is what Juneau has been told her entire lifeWhen Juneau returns from a hunting trip to discover that everyone in her clan has vanished she sets off to find them Leaving the boundaries of their land for the very first time she learns something horrifying There never was a war Cities were never destroyed The world is intact Everything was a lieNow Juneau is adrift in a modern day world she never knew existed But while she's trying to find a way to rescue her friends and family someone else is looking for her Someone who knows the extraordinary truth about the secrets of her past

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    Beneath me lies a city It is not in ruins It isn’t decimated by war and poisoned by radiation It is a thriving city with massive glass buildings glistening in the late afternoon sun This is not a postapocalyptic wasteland Where am I? What is going on? Whoa WHOAI really liked this book but do take my words with a grain of salt this is a woman who actually LIKED The Village after all but the premise of falsehood was revealed to us at the very beginning of the book This book was so strange at first and I had no idea what I was reading I do not go back to the summary of the book once I started and conseuently the first few chapters had me going WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK IS GOING ON HERE?As it turned out after the beginning disorientation this book became such a interesting fun book with a compelling mystery and characters whom I greatly enjoyed There is no insta love There is a lot of miscommunication This is fish out of the water think Tarzan plopped into the middle of New York City It was a rollicking adventure and I enjoyed every step of the wayThe Summary Juneau is a future Sage in her village It is a tiny community composed of survivors after the disastrous events of World War III that wiped out all of mankind It has been 30 years since those events and her village is entirely self subsistent They have to watch out for the remaining survivors of the apocalypse brigands They are in close touch with the spirits of nature they are tapped into the power source of Mother Earth The Yara It is a peaceful uiet life for this band of survivors as they try to raise their children The children in her village were all born with starbursts in their eyesSuddenly we are in Los Angeles It is 2014 and Miles is the wealthy son of a pharmaceuticals CEO He has gotten in trouble for the very last time and his father is fed up with it Yale is on the verge of revoking his acceptance and Miles is desperate for his father to help him regain his admission to his dream collegeHowever will these lives intersect?Juneau returns to her village from a hunt to find it destroyed razed to the ground All her loved ones are missing all remaining is a message from her father Juneau Run She sets out to find her father her friends her mentor Whit Juneau consults the Yara she sees the signs she knows who to ask A crazy homeless woman may not be who she seems anything could carry a message and Juneau with her training knows where to look The signs tell her to go to SeattleMiles is working in his father's mail room He is desperate bored seething to get his father's attention and time to beg him to help him with his admission to Yale He sees an email in his father's inbox His father is searching for a missing girl one with a starburst in her eyes Bingo Miles comes up with an exceptionally brilliant plan to him to find the girl She is likely in Seattle Once he gets to Seattlethe plan doesn't seem so brilliant after all It is downright dumb But as I walk I begin to get an idea of the scale of the city and start to realize how stupid my plan is It would be like trying to spot a friend at the Super Bowl without having a clue where their seat is How in the world am I going to find one girl in the middle of this enormous city? I am well and truly fucked It is fate The Yara knows all and it draws Juneau and Miles together improbably Miles doesn't know what Juneau is capable of he only knows that he needs to get her back to his father in order to get back into his graces His first impression of Juneau is not a good one You’d think she was seeing everything for the first time Like she’s Tarzan or something—raised by wolves in the deepest darkest forest And then there’s the fact that she keeps stopping people and asking their name Luckily for Miles the Yara told Juneau that he is the person she has been waiting for The one who will help her with her uest to find her family her mentor her clan They join forces and Miles acts as bewildered chauffeur to a very very strange girl There are a lot of trust issues He thinks she's fucking nuts I’m lying here in a tent pretending to be asleep but actually fearing for my life as I watch a bunny murderer have a conversation with our campfire She thinks he's a fucking moron He is likely the stupidest boy I have ever metHe has lived what Dennis would call “a fortunate life unfortunately for the rest of the world” The blissfully ignorant spawn of the rich These two will have to learn to trust each other and believe in one another There is a large barrier separating them that of credibility He will have to trust in her abilities She will have to trust him with her secrets “In 1984 at the outset of World War III my parents and some friends of theirs escaped from America to settle in the Alaskan wilderness”“There was no World War III” I interjectShe gives me a frustrated look “Are you going to listen or what?”I lean back on my elbows and listen They will have to find out why Juneau is so valuable to the men pursuing herThe Characters The characters in this book are so believable There are major major trust issues here as Miles struggles to adapt his very modern skepticism to the powers that Juneau supposedly possesses I believe him I understand his skepticism We live in an age where spirituality and powers are dismissed offhand and I laughed when he is freaking out because this strange strange girl is talking to the birds to crazy people and into a fucking fire For all he knows she is insane and I love seeing his very slow and utterly credible journey into believing in Juneau and trusting in her Most people I know would have a hard time believing that you weren’tI don’t knowcrazy”He presses his index finger to his temple and opens his eyes wide “Or on drugs” he continues “Wait noI have another theory You were brainwashed by your hippie cult into thinking you have magical powers In your head you’re like a cross betweenI don’t knowSuperpower Flower Child and Harry Potter” Juneau is not stupid She is completely utterly competent She is brave she is a fighter she adjusts She knows not to trust Miles completely because he has an ulterior motive No boy would suddenly obey her every command and follow her off into the wilderness for no reason He is naive he may not be trusted but the Yara pointed him to her and she has to rely on it as well as her own instinctsThe Romance Ever so light and uite believable Their relationship develops slowly from mistrust to trust to friendship I felt like the rush from SHOULD I TRUST HIMHER into I WANT TO KISS HIMHER was too fast but overall the romance was very well doneMy ualms There is a spiritual source called the Yara in this book and while it was well explained I felt like it was very deus ex machina at points It solved a lot of problems in the book that might have been completely improbable at points like the fact that Juneau and Miles always finds each other no matter where they areOverall my reservations did not greatly decrease my enjoyment of the book and I liked this book immenselyuotes were taken from an uncorrected proof and subject to change in the final edition

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    Well colour me surprisedI don't know what I expected from After the End though probably not much after reading the reviews of Die for Me but I definitely didn't expect a book that had me glued to the pages awake most of the night reading and laughing out loud on almost every page in the middle section I had braced myself for yet another dystopia and got something like an entertaining fast paced urban fantasy Survival That’s all that’s important My own survival and that of my father and clan I will do anything to guarantee it And I will use whoever I need to achieve it This book starts in the Alaskan wilderness where Juneau has spent her entire life in a small isolated community World War III has completely destroyed the world we know and left only this small group of survivors who have managed to stay alive by being at one with nature Or that's what Juneau has always been told anywayBut one day she returns from a hunt to discover that her clan has completely disappeared Using the powers of nature that she has been taught Juneau sets out to find them However she soon discovers that there is to the world than what she's always been told Finding out that the people she trusted the most have been lying to her is a hard pill to swallow but Juneau has even bigger problems The people who kidnapped her clan members are after her and she has no idea why Chased down everywhere she goes Juneau is forced to team up with an unlikely companion in order to find her familyI have to be honest I can see straight away why this book won't be to everyone's liking Almost all of the exhilarating action occurs in the first and last uarters of the book this is the heart pounding ohmigod how will they get out of this portion of the book Despite dystopias being forced down our throats left right and centre I found this story extremely compelling and I loved how different the two main characters were But yes the biggest chunk of the book in the middle is about a road trip full of bickering basic survivalcamping skills and the development of the relationship between Juneau and MilesAnd I loved itI am so not a big romance person Or at least not in books that are supposed to be action packed science fiction But I found the banter between Juneau and Miles truly hilarious I had to cover my mouth to avoid waking the whole house up with my giggling They're just such different people She's a hardcore hunter who's grown up in the wilderness and knows all about survival and taking care of herself and he's a guy who got kicked out of high school for cheating on an exam She thinks he's stupid He thinks she's crazy Their conversations were a delight to read “The guys who are following you   are they dangerous?” Miles asks finally“Well normally I would say that Whit wouldn’t hurt a flea But from what Poe here told me—”“Poe?” Miles interrupts“The raven” I say“You named the bird?” Miles asks his voice tinged with a note of hysteriaYet another reason for him to think I’m crazy I think and wonder again if that’s not actually a good thing “Back in Alaska we named all our animals after literary figures It was something our teacher Dennis started so I was thinking that with Edgar Allan Poe’s poem about the raven—”“Yes thank you   I got the reference” he snaps His face is flushed red but he does this deep breathing thing and calms down a little “Okay first of all we’re not keeping the bird So don’t name it I am not driving you to wherever it is we’re going with a wild animal in my backseat”“He’s not wild” I protest“Has it shit on my shirt yet?” Miles asks his nose wrinkling like he doesn’t really want to know the answerI