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The last place Pia wants to be is on a family vacation in a sleepy Cornish village She's anticipating two weeks of mind numbing boredom Then she meets Trey a local boy He's absolutely gorgeous The trouble is — he knows it He's arrogant and egotistical and Pia intends to avoid him at all costs But Trey is not the kind of guy who gives up easily When he sets his sights on Pia her resistance is futile It's just a holiday romance some light hearted fun right? But one of them is about to discover that still waters do indeed run deep When what lurks beneath the surface finally erupts the conseuences may prove to be catastrophic For age 17 due to sexual content and strong language

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    45 Ima Jerkoff stars Pia is your typical teenage girl about to go to college She's off for a two week vacation with her family in whitch she's not happy about putting it lightly There she meets Trey an arrogant and egotistical boy and her vacation takes a whole other turn I was kinda iffy about it being YANA cause they tend to be a little to muchy and romancy for my tastes But boy was I wrong The story is told in dual point of view The first half is from Pia's and the second it switches to Trey's It was gripping how the emothion changed from one POV to the other The first half was light hearted and fun it makes you laugh and roll your eyes as Pia fell under Trey's charm The second half had raw and deeper emotions “His name’s Ima Jerkoff” I announce I notice Mum and Dad’s eyes widen in shock Ha get out of that one jerk I fold my arms and smirk at him He covers his mouth with his hand; he appears to be having a coughing fit”Pia kinda annoyed me at first I didn't think she was that interesting character and at times I wanted to yell at her but page after page she grew on me I really enjoyed reading her POV and being in her head how she thought things through and analyzed them was so funny “So how come you singled me out for special treatment?”“You’re beautiful Pia I enjoy being with you Truth is I can’t stay away from you And my dick twitches whenever I’m near you” I loved Trey At first you think he's your typical cocky egoistical bastard but no this guy just knows what he wants and fights for it And he wants Pia When you find out his story you really feel for him and what he went through What he still goes through His POV is heart wrenching and you root for him to get his happy ending finally and find the love that he deserves and needs so muchI also enjoyed meeting Pia's friend Fay in Trey's POV She had me cracking up with her comments and I really needed some laugh in his half of the bookEven though I had some problems with the plot view spoiler how convenient it was for Pia to transfer to another college close to Trey it was too predictable hide spoiler

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    Holiday NA romance set in the UK that grows into H was a manho before h but I totally understood it was his one fun thing in his life I felt so sorry for the poor H he had no one he could count on not even a best friend everyone let him down I don't care if his mother was mentally ill she was physically and emotionally abusive to the H and so was H's remarried dad who was neglectful on top of thatThis is the second British author that I've read where MCs support and actively tie themselves to toxic and abusive characters just bcos they are 'family' I find that odd ignorant and even unhealthy Many a time these situations can deteriorate to blood and death and emotional scars seeping across generations Sometimes the best option is to go no contact and many psychiatrists would say the same I wanted the H out of his dysfuntional situation than any HEA that would have been his HEAAs for the romance the h was okay she could have been supportive of H but she took a chance on him in spite of his manho pastIt was easy to do that bcos H was charming sweet a nice beta guy really In a way it also reassured me that the h wasn't the fixer upper codependant type and could stand up for herself4 stars

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    This is a romance novel that veers away from the norm – a proof that professing love does not need to be overly sentimental or uncomfortably soppy What it shows is the gritty side of romance not dressed up in the usual trappings of love That’s not to say it lacks passion and emotion; there’s plenty of that too The story is told in two points of view Pia’s and Trey’s which I think effectively connects the reader to the characters in a much deeper way Trey’s story carries with it an almost unbearable sadness But it’s not all heartbreak and sadness because there are plenty of hilarious situations and dialogues And of course there are the steamy scenes that can be too graphic for comfort enough to fog up the Kindle deviceThis is a well written story that not only tells of young love but also presents hard issues that don’t normally get mixed with romance

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    Arc received for an honest reviewI tend to stay away from Young Adult books because I think they are basically the same But there was something about this story that really got my attention I 'm glad that I decided to review it because it was really a great storyThis is my first time reading this author and I was very impressed with her writing and her storytelling I liked how she developed the characters and how they grew through out the story I think that a lot of people can identify with Pia She is sweet kind and not the most confident She realizes what Trey is all about but she can't help the pull Trey for his part is than he sees which was a nice surprise I really enjoyed this fun romance between these very likable characters

