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“Have you ever wondered about the dark water?”When surfer chic Lu meets Morgan a peculiar boy who swims in the forbidden shark infested cove water at night her sleepy beach life suddenly gets a whole lot less sleepy Her teacher assigns a paper that casts Lu into an investigation about coastal urban legends one in particular that is eerily connected to her own family history More gets wacky and uickly she loses patches of time has vivid nightmares gets into a huge fight with her BFF and is fiercely attracted to the new weird kid in town Then Dad sends a warning Only problem ishe’s been dead for twelve years Will Lu unravel the dark water mysteries before it's too late? Or will time land her on the wrong side of an urban legend?

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    This certainly took a weird direction Let me process it for a bit

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    My teenage years are very far behind me and further I’m male so I’m certainly not one of the readers this novel is primarily aimed at but I enjoyed it nonetheless Lately I’ve been looking at a few young adult novels because I’m toying with the idea of writing one myself and this one particularly caught my eye because its language is uick footed and fun to read Practically every sentence sparkles with lively details that immediately bring the characters and places to lifeThe story involves spooky mermaids and mermen that will remind you of H P Lovecraft than Hans Christian Anderson But there’s to the story than sea monsters and the author takes her time getting to them A family mystery a book of magic spells folklore about a creepy cult the first stirrings of desire and love or at least infatuation and a number of other elements are given time to develop before the tale leads us fully into the “dark waters” that are hinted at in the first chapter Some of these plot threads may seem irrelevant at first but many of them end up playing an important part when the whole tapestry is revealed A few readers may feel impatient waiting for the “good stuff” to happen but I think most will enjoy the motion and life and the gradually mounting sense of suspense that leads to the climax which is well worth waiting forThe author has a gift for language that seems to flow effortlessly like the ocean that she writes about Even when the ocean is calm it’s always moving its surface always glittering with gems of sunlight or moonlight—until the moon itself vanishes and then the ocean is black and seemingly fathomless like the dark and mysterious place that this novel finally brings us to

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    I'd like to thank the author and publisher for sending me a copy of this book to read and reviewThis book definitely held my interest and I read it over 3 sittings On the positive side the characters were well written and likeable and the basic plot interesting and excitingUnfortunately some things let this book down The timeline jumps around all over the place which was really confusing and at times the writing does not flow well This reads like a self published book and certainly looks like one The cover picture is unclear I get that it is meant to be blurry and mysterious but a decent graphic designer would have achieved that plus a clear and focused font This attention to detail could have made this book look much professional and appealing The use of a proofreading and copy editing services would have also been helpfulI do think that this story has the potential to be a much better book with a bit of tweaking The plot is unusual and very dark and I could imagine this as a good filmI really wanted to enjoy this book but feel that it could have been a 45 star book with a little attention to detailI'd be interested in reading of Ray's work as she clearly has great imagination and creativity

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    Westward to Strange is an evil mermaid epicThis book comes in one of the most beautiful book covers in existenceA spine tingling and fabulous readThe darkest example of aua based underwater fantasy fiction I've ever readWestward to Strange is a brilliant adaptation of ancient mythology with a uniue take on the dark legend of sirens The killer merfolk are absolutely terrifyingMy whole life I know I will never be able to forget about the dark water nor the sinister beings that dwell thereAn exuisitely vivid descriptive narrative and an engaging plot immerse the reader in the pages bringing the story to life so like that the readers are actually there with Lu It freuently seemed as if I was going far beyond just reading the words and actually transported into the story seeing all the events unfolding with my own eyes Ray Litt is a writer of amazing skillHer writing transcends all the usual genre classificationsA specialist writer of so many genres combined fantasy mystery supernatural and Young AdultWestward to Strange would make an amazing movieBut maybe not one to watch after dark when alone in the houseOr before a beach surfing or sailing trip close to dark waters

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    My library is promoting this book They do that with local authors sometimes I'm not done with it but so far I really like it The characters are a lot of fun and the dialogue is cool I've never read anything with mermaids which I like So far so good I'll add when I finish it

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    This book is a great example of the young adult genre without the predictable monsters we have come to expect The foreshadowing was well placed and the characters were relatable and likable I look forward to seeing of Ray's work reminds me of reading Christopher Pike as a kid

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    To me it was nice fast paced book I adore mermaids so I am a bit biased It would appeal to young adults

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    FTC Disclosure I received this book free from Goodreads hoping I would review it

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    How do you like your mermaid stories? Do you prefer them to be Disney esue? Or do you prefer them to teeter on the edge of creepy? If you prefer the latter Westward to Strange is for youThe mermaids in Westward to Strange are not friendly In fact they are downright terrifying I have to give the author props for coming up with an original take on a siren There is an element of mythology in the book that is new and uniue at least to me I also thought the concept behind these killer mermaids helped heighten the mystery of the subplots Don’t read Westward to Strange thinking it’s just about mermaids There is so much going on in this book For fans of mysteries there will be much to keep you reading For me though it was the descriptions that kept me turning the pages I enjoyed reading about this beach community Being a Florida resident myself I felt like I could visualize the setting in my own town I also enjoyed some of the characters I was instantly drawn to Jake I didn’t connect with Cass at first but he grew on me I’m always on the lookout for books with mermaids With so many books in the genre already on the market it’s hard to find something fresh Westward of Strange certainly delivered in the fresh and uniue market

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    When I first saw this book I was really excited to read this novel over all I was a little disappointed in the story Like any book there are the faults in this particular book I had trouble finding out who the main characters were up until chapter four I also feel like there was too much going on and not enough detail on them making it feel rushed in a sense to me personally I did enjoy the ideas and concepts of the dark and murderous mermaids and The white tails i just would of enjoyed learning a little bit about them in which there could of been a little bit detail One thing I absolutely enjoyed about this story is the characters Lula is just any normal girl who I could relate too dealing with an over protective brother and being insecure about love I absolutely loved Cass and Jake I just wished their were a little bit of them in the story It was an enjoyable story but I did have my problems with it but I will recommend it to people if they enjoy the concept of killer mermaids and let them decide themselves about the book