ship them so hardAnd than this I really liked the idea behind the story No spoilers of course but I just thought I'd mention how pleasantly surprised I am to find that I can still fall in love with a dystopian book For me this book was incredibly addictive and the characters shone with a rare level of personality My only real issue was with the ending which seemed a little abrupt But oh well who cares? I really enjoyed itBlog | Leafmarks | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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    With an incredibly exciting premise and a uniue magical twist After the End could have swooped me off my feet but instead I found myself getting increasingly bored as the book went on What started as a fun adventure involving a girl who finds out that her whole life is based on a lie ended up being nothing but a dull road trip with flat characters and an artificial romance I admit to being compelled at first however It begins on a high note when we learn all about Juneau’s way of life as a “survivor” after WWIII or so she thought Even though it only lasted a few pages the survivalist lifestyle they had been living was intriguing and the inclusion of a magical aspect made it all the fascinating I enjoyed learning about the Yara and how she could use it to her advantage during her escape It also had me wondering what eventual twists this story would throw at me Unfortunately this is where it stopped being fun or even realistic Juneau soon finds out that there was no WWIII and the world is actually as it is for us today She does a double take takes a night to take it all in then adapts to it all as if she had not in fact been raised in a secluded life away from any kind of civilized modernization To make matters worse the dual POV makes us spend time in Miles’ dull perspective while Juneau is off acclimating herself to a new world without us In a matter of a few pages with Miles a couple weeks have passed and Juneau is already passing as a regular ol’ homeless teenager It was a bit too unconvincing Then mid way through the book this girl who has seen a car for the first time in her life drives one across state by herself like it’s nothing Right Most of the book consisted of them mindlessly driving from one detour to another while Juneau droned on about how she was misled and deceived All without any kind of emotional or psychological depth of which we merely scratched the surface throughout the whole book It was just a painfully boring trip Further to no one’s surprise a romance to bloom between the two; a dispassionate and forced romance that felt like nothing than a plot device to try and lend power to his betrayal and eventual plot developments On that note the plot does introduce a few twists that are intriguing but not especially interesting Likely due to the lack of character depth and development; I couldn’t have cared less about any of them After the End ended up being a drawn out tiresome book that lacked the emotional punch it clearly needed As a result instead of being entertaining the plot came off as stale and contrived Evidently I was not one with this Yara An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    Did it say this book is by Amy freakin Plum??Well God damn Amy freakin Plum i still cant get past that shitEdit Andddd Amy Plum Slays again 45 stars

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    ► Book 2 Until The Beginning ★★When we've been waiting for months to read a book we can't help but be afraid to feel disappointed in the end Let's get this straight You can stop holding your breath because it wasn't the case here Indeed while After the end is by no means a flawless book it delivered almost exactly what I expected adventure strong and funny characters coherent world building pretty good writing and no insta love However it lacked something to become a favorite of mine and I'll explain why I'll try anyway ▒ Let's take a look at this graph shall we? ▒As you can see I can't say that the plot was always fast paced because my interest in the story fluctuated Indeed if I wasn't bored in the beginning I wasn't enthralled either mostly because I didn't uite understand what the situation was Now perhaps it's my fault because I didn't reread the blurb Imagine my surprise to switch between Juneau's POV in a post WW3 world where the world is destructed and the regular teenage life of Miles in high school See? I was kind of lost there and I can slap myself for it Wait no actually no Because if I got the choice now I wouldn't change my decision to not reread the blurb or any review before reading it as the surprise effect was incredible to enjoy So people I won't say too much about the plot either Just know that Juneau lives in a little community and is able to use Nature's powers in order to get information from her environment Yes Magic As for Miles well He is our regular rich teenager who lives in a big city and I'm not saying anything else about him for now otherwise I'll spend my review rambling about himThen they meet and Nope no insta love no insta lust either only a girl who thinks this city guy is a complete moron and a boy who finds the wild girl batshit crazy Let's take a moment to savor this I turn to him Actually I don't trust you Frankie told me not to but he also said I had to be honest with youWho the hell is Frankie? A note of hysteria creeps into Miles's voice Frankie is the guy who sits and drinks beer on the corner of Pike and Pine People call him Crazy FrankieYou take advice from an insane alcoholic? He was my oracle I respond I absolutely adored their banter their misunderstandings and MILES OMG Miles was such a drama ueen fucking HILARIOUS