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    Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The AngstJust Stay is a New Adult Contemporary Romance written by Michelle Abbott I was gifted a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review through Drue’s Random Chatter 35 “Just Stay” Stars Angsty Emotional and Also Fun A Sweet Romance with Heart and Substance The Review I really enjoyed this fun new adult romance which touched on some very real and heavy topics while also giving you a sweet romance Though in my opinion there were some flaws with it I still found it touching realistic and heartfelt The characters were interesting and connectable and the story itself was consuming enough I found myself reading it in one sitting StoryCharacters Pia is vacationing with her family a vacation in which she doesn’t want to be on She has a life back home and a guy she’s interested in and she wants nothing than to get a chance at one date with him before she heads off to college Her parents want one final family getaway and have dragged her along for the ride While sitting on the beach trying to get cell reception to find out from her best friend if that date she so desperately wants is a go she meets a handsome stranger who she instantly trades snark with I loved Pia’s character in the beginning She could sling verbal sparring with everyone and still come out sweet and likableAnd I LOVED Trey and Pia’s initial meet Sparks were flyingTrey’s whole life has been in the small Cornish village most come to vacation at for a short while before leaving to go back to their lives He’s often taken advantage of the short term relationships those vacationers afford him because his life isn’t set up for than one night stands Tragedy struck his family a few years before and daily life for Trey is stifling as he tries to hold together what’s left of his family When he meets Pia he uickly sees what “could be” if he wasn’t tied to an unstable mother who needs constant monitoring Trey’s character was so heartbreaking He can’t leave He can’t work He’s lost so much and the one person who should have been there to see him through left when things got rough Trey’s future is bleak and he has no prospects and no solid path His life is spiraling out of control and there’s no help in sight But when he meets Pia it’s like a breath of fresh air and he wants so desperately to breath deep Pia and Trey have many obstacles to overcome before they can find their happily ever after Thoughts This book got to me on an emotional level It deals with sever depression suicide and the toll death takes on a family My heart broke for Trey’s situation and everything he and his family had gone through His mother was so disconnected she couldn’t see what was right in front of her a loving son who was literally giving up his own life to take care of her Trey’s father was a jackhole of epic proportions He ran when things got tough and though I can understand that’s how he decided to cope with what happened I didn’t understand his actions towards Trey at all This family was broken and completely shattered The angsts were very real and enjoyable to read ButAt first I really enjoyed Pia’s snark She was tough and strong headed but about halfway through the book she turns her snark to judgment always accusing Trey of stuff from his past She listened to people she didn’t even know and gave him the cold shoulder without talking to him first She threw snide comments and didn’t handle it with any maturity at allAlso I know it couldn’t be helped because Trey was stuck in his home never really able to leave but having graphic sex with his mom in the next room was kind of creepy Don’t get me wrong Trey and Pia’s chemistry was hot and sultry and they were fun together but knowing his mom was in the next room drugged or not was distracting And she even comments at one point about his “whores” so she knew what was going on behind closed doors I kept expecting her to bust in on them lol It was hard for me to concentrate on the yummies I also think given the characters were having such hot sex drinking and acting like grown ups their maturity level needed adjusting They did some very immature things throughout the storyAnd lastly sometimes the story got bogged down with mundane things like a play by play of Pia’s family outings while on vacation Trey’s cooking techniues or his cleaning of the house which seemed to have no relevance to the story itself I kept expecting something to happen during those scenes for their to be a reason they were given so much detail but it never really lead anywhere The Wrap Up This was a uick fun and angsty read and regardless of the “buts” I still completely enjoyed this story The parts that had substance were really good and though tragic Trey’s situation added a lot of conflict I enjoyed the friendships and the connection between the characters I loved the ending and how Trey’s situation was handled I also loved that Pia found what she really wanted and life was going to get better for everyone This was a great afternoon read

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    45 starsLondon native eighteen year old Pia Hamilton is on summer vacation at a seaside village with her family before starting college when she meets local nineteen year old Trey Baker Though she has her sights on a boy back home Trey works his way into her vacation and soon she finds that not only is he not so easy to brush off he’s also not so easy to forgetThe opening scenes captures the “bored teen angst” feel well through Pia’s complaints of being stuck on vacation with her parents and kid brother with no other companions her own age At times she comes off a little bratty Granted Trey was doing the immature teen boy thing of pestering her to get her attention Throughout the bantering and inside jokes about their names I kept thinking that he was going to tell her ‘Pia’ stood for ‘painin ass’ because the thought crossed my mind but he never didAlas Pia loosens up though there are still times she’s a bit wishy washy not necessarily out of character for her age but at times I just wanted to tell her to lighten up on the poor boy Yes Trey is that adorable Still I understood she wasn’t always sure how to take him or how much of a player he was The story is told in the first half by Pia and the second half by Trey and the split alternating point of views work well in keeping some mystery to the feelings and intentions of the opposite characterWhile the first half told via Pia feels fun and light hearted which actually fits with her less stressful average teen life by the second half of the book the story becomes much gripping and deeper which fits with Trey’s sad life Trey is an amazing character; his story at times heart wrenching Trey is someone you so want to see succeed and be loved He’s made a ton of sacrifices in his life and gotten the raw end of the deal I wanted to give the boy a hug myselfThere is no insta love or even insta lust here They really have to work for every step their relationship takes and they have their share of set backs The story has a great build up as trust is attempted to be established and the relationship grows There is also plenty of chemistry and sexual tensionsThere is no cliffhanger of a HFN but by end I was so invested in characters especially Trey that I wanted —almost needed I went searching to see if there was a second book as there is certainly material for it so I broached that very uestion with the author and I think it’s safe to say we’ll see to come with these characters

