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In a secluded town in the Pacific Northwest three very different teens discover a mysterious tree growing upside down from an oceanfront cliff Black and gnarled the tree grew from the bones of a dragon that died centuries earlierOne by one the teens give into their curiosity and eat the forbidden fruit from the tree The juice contains the power of the mythological animal that gave birth to the tree The power now courses through their veins and transforms them into dragons when the sun goes downAt first the change is terrifying but the teens soon learn how to use their new bodies and take flight under cover of night Soaring over ocean waves and rolling forests is so exhilarating they forget the danger of being discoveredWill the gift of the dragon tree turn out to be a curse?

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    As Eva Diaz drew toward the finish line in her big race for Alpine High School against the Hudson High School she was distracted by the vision of scuffling on the track When she saw her boyfriend Aidan Humphries was involved she stopped well before the finish line and rushed over to the group of fighting boys With Billy Rasmussen bleeding on the ground Aidan told Eva he was making a nuisance of himself and taunting the runners Eva wasn’t impressed when Aidan told her Billy had started it Hiroki Tanaka was Eva’s best friend – they had known each other since they were very young and hung out together whenever they could Hiro was a budding photographer who was being encouraged by his teacher at school; he carried his camera with him always He had been taking pictures of Eva while she was racing and saw everything as it unfolded Billy had a massive chip on his shoulder – his sarcasm and derision would turn most people away – but Eva felt sorry for him As a reluctant Hiro joined Eva and Billy where Eva went he went they found themselves high on the cliffs overlooking the ocean Their discovery of a strange black tree with black leaves and a prickly black fruit which was growing upside down under a ledge gave them no indication that their lives were about to change in a scary exciting and very different wayAs the three teens began their adventures their enjoyment was tinged with danger They lives would be worth nothing if they were discovered Did they understand the danger? And what would happen if they were seen? Suddenly their exhilaration turned to apprehension Could they reverse what had happened before it was too late?I found this YA fantasy novel a little slow at the start but it soon picked up the pace as it moved into the story I uite enjoyed the plot and found myself reading uickly to the end to see what would happen But I definitely wasn’t expecting the ending – this is the first in The Dragon Tree Chronicles I’ve since discovered and I don’t know when the next is due out I have no hesitation in recommending this novel to lovers of YA and fantasy

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    Three and a half starsA light enjoyable read with an interesting take on dragon lore The pacing was good which is something that can be tricky for a YA novel There were a few issues with POV which seemed to oscillate between omni and close third and that bothered me I also had mixed feelings about the ending I like tie ins to seuels but prefer that each book in a series stand alone Thats just me though

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    Dragons yes One of my all time favourite fantasy creaturesThis was a fairly well written book for the most part a few editorial errors but not enough to really take away from the storyAnd the three main teenage characters were uite well developed with totally different personalities but with enough common curiosity and adventurous spirit to bond them together Their transformation into dragons almost made me want to sample the forbidden fruit of the dragon tree tooEven though the ending came as no surprise to me I'm still anxious to read the next book to see what happens next

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    I began skimming this book to be sure it was appropriate for my tween niece Before I knew it I was drawn into the story and reading every word A fast and enjoyable read Three teenagers become unlikely friends when they discover a 'tree' whose fruit turns them into dragons each night The sun down to sun up transformation was a little predictable but I still enjoyed the story The author does a nice job with the descriptions of the transformations and dragon activities Fantasy is not usually my genre but I am looking forward to book two

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    This was a really cool book to read There was lots of action and a very interesting plot I personally love dragons and I was excited to read this book and I was not disappointed

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    25This started off really interesting New friends becoming dragons I had not read anything like this before Became predictable Then it became boring when the mean family hunted them