for real He's lost he spends his time freaking out about everything Juneau says or does and doesn't trust her guts one second But then how could he react differently? I mean I did used to camp so the wilderness doesn't scare me but Juneau Juneau is talking to the fire for fuck sake And the raven Oh god the raven Let's talk about a weird pet Therefore as you can guess the middle part was my favorite by far I laughed swooned was hooked I'm lying here in a tent pretending to be asleep but actually fearing for my life as I watch a bunny murderer have a conversation with our campfire However despite the fact that their relationship grows rather slowly trust issues guys I didn't uite felt their physical attraction until the very end Banter? Yes Friendship? Yes Let's kiss? Nope Not really and thus I didn't find this particular evolution completely credible Not at that moment at least I ship them so hard now Well normally I would say that Whit wouldn't hurt a flea But from what Poe here told me Poe? Miles interruptsThe raven I sayYou named the bird? Miles asks his voice tinged with a note of hysteria I didn't reviewed the whole graph but that's pretty clear right? Please say yes ▒ Now let's talk about my loves and peeves okay? ▒ The characters especially Miles as I said earlier in my opinion what makes this book its strength is clearly the way the characters act around each other except that kiss okay I won't go over that again Between the sarcastic and down to earth Miles and the strong minded and nature connected Juneau everything leads to fireworks and damn I loved that something fierce Moreover to my delight both evolve throughout the story The trusts issues were particularly well handled as they can't never really know who and what they can believe and trust and follow their own agendaAs Serj Tankian would say sing ♬ ♪ Lalalalalalalala lie lie lieLalalalalalalala lie lie lieLalalalalalalala lie lie lieLalalalalalalala lie lie lie ♬ ♪► You get the general idea I wasn't convinced by the Yara magic from which I got too many deus ex machina vibes even if her powers don't always work it was frankly way to convenient sometimes for real In a nutshell why should you read it?✔ Because Miles will make you laugh for sure✔ Because Juneau isn't whiny and fights for what she wants✔ Because the twists toward the end captivated me✔ Because What? Isn't it enough? For of my reviews please visit

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    So this book was unlike any book I've ever readNow I don't want to bore people with my thoughts but that's the whole purpose of reviewing This book was surprisingly spiritual and philosophical I know it's a science fiction and a lot of the stuff that happened is impossibleI think most people believe or would like to believe that they are part of a higher or divine power that there is something or someone out there looking out for us That we aren't just beings alone randomly placed on this earth by chance After the End by Amy Plum is that kind of book it's really just about how powerful believing can be and how debilitating it can be if our entire belief system was taken away What if everything you believed in was a lie or what if you had reason to uestion it What if your entire existence depends on whether or not you believeFuck This is sounding like a church sermon don't let my review mislead you Now that I've gotten that off my chest perhaps I can start my review I don't know what I believe any What's right and what's wrong For me there are no rules I will do anything I need to rescue my clan no matter who it hurts Let's face it people we live in a greedy world everyone wants a piece of the pie or at least a finger in it Juneau lives at one with the earth she and her clan live apart from the rest of the world The world the elders and her mentor Whit have told her about is harsh She returns from a hunt to find her village abandoned not a person in sight and she decides to search for her clan It's in her search that her entire world literally comes crashing down around her The people she's trusted her entire life are not what they seem and she doesn't know who she can trust I don't know this place where friends are the bad guys and even this boy sitting next to me can't be trusted The rules are different I have faced bears wolves snakes and ice storms And for the first time in my life I'm truly scared I admit So while searching for her clan she meets Miles a boy she's supposed to meet Okay that makes absolutely no sense so here goes I'm not a pro at this science fiction stuff She learns via an oracle that Miles will help her in her search and in rescuing her clan almost like a prophecy but liveSo like any good book there are hurdles along the way which are uickly overcomethis book was sorely lacking in suspense because of this And a little bit of romance definitely no insta love here people I think many might disagree but seeing as this is a YA novel I think maybe some of the subject matter was a little heavy that is if you read between the lines I can't imagine a 16 year old me taking much away from this book thing is there's so much to this book than adventure and science fiction or whatever you'd like to call itNow on the subject of that bloody cliffy at the end I can't actually believe that the author would leave us hanging like that I mean OMG The rationale part of my brain knows how that I probably have absolutely nothing to worry about But tell that to the irrational part of my brain

