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MIDNIGHT STORM Book #2 Warrior SeriesA Special Author's Cut Updated Edition of Bantam Loveswept Series Romance #576“Not even the destructive force of a tornado can eual the MIDNIGHT STORM in the heart of a lovely innkeeper when a handsome Marine Corps pilot comes back into her life after barely surviving a perilous mission in the Middle East this compelling love story from Laura Taylor shines ending on a note of luminous joy for lucky readers to savor and cherish” RT Book ReviewsReaders Praise MIDNIGHT STORM“It’s got everything – love lust action suspense and great characters”“I highly recommend Laura Taylor’s books to readers of all genres”“Devlin and Jessica are destined to be together – I’d love to spend a tornado like this”“Wow You have to read this book”“Great midnight read”“You owe it to yourself to get Laura’s books”“Just lovely writing”“Great storyline characters and ending”“Laura Taylor writes with the power and sensuality that characterizes the best authors in the romance genre”Romantic Times Book Reviews

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    I got this book as a present from the author and thoroughly enjoyed it I have been a fan of Laura Taylor for awhile and Midnight Storm did not disappoint I enjoyed the characters the steamy romance and the plot line and I stayed up way past my bedtime to read just one chapter I had a really hard time putting the book down Can't wait to read the the authors next book

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    Read and will easily forget this bookDisliked Jessica Found Jessica a bit too martyr ish in relation to her mother and her thinking Yes she was a child when this cycle started but she is still enabling her mother’s self serving behavioursHer past thinking in relation to Devlin was just weak I did it for his own good but I am sorryDevlin had never moved on in his personal life even when he heard Jessica had gotten married He’d had lovers but no one seriousThe little we get of the mother just blew me away What a selfish cow To phone and say I got married to someone her daughter hadn’t really met WOWRead many years ago and rereading once again in the box set

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    Very engaging Loved the tension between the lovers Very vivid imagery I was hoping for a bigger reveal at the end That said I would still recommend it to others and I plan to read in this series

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    This book was a nice read Felt connected with the characters but there was no angst Nothing to grip me with I loved intimate strangers so thought this would be just as good I'm sorry but it isn't A nice story but will be easily forgotten

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    laura taylor is one of my favourite authors I read all her books and I have to say I have never been disappointed I read 3 good books a week

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    Part of the Warrior Series anthology