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The blockbuster film Inception meets Lisa McMann's Wake trilogy in this dark paranormal thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Aprilynne Pike This supernatural young adult novel is perfect for fans of Kelley Armstrong Alyson Noël Richelle Mead and Kimberly DertingCharlotte Westing has a gift She is an Oracle and has the ability to tell the future But it doesn't do her much good Instead of using their miraculous power modern day Oracles are told to fight their visions––to refrain from interfering And Charlotte knows the price of breaking the rules She sees it every day in her wheelchair bound mother and the absence of her father But when a premonition of a classmate's death is too strong for her to ignore Charlotte is forced to make an impossible decision continue following the rules or risk everything—even her sanity—to stop the serial killer who is stalking her town

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    Sleep No More has some good entertaining content and an interesting Oracle premise but there were many eye rolling parts as well I had mixed feelings even before I started this one The mention of both Inception which I loved and the Wake trilogy which I loathed made for an odd combination of expectations Still I was intrigued and it was fun while it lasted but it's not without a list of flaws The Oracle lore is what kept my interest the most It takes a while to get a clear picture of the Oracle abilities and the history is weak at best but the concept is fascinating and in many ways thought provoking Changing someone's fate does not come without conseuences thus giving the ability a very bittersweet feel Seeing the future sounds great and all but would you save someone's life knowing another person is likely to take their place? And wouldn't you feel just as guilty if you did nothing? Seeing as this book involves a serial killer we get a good dose of situations just like this Throughout the story while we learn about the rules conseuences and complexities surrounding Oracles we'll get a few WTF moments that not only changes everything we thought we knew but also makes the book exponentially interesting from one page to the next Unfortunately there are also many frustrating parts that added up to make for a very love and hate kind of readFor one you just know from the very start when she talks of a guy she's had a crush on for years a guy who is on the top of the social ladder whereas she lies on the bottom what kind of cliché romance we were going to get To throw another wrench in this overused trope after he develops a sudden affinity for the lone wolf he admits to only hanging out with her because she takes his mind off his dead girlfriend And she's just totally fine with this because he's just so hot With no chemistry and no personality the romance is definitely the weakest part of this book and although it serves a purpose and eventually throws its own curveball the lack of emotional depth made me indifferent to it all Then we've got a murder mystery in the mix which allows for a bit of suspense but this is hindered by the protagonist's obliviousness Why she trusts certain people or decides to not get help from her aunt after a certain point is beyond me She meets this creepy 30 year old dude who seems to know all about Oracles on top of him admitting he's been stalking her for years yet she immediately puts all of her trust in him going off with him alone in the middle of nowhere with a serial killer on the loose Um oookay Have fun dying In the end yes I had a few ualms with this one but its entertainment value is definitely decent and improves as the story progresses I found myself and intrigued as we neared the end compelled to keep reading by a few baffling occurrences that plays with your mind It has its ups and down but it's an overall enjoyable read An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    DNF at 52% So I give up Firstly I don't get the purpose of why there are Oracles in the first place I also am not connecting with the main character She seeks help from a stranger that has been sending her stalker ish texts on the spur of the moment because that's totally rational Lastly the romance lacks chemistry Not having any luck with this author at all Wings Earthbound and now Sleep No More Just no Only good thing is that it's a uick read I read half of this novel in no time at all Oh And there's crappy writing

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    Do you remember Wings? Aprilynne Pike has a way with words and writing stories that will remind you of your favorite childhood fairy tales I know that a lot of my friends around blogosphere aren't the biggest fans of this author because as I said in my review for Earthbound first in her new paranormal series it's something that will be appealing for younger readers Sleep No More doesn't go into that group it looks like Aprilynne Pike tried to write a darker story and get the attention of different type of readers What did I like? Premise of Sleep No More It is so weird and completely different than what I'm used to when it comes to A Pike More violent and twisted plot with paranormal elements Charlotte Not the kind of character you'll find in paranormal young adult novels that often Think along the lines of Angelfall by Susan Ee Premonitions The scariest part of the story I couldn't help myself thinking what would I do knowing about all the bad things that will happen The way book ended I know that there will be a lot of people that will think how few things could have happen differently but I loved that author didn't fall under the pressure of giving us predictable ending What I didn't like? Inception parts of the book I didn't like that movie at all I didn't get half of the things that happened I had same issues here It's not confusing like the movie but still few things felt rushed and at times out of the place Aunt and the explanation I will leave it at that to avoid spoilers but I really hoped there will be much to her story Is this a seuel or a standalone? The way it ended made me a little bit confused I thought it supposed to be standaloneReview posted at Ja čitam a ti? Copy of this book was provided by publisher Harper Teen via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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    Style and LanguageAprilynne Pike has a great way to bring a novel to life Charlotte is an Oracle but she´s forced to deny that Her aunt taught her as long as she can remember that whenever she feels a vision coming she needs to block her because visions are dangerous in many ways But one day Charlotte isn´t able to do so and has no other choice but to let them unfold That´s painful and rips her off her feet She knows it´s totally against the rules but when she sees that a girl she knows will be brutally murdered she decides to let the visions unfold their power and hopes that she can save a life Her struggle with the following incidents shows the author in a beautifully written and very sensitive way This captivating thriller is written from Charlotte´s point of view and puts the reader in a world where love is one thing but bringing that love into danger is a completely different story CharactersIt´s not easy to be an Oracle at all – even when you haven´t discarded the test yet And certainly not when you get involved with the evil and don´t know it But Aprilynne Pike uses that to her advantage and created with Charlotte a character who learns from her mistakes and who puts the strong bonds of a family above everything When she starts to realize what she´d done by dropping her shields she no longer obeys and starts to work out a plan to bring evil to justiceThe way how she begins to understand why her aunt lives the life she lives why she is the way she is and what she does to prepare her family to prevent them from harm – all that shows a strength which is just incredible ResultThe author uses a great legend in her story and puts that with wonderful words on paper This thriller is the first one I´ve read from this author and it was worth every minute I spend with it

