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First love is the sweetestJax and Jacey are everyone's favorite couple even though they've barely ever kissedIn kindergarten Jax pulled out a chair for Jacey and swept the play dough off so that she would sit down next to him and he's been carving out ways for them to stick together ever since Though everyone in their conservative small beach town sees them as a couple they're not exactly Because while they both want they've agreed to wait Jacey works hard respects her elders and follows every spoken and silent rule about fitting in and doing the ‘right’ thing She doesn't dare give the gossips fodder from her family so she's kept Jax firmly in the friendzone It takes a hurricane for her to realize timing is everything but months later she’s still too afraid to put her heart on the line and tell him how she feels Then plans change – hers for summer and his for college and Jacey needs to make the most of the time she and Jax have left or stay stuck in the land of missed beginnings forever

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    ARC REVIEW Review of Jellybean Kisses by Amy Evans

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    I think it was a good book not great Their relationship was cute but some parts was gringy You know that part There was not much of a plot Other than that I liked it

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    Find this review and at kimberlyfaye readsI want to start this review by stating that when I first read Jellybean Kisses it wasn't advertised as a preuel to a novel I went into this with the thought that it was a standalone novella so I expected a full story I was incredibly disappointed by it because it wasn't a complete story It wasn't until after reading that I learned the author changed this to a preuel novella and had written a full length novel featuring Jax and Jacey That's what bumped my review to two stars instead of one The story was cute and the characters were charming but this wasn't a full story It was of a tease than anything There was little development of the characters and while it was enjoyable it was lacking For me anyhow Would my views on the book have changed if I had known at the time I read this that it was the preuel to a full novel? Possibly But I can't change that now Now knowing this was a preuel I will honestly say I am interested in a full length novel about Jax and Jacey While I wasn't able to get fully invested in their relationship in 51 pages of the novella I do look forward to seeing where the author will take their story I will be interested to see how their characters develop I definitely think this author these characters and their story have a lot of potential I enjoyed Amy's writing style and the idea of this book was charming I'm a sucker for stories of friends who turn into than friends so I do plan to check out Amy's full length novel once it's released I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    I received this book free from Mark My Words Book Publicity in exchange for an honest reviewI loved the premise of this book The old saying ‘don’t know what you have until you lose it’ fits in well with a story of two friends who both want but in the end keep resorting back into the ‘friend zone’Jacey is sweet but I think she feels as if karma keeps her from following her heart Every time she follows it something bad happens making her step back instead of forwardJax is great He’s the ever loyal friend the one who is always there for whatever Jacey needs or wantseven if he wants He’s that sweet type of boy we all want our daughters to end up withThis book starts out hilariously I laughed so much during the goose incident But thenit flashes back to an event in their pastand then another flashback to a different event Yes those events may explain why Jacey acts the way she does but for a four chapter book and two are flashbacksugh This is however the preuel and in saying that I hope the next book focuses on them in the ‘now’ and less on them in the past because they are interesting characters and I’d like to see what happens to themMy Favorite Moment A jellybean game with new rules of engagement Fun and perfect

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    To see my full review fact that this novella starts with a goose in a car scaring the living daylights out of the main character Jacey made it the perfect beginning I snorted and giggled as I saw it unfolding in my minds eye and from there I knew Evans had captivated me in this short but great storyI absolutely adore Jax and Jacey; the entire time I read I was rooting for them to get together and I just can’t wait to read the first full novel in this series because I have an inkling that it’s going to rock The characterization plotline and humor throughout this novella was superbly done and I am indeed looking forward to further connecting with the characters as Evans continues to flesh them out in the upcoming full novelWhile the goose was definitely one of my favorite scenes the truth behind jellybean kisses and what that means just melted me If you’re looking for a short sweet read this summer look no further than Jelly Bean Kisses Pink The Preