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HEARTBREAKER Book #3 Warrior SeriesA Special Author's Cut Updated Edition of Bantam Loveswept Series Romance #634HEARTBREAKER pride determination and sensuality collide as sculptor Bliss Rowland comes face to face with Naval Intelligence officer Micah Holbrook He is the man who rescued her eleven years ago in the aftermath of a London terrorist attack Following yet another terrorist incident Micah now faces the threat of permanent blindness Their roles are reversed This time Bliss is cast in the role of rescuerEven as Micah denies his desire for Bliss he tries to convince himself that he has nothing to offer the highly acclaimed sculptor The real uestion that must be answered Can Bliss persuade Micah to set aside his pride and acknowledge their love for one another or will he become the ultimate HEARTBREAKER?Readers Praise HEARTBREAKER“A must read”“Absolutely wonderful love story”“Heartbreaker – storytelling at its all time best”“I could not put it down read it in one day”“As with all Ms Taylor’s romances Heartbreaker grabbed me from the first page”“A must read for all fans of romance”

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    Eleven years ago at the age of seventeen Bliss Rowland had been rescued from a terrorist bombing in London A handsome twenty seven year old naval officer had saved her life and given Bliss her first crush his name was Micah HolbrookNow for the first time in eleven years Bliss is about to be reunited with her crush when Micah himself needs help recovering from injuries from another terrorist attack that has left him blind It is the idea of Bliss’s father who himself is a military man that Micah be sent to their estate for his convalescence and that Bliss uses her own past experiences in helping Micah recover and come to terms with his situationBut when Micah arrives he is angry and frustrated at his situation Micah is used to taking care of people and not people caring for him The last thing he wants is Bliss’s pity Can Bliss help Micah accept that he is now blind and his life will change?After she has held a candle in her heart for Micah for eleven years will that candle be blown out by the man she is now faced with?Heartbreaker by Laura Taylor is a wonderful romantic love story that is filled with passion and steamy love scenes The narrative moves along with a nice flow that makes this novel a real page turner This is storytelling at its all time best A must read for all fans of romance

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    I must admit Heartbreaker was such a romantic book that It pulled me into the story that I couldn't put it down I read some great reviews on this book and I totally agree with those who reviewed it Heartbreaker by Laura Taylor is a wonderful romantic love story that is filled with passion and steamy love scenes The narrative moves along with a nice flow that makes this novel a real page turner This is storytelling at its all time best A must read for all fans of romanceLaureen Sonia

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    Entertaining read with strong and likable charactersLoved Bliss and how she was such a strong character who knew herselfMicah was a real alpha male Stubborn too independent and proud but likeable anywayLoved how this evolved with an emotional connection between these two and the ending was very enjoyableRead many years ago and rereading once again in the box set

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    This was a uick love story read I liked it Would you love a man who was blind?

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    What a perfect romance novel If this is your genre you'll love this one Meet Bliss a passionate artist who creates sculptures and Micah a hardened military man who's dealing with surgery on his eyes They're admirable and strong minded their romance blossoming from day one Add a villa in the Carribean to the mix and the scene is set to swoon away with every page

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    I got this book as a present and I just loved it I find all of Laura Taylor's books feature characters that I can easily relate too and she usually pulls me into a story from page one It was the same with Heartbreaker I loved Bliss and Micah's storyline and I was right there with them through all the ups and downs My husband always resigns himself to the fact that when I read a book by Laura Taylor the housework will be slightly neglected I can't wait to read her next book

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    I read this book when I was a teenager and looked for it since then because I remembered a great story After a lot of brainstorming I remembered the plot and the hero's name and that's it I finally found it and great surprise it was as good as I remembered Even better since the author had it republished and made little modifications that made the book perfect Except for the ending that is a little abrupt it is a really great book

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    You know you're really falling for a love story when one of the characters say something gut wrenching and you react with physical pain Laura Taylor's books always manage to get me choked up or flinching at the emotions firing between her characters Heartbreaker is no exception

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