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A Special Author's Cut Updated Edition of Bantam Loveswept Novel #55The secret police of a renegade Middle East nation hold two politically sensitive prisoners separate from the others Marine Corps aviator David Winslow and humanitarian relief worker Emma Hamilton are the sole inmates of a special cellblock They bond emotionally and sensually despite being housed in separate cells as they endure interrogations torture and the constant threat of death When fate unexpectedly liberates them from the prison compound their dash for freedom includes the seductive culmination of weeks of emotional foreplay But once they flee the country David doubts Emma’s certainty that she is in love with him He fears that she feels only gratitude

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    throughout the book the author spoke of the middle east as this amorphous dystopian blob of war and everyday violence where televised beheadings are so commonplace no one bats an eye to their practice this middle east has no borders no nations no defined politics no established societies its just an open sandy wasteland with war raging in the background somewhere we literally have no name or location of the country this story is set in here the middle east is supposed to be a self explanatory term as if there aren't over 20 countries in the arab world alone we're allowed only vague references likeThe Secret Police you know the middle eastern one i guessThe Country's Dictator just about to be Overthrown tooThe GovernmentThe CapitalMiddle East terroristsMiddle East countryThe Africa campswe're given details of emma's irish and northern italian background but why would you need to specify middle eastern and african cultures right? we can only discern that the natives are arabs because they're heard speaking arabic otherwise they're simply referred to as these people this country has refugee camps set up by UN associated groups but it doesn't have a name just call it 'agrabah' and be done with iti'm not being picky here i just literally couldn't conjure up any visible image in my mind while reading because there were no clear descriptions about this place whatsoever and i don't know whats happening emma and daniel are imprisoned in jail a jail that's a hotel a hotel with cellblocks and interrogation roomsi can't bear to give the author a rating lower than 2 stars laura taylor's intimate strangers book made such an impression on me that it became an all time fave this author writes some very sweet romances with many endearing moments between the main characters which is why i would still recommend this book even if it failed me emma and daniel are very lovable characters although i should warn readers that taylor's pacing is terrible particularly because she doesn't intend for her relationships to be cheesy insta lust types except the main characters end up falling for each other in a matter of days i went along with it in 'intimate strangers' but it got a little silly here

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    There is something very compelling about this book I've thought long and hard about it since I finished reading it and I think it is that through all the difficulties faced by the main characters life and love come down to the connection of the human spirit Love comes before lust love comes before selfLaura Taylor crafts a book where two Americans are independently captured and held prisoner somewhere in the Middle East and forge a deep connection while trying to cope with fear and lossDavid Winslow is a military officer and has been trained to cope with torture and deprivation Even so after being alone for three months he begins to lose hope When a new prisoner arrives he is surprised to find out that it is a woman associated with a charitable organization Immediately recognizing that she is without skills to handle the extreme situation he offers her all that he can; his friendship his advice on surviving confinement his hand to hold in times of lonelinessBriefly capturing glimpses of each other when they are taken from their cells they remain ignorant to the others physical appearance; all that they know is that they may never share another moment together From this love grows and what makes it so beautiful is that sexual attraction material goods position and power are not a part of their storyAlways mindful of what he's been taught David Winslow worries that Emma's affection for him may be connected to his helping her survive To say is to give too much away But what follows in their story is breathtakingA fabulous book which leaves me wanting to read the book again and the rest of the series

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    This book's author is not a good writer Her dialogue is tedious her situations are absolutely cliche and the whole running hot n cold thing that lackluster authors needing to drag out their work to a piece long enough to publish is just annoying I should be flaying the heck out of thisButI liked the premise Humanitarian worker thrown in Middle Eastern prison in a cell just one stone wall away from a captured Marine and they fall in love It's SO 'V for Vendetta' It's hot periodBUT Emma of COURSE is so drop dead gorgeous that she was runner up in the Miss World pageant She's rich off her butt with a cottage on the ocean near San Diego And of course she's Audrey Hepburn on the side all heart and poise Oh and she's only ever had one boyfriend Suuuure And with this uber beauty stuff being the case of course nobody bothered to rape her Say what? None of the Marines that help her get home hit on her WhatevsAnd of course David is hawt stud Marine 100% testosterone The problem is that if you're three months in prison getting one very sparse meal a day you would lose a LOT than just 30 pounds You would not be studly You would not remain steadfast of mind and spirit as this guy was It was a HUGE suspension of realityAnd of course they escape with a too convenient bombing of the prison head for her college roommates apartment conveniently located in Ira? where the friend has gone back to Canada but left ripe bananas on the shelf and a convenient bed just for hot love making of course OoDid I mention it was WAY cliched and badly plotted?After they reach the allies the whole rest of the book is 'push her away drag her back into his arms push her away drag her back' etc until you can't stand either one of these people And all of it is rationalized with these horrifically long chunks of dialogue no Marine in his right mind would bother withBut I liked the underlying story idea No I REALLY liked the story idea Or this would be a one star review If you want to read a hostagerescue with Stockholm Syndrome try Everyday Average Jones instead Although that's not exactly the best it could be done either Hrm Better go see if there are any other efforts in this genre

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    I read Desert Rose a few months ago and I remember the story very well That says a lot about it Although I can't remember their names now I remember the two characters were held captive somewhere in the Middle East I also recall one of the most sensual love scenes I've ever read taking place right there in that prison They were holding hands fingers intertwining his caressing her palm They couldn't see each other Neither knew what the other looked like They'd just heard each other through the wall dividing their cells and they began to communicate tentatively at first It takes a good writer to take a love scene to the pinnacle of emotion without so much as a kiss I think Laura Taylor did a great job with this book

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    I enjoyed the first half of this book than the second half which was one of a sexual nature David Winslow sits in a prison cell in the middle east He has bean beaten starved and interrogated When he hears another prisoner being thrown into the cell next to his he is curious and then shocked to learn a woman Emma Hamilton has joined him in the dark place This is a story of survival and also a romance began as two people try to survive the mental and physical anguish of being prisoners Th author does a great job with the psychological feelings of the two prisoners If you like suspense and romance grab this one

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    I got this book as a free download and I thoroughly enjoyed it It had everything you would want in a romance a dangerous situation interesting characters longing steamy love making and of course mistakes and if we are lucky a happy ending I practically devoured the book in one day and I am looking forward to reading many books by Laura Taylor I definitely would recommend this book

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    The premise for this book is a great premise for the bookMS Taylor doesn't miss a beat with this book She is an awesome writer You never will be let down with any of Ms Taylor's BooksEach one will lead you down down a rode in awesome ride of CharactersI highly recommend all Ms Taylor's Books You will not be sorry

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    I really enjoyed this book It kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next I actually got a little emotional while reading it Thanks Laura for the wonderful book Now to read the next to The Warriors series

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    I love a book that makes me all emotionalThis was that kind of a bookReally well writtencharacters were interesting and that situation was something i ahvent found in other romance booksOverall i really enjoyed this onesuggest warmly to read it

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    Surprisingly dull for a great concept I was just not that interested in the characters There were really no big surprises