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    I purchased this book after discovering the author on Rave Reviews Book ClubThis is a gritty realistic and totally non soppy romance novel Pia is dragged on a two week holiday to an isolated rural Cornish village by her parents along with her younger brother She stars at Uni in just a fortnight and really doesn't want to be wasting her time in this dreary place Heck she can't even get cell phone reception She badly needs to be able to use her phone especially as she is waiting for a text from her BFF to let her know whether a hottie back home has agreed to go on a date with her or notTrey is a local lad burdened with the sole care for his mother after his brother died and his dad left He is also a ladies man and has earned uite the reputation He makes a play for Pia but she rebuffs him in no uncertain terms She finds him arrogant self centred and flaky and doesn't appreciate being just another one of his 'holiday maker' conuestsThis is a book of two halves The first half is told from Pia's point of view and the second half is told from Trey's The novel is written in first person perspective and remains consistent throughout Pia's section with her often sarcastic wit had me laughing out loud in places I thoroughly enjoyed this book The plot pacing and character development are all done excellently There are some graphically written sex scenes and strong language and for this reason the book is suitable for those of 17 years and aboveThe writing style is passive yet because it is written in 1st person present tense it gets away with this much than a novel written in 3rd person past tense for example There were a few proofing errors and some minor editing issues but otherwise this was a well presented bookI will definitely be reading from this author I give a strong 4 out of 5 stars for 'Just Stay'

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    To see this and my other reviews check out Sharon's Book NookThe author provided me with a copy of this book in return for an honest reviewWho loves an ‘underdog’? Everyone We always want things to work out for those who are struggling or have a tough life and the male protagonist in this book is no exception It’s clear that Michelle loves to write about an underdog and I found myself cheering him on until the very endJust Stay is written via the point of view of Pia for the first half of this book and it then switches to Trey This has been able to give a great perspective on each of these characters lives Both of them are likeable but also have their traits that annoy and that makes them feel very realistic I particularly like how Michelle writes from the male perspective as I can forget that this story is coming from a woman and not a man Trey does not come across as sappy or soft I guess you could say as males can when their point of view is written by a womanThe secondary characters are an interesting bunch The most predominant being Pia’s cheeky best friend – Fay Who provides us with a little humourThe book is not overdone in the love scene department with only a few and they certainly are steamy complete with a broken bedgiggleA nice book with a happy ending If you like a story about an underdog wanting a better life in this world then you need to give this a tryFun read 4 stars

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    Read of my reviews at ArireadswordpresscomI was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewOn a family vacation Pia meets Trey a great looking cocky guy who doesn't give in until she agrees to see him But the friendship continues after the vacation ends and things get complicated as real life sets inI didn't start out loving Pia so I had trouble connecting in the beginning of the book but once it switched to Trey's POV I was hooked so deeply I stayed up to finish the book His life is so messed up you just hurt for him and want to fix his life so he can live out his dreamsThe book deals with some real life issues that can be hard to resolve in a way that is both believable and satisfying but I give Abbott kudos for pulling off both of those The last half of the book pulled it up a star in my rating as I become emotionally involved and got my happily ever after Just Stay is definitely worth the read

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    An Amazing book of young love that holds no boundaries I love to read Michelle's books she really has a knack for grabbing on to your heart strings and keeping a tight reign until the end of the book In this book we have Pia away n a holiday with her family and she is not happy to be away from the city Trey who lives in this Cornish little village and is dying to start living his life and be important to some oneOf course when he meets Pia he is instantly attracted her not so much Yeah she thinks he is handsome but wants nothing to do with him that is until he breaks down her barriersI felt this book was raw and real his feelings toward Pia and his insecurities about her love toward him stem from the lack of love he felt from his parents He broke my heart A man so filled with love that no one would return not even the ones that were supposed to love him unconditionally Ladies I cried not for Pia but for Trey this is a story where you will root for the Man than you will for the woman In other words Trey all they wayMichelle you have a fan for life