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    15 starsAs a fan of all things timey wimey when I spotted Sleep No More being advertised as a thriller with a change the future kind of aspect I was immediately intrigued I'll be the first to admit that I had not heard many great things about Aprilynne Pike's writing but I thought I might as well give it a shot because maybe this story could convince me While I was absorbed by the creeptastic story the ending was a disaster and without the illusion of suspense I realized I didn't like this book very muchSo in Sleep No More our main character Charlotte is an oracle She's spent her life fighting her visions because she's not supposed to interfere with the future but now the visions are overpowering her as she sees brutal murders of her fellow classmates A serial killer is on the loose I don't often pick up serial killer type stories I must admit It's not exactly my thing but I thought with the paranormal aspect of seeing the future this was worth a shot And boy did it bring the creep factor Charlotte sees these murders and the aftermaths and it chilled me to my core It evoked such suspense that I just had to keep reading to know who was doing this and whyAnd so for much of the novel I was completely engrossed Charlotte finds out about her powers and what she can do and tries to help in whatever way she can However However Obviously there is a big but The plot was going so well until about 75% because then obviously some resolutions had to happen And it was a messy disaster Nothing made sense any view spoilerSo I guess my biggest problem is that I just don't get the motivation for Feeders They feed on Oracles when they have visions and get stronger But THEN WHAT? Like what do they need that strength for? What do they do with it? hide spoiler

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    This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd MY THOUGHTS Ever since Charlotte was three years old she has had visions of the future It was at that moment that her Aunt began to train her on how to be an Oracle Then at six Charlotte tried to change the future which ended up with the death of her father and her mother in a wheelchair After that Charlotte learned the lesson that she cannot change the future For ten years she completely blocks out all visions until one day a vision becomes so strong that she cannot block it She ends up getting a vision of a murder of one of her classmates How can she possibly not try and change this? Especially when the murders don't stopI was kind of iffy about this book at first just because it was compared to Wake which was a book I read many years ago and absolutely hated it Sorry Wake fans Thankfully this was nothing like that book This book reminded me of Slide by Jill Hathaway This book is mainly a thriller at heart but it has a very uniue touch of paranormal There's the whole Oracle aspect and the visions involved which are interesting by itself There was also a whole bunch of other very interesting and uniue abilities that Charlotte was able to unlock further along in the book In fact this book gets so much hardcore dark and very very different as the book goes on Can't really explain why due to spoilers but it was very interestingCharlotte's not really an abnormal main character She's much like many other heroines She's not enormously admirable but she's not annoying She's just a girl with a very interesting ability that instead of being a blessing it's of a curse and she wishes she could be normal The character in this book that really did annoy me is her Aunt I don't dislike her I just disliked how she withheld information from Charlotte saying she was too young Really Charlotte has to live with this ability she needs to know the dangers If her Aunt were to only tell her these things she could have saved Charlotte from many many things that happened in this bookI found the uniue thriller esue way very interesting but it did get a bit confusing at the end It was mostly because so much was happening at the end that there was an overload in my brain Other than that this book does have surprising twists to it though some parts of it were predictable IN CONCLUSION Overall an interesting way to combine thriller and paranormal The main reason why I only gave this a three is just that this book is very similar to other thrillers I've read even though the whole Oracle aspect is very new If you enjoy thrillers with a touch of paranormal I do recommend this book