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    35 starsI'll bump the rating to 4 because I loved Amy Plums Die For Me series so I kind of have high hopes for the next oneThe MC Juneau was born and raised in the Alaskan wildernessno electricity no cars no stores no phones All her life she has been told by her clan's elders that the rest of the world is a post apocalyptic wasteland ravaged by nuclear radiation from World War 3 It's been 30 years since the war Her parents and fifteen others escaped in the very last hours after the first firestorm of nuclear explosions They came to Alaska's unspoiled territory far from any of the major cities that would've been targeted for destruction They have survived by living off the land becoming one with natureAs such they aren't affected by illnesses and don't seem to age past adulthoodAll benefits of being as connected as they are to Gaia their term for Earth They never venture beyond the boundaries of their territory because they know they're not the only survivors The elders have seen proof during rare scouting trips of other survivors who roam the land plundering what is left That's not all thoughJuneau and her clan can also perform earth magic By connecting to the Yara a powerful force that connects everything in the Earth It is the current that moves through all things they can connect to other members of Earth's superorganism reading memory making predictions blending with their surroundings controling the elements and many other thingsJuneau returns from a hunting trip to discover that her clan is gone taken by armed brigands She's determined to find them and bring them back safely Leaving the boundaries of their land for the very first time she makes a horrifying discoverythere never was a war The world is intact and much modernized than the one she has been taught about Everything she has been raised to believe is a lie But while Juneau looks for a way to rescue her clan someone else is looking for hersomeone who knows the truth about the secrets of her clan's past This for me was a great premise for a book Pretty original story And as mentioned before I love Amy Plum's writing But I wasn't uite as fond of this as I was her other series It was just a bit slow The world building was fantastic so no complaints there and I enjoyed Juneau as a MC Her reactions and emotions were believable and sometimes pretty humorous for the situation she was in I wasn't all that on board with the romance that developed in the course of this book I didn't find it all that believable and think just a platonic friendship would've worked betterbut that's just my opinion But overall it was good I'll be starting the next one tonight

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    An interesting post apocalyptic novel that grabbed my attention from the first page and led me all the way through to a cliff hanger ending oops sorry if that's a spoiler I think the easiness to read stems from the fact that it is a YA novel but having said that it is not at all dumbed downThis book centres on Juneau the oldest child of a clan living in Alaska following an apocalyptic World War III where a small number of sensible adults escaped to set up a colony living off the land in the most natural of conditions All begins to go wrong when brigands attack the clan and all but Juneau are kidnappedI bought this book for some group read that probably occurred months ago I cannot remember as I liked the sound of it and what a good choice that was Whichever Group it was for thanks for bringing it to my attention So much so that I will certain go on to the seuel when I've bought it

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    So traitor you want to play? The game is on So this wasn't what I expected I don't know what I expected really But whatever I would have expected would not have been this That sounds kind of bad but I'm actually pleasantly surprised The concept of a seemingly post apocalyptic world with a supernatural twist caught my attention but like most books I've read lately I was worried that it would just be okay This was not the caseWe have a strong female lead Juneau who with Miles made a hilarious combination You have to be tough to survive an apocalypse At the tender age of 17 Juneau bears the responsibility of one day have to care for her clan I was immensely impressed by how seriously she took this role Everything she did was to benefit her people We have a good life while the world outside our boundaries is nothing but radioactive waste bands of marauding brigands and for anyone else who might have survived World War III an existence filled with misery and despair Well she might have been a little off on that The rest of the world isn't uite marinating in radioactive waste or live in an existence filled with misery and pain At least not than you would right now Because World War III never happened Beneath me lies a city It is not in ruins It isn't decimated by war and poisoned by radiation It is a thriving city with massive glass buildings glistening in the late afternoon sun People– not dangerous brigands but normal looking people– are walking down its street Cars that look brand new– rounded than the ones in the EB– are driving down the roads are parked along their sides This is not a post apocalyptic wasteland Where am I? What is going on? How is she going to save her kidnapped clan from an uncertain fate? Well with the help of Miles He is uite likely the stupidest boy I have ever met What a hilarious pair they made They are both so different raised so differently that they were butting heads all the time I was have the time of my life watching them attempt to interact with each other Because no matter how different or how strange they found the other person they needed each other He has lived what Dennis would call a fortunate life unfortunately for the rest of the world The blissfully ignorant spawn