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In 1861 William J Hardee left the United States Army after twenty five years of service and became a colonel in the army of the southern confederacy Like Stonewall Jackson and James Longstreet he was to become one of the outstanding corps commanders of the SouthThis well researched volume on Hardee's life leads from his birth on the Georgia Florida frontier in 1815 through his time in the Seminole and Mexican Wars to West Point where in 1860 he became commandant of cadets During these years he earned a reputation as an energetic and imaginative officer His book Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics was the standard infantry officer's guide for both sides in the Civil WarDuring the war Hardee rose in rank rapidly and emerged as a key figure in the Army of Tennessee establishing an impressive combat record He broke the Union's lines at Shiloh Perryville Murfreesboro and Atlanta and saved the army from destruction at Missionary Ridge A professional soldier of the Napoleonic school his performance was less effective when trench warfare emerged in the war's later stagesThis biography first published in 1965 fills a pronounced gap in the history of prominent officers of Civil War fame

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    Fine detailed biography especially with Hardee's Civil War career The maps tended to be good; however there were no maps for Hardee's pre Civil War career nor for the December 1864 Savannah operations and the Battle of Bentonville

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    The Army of Tennessee's best corps commander Wrote the book on tactics