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    A copy of this novel was provided by Harper Collins Australia in exchange for an honest reviewWOW Okay let me start off by saying that I read Sleep No More in about three hours which is a pretty big feat especially since I started it at 9pm NO SLEEP TO BE HAD FOR AMAZING BOOKS But seriously I was blown awayI must admit something to you all I simply must I am a fan of novels that have a small cast of characters Yes I like to read novels that have a wide range of characters with differing personalities and motives etc etc But I prefer to have a small cast One where we can really get to know the characters who they are why they do what they do what is really important to them I love getting to know the nitty gritty of a character and I think a small cast allows this on a greater levelSleep No More has a small cast It pretty much centres on the same five characters and their journey but also includes other characters who may not have a huge role scene or speech wise but play a huge role in the novel overall Did I achieve confusion? high fives youI’d call Sleep No More a thriller and that’s one of the reasons why I liked it so much Most of the YA novels I read don’t really have any suspense And sure that may be because I am not scouring the shelves for thrillers but that might change now because I loved the thrill that reading Sleep No More gave me I loved the guessing and the condemning and the heart beating I love it when a book makes me feel different things that aren’t depressing or swoonyBecause of this mystery aspect there really is not a lot I can say about the storyline because I think even the slightest speculation on my part could potentially ruin the entire story for you and then I’d feel immense guilt and sorrowSo Great characters Mystery Eerie happenings MURDER BETRAYAL Love Lust MAGIC THRILLS Suspicion Secrets AWESOMESAUCEOkay maybe that last one wasn’t in the novel but everything else was and they are all reasons why Sleep No More should be the next book to hit your shelves Or your eyes but not in the way that would hurt youpushes you out the door Go Go now and read Sleep No More© 2014 Chiara Books for a Delicate Eternity All rights reservedYour Turn Do you prefer books with a small cast of characters or a large? Why? Are thrilling novels exciting for you to read?

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    I guess my ‘best reads’ luck has run out with this one It was contrived predictable and wasted a potentially good concept What a bummer

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    Well what can I start off saying I loved this one it was filled with so much action adventure and twist I could not put this one down Pike gave me the chance to fall in love with something new well for me I have not read may books with oracles in them or the main character so it made for a very fastening read Fallowing Charlotte on her journey to discover what she is and how to deal with it as well She cant seem to not want to step in and change the future her visions make it hard for her to look away and she has suffered a great deal because once when she was younger it changed her life for ever Now there seems to be a killer on the lose and Charlotte keeps seeing the kids she goes to school with dyeing and there is nothing she can do to stop it or is there? Until she meets someone who knows her secrets and wants to teach her how to change the future But things are not as easy as they seem and maybe changing the future is only going to make it worse This one is fast paced and page turning The plot the story line everything about it makes it intense Charlotte has a very special gift but I am not sure I would want the burned of the knowing the future and not being able to do anything She really has a fight in this one and a life for a girl her age seemed so hard I love how each and every character for so well in this one and made for a much better read That doesn’t happen much in a book when I read it I always seem to hate someone or something and I just could not find it in this one So when she has to figure out who is murdering the kids at her school she will have to make a chance to step back and let it happen or listen to this stranger “Smith” who says he knows all about her and can help her stop it Not sure I liked “Smith’ form the start but with out him the story would have not been so paging flipping worthy This is one of those type of books you have to read to get of I can’t write a review for it all or then I am just rambling and giving it all away SO get out and get this one its worth the read I promise

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    35 starsSource I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss16 year old Charlotte is an oracle – she has visions of the future but after changing one of her visions and accidentally killing her father she tries to ignore her visions as much as possible When she gets a vision of a murder a vision that she can’t push away she does what her aunt has trained her to do – nothing only to receive a text from an unknown number asking her why she didn’t stop the murder from happening Charlotte begins to wonder if she really could have prevented the murder or whether interfering would make thing worse; like it did with her dadCan Charlotte really change the future? And importantly – why will happen if she does?This was an interesting story about a girl who could see the future and I was really desperate to find out who the killer wasI liked Charlotte and I admired the way she wanted to make things better and to stop bad things from happening before they happened I also liked the way she didn’t put herself in danger whilst trying to help other peopleThe storyline in this was pretty good and I really wanted to find out who the killer was I did think the second half of the book wasn’t uite as good as the first half but I still liked it overall The mystery element was done well the paranormal element also fitted in nicely and there was a bit of a twist to the tale at the endThere was a little bit of romance but it wasn’t really a big part of the storylineThe ending was okay and I’m wondering if this is going to turn into a series now It would certainly be interesting to see what Charlotte has learned after this little adventureOverall; a good paranormal mystery story7 out of 10