of the rich After the End is filled with spirituality magic and the supernatural It was surprisingly philosophical without getting too heavy Now onto the not so good It took me a while to get into this book I don't know what it was the voice the beginning something just wasn't letting me connect with the book To the point where I was ready to put it down and try my luck elsewhere And Miles I get that he's the neglected but spoiled rich kid with behavioral problems But I thought his reason for seeking Jeneau out was pretty unbelievable Like let me just fly out to wherever this girl is walk around the city for days until I found someone fitting her description fingers crossed it's actually her and then cart her back to my dad and he'll be so impressed with me that I'll earn his good favor back Umm ??But other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be keeping an eye out for book 2 Rating 35 stars Doubt everything Juneau Doubt everything at least once

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    Review originally posted at I was really surprised by this one It is not what you're going to expect at all I expected it to be sort of like a contemp a fish out of water story with Juneau integrating into society Instead I got a pretty awesome conspiracy thriller with some supernaturalsci fi elements thrown in I really liked itHere's the story Juneau is a seventeen year old who is happily living with her clan in the wilds of Alaska after World War III turned the rest of Earth into a nuclear wasteland Juneau is poised to become the next sage or leader of the clan because she has great skill in connecting to the Yara which is the lifeforce that connects all beings and elements But soon after she takes off on a hunting trip she returns to her camp to find everyone gone their animals slaughtered She sets off on a journey to try to find the rest of her clan and uickly discovers that WWIII never happened and the world has advanced without her Worse she's now being pursued by thugs and she's not sure why Meanwhile Miles Blackwell is trying to get back into his father's good graces Miles is a rich brat who's gotten into a lot of trouble at school When he hears that his father is chasing Juneau he sets off to find her on his own in the hopes of getting his father to help him get into Yale and put things back to normalOk so first of all the characters The book alternates between first person narration from Juneau and Miles Right away you know that Juneau is going to be pretty kick butt She can hunt she can fish she can totally live off the land She's a badass But what I really liked about her was that she was also wonderfully fleshed out in the ways that she reacted to the 2014 world and how she persevered in spite of feeling manipulated and lied to She was never once a woe is me character but she did have a lot of reflection time and I was fascinated by how much she learned about how she wanted to live versus how people live in 2014Miles is slightly less cool than Juneau he's kind of your typical spoiled rich kid But he's also a guy with a good heart who's willing to learn and see past his own idiocy to become a better guy Also he's pretty funny I enjoyed his voice through the novelThe thing is even though you don't know THAT much about Miles and Juneau you really connect with them and their self discovery One of the best parts of the novel was how well everything fit together with Miles and Juneau's journeys and the overarching plot It all weaves together uite beautifully A big part of that weaving has to do with the supernatural elements in the story I'm not usually a fan of that stuff you guys know how I like my contemps but I really liked the magic elements and manipulation of nature in this book because it was well explained and really seemed to make sense for the book and the world building It was also incredibly fundamental to who Juneau was as a person and it played so nicely into the end of the novel I don't want to say than thatIf I have complaints they are that 1 the ending was a little rushed and 2 the romance resolved a little uickly than I would have liked Both the ending and the romance were a little too on point a little too much of the author telling you what the characters have realized Despite that I know I'm going to be shot for this I really kind of liked the ending it's a cliffhanger We know there's and it felt like the natural place for a cliffhanger if you are going to do oneAfter the End is a super fast read I got through it in about four hours and I found the pace to be uick There were only a few moments when I was like Ok I get the idea of this part moving on and just as I thought that the switch was flipped and something changed So yeah Amy Plum you totally anticipated my thoughts Bonuses  Source Pinterest Smooth Divergent like Writing I really liked the writing in After the End it totally reminded me of Veronica Roth with its simple strong sentences But those sentences are also punctuated with gorgeous descriptions that really fit the voices of the characters The metaphors and similes they used totally suited them Have some uotes Through the mosuito net I see the dew kissed world around us turn rosy pink in the blush of daybreak There was no war There are no brigands I remind myself that an apocalyptic world war never happened But that image is such an integral part of me that this new world seems like the tall tale a fairy tale world wrapped loosely like colorful paper around the burned out husk of a postwar planet Juneau looks at me inuisitively like she's wondering whether I'm going to cry but those rivers have dried and it's only the furrows they carved into my heart that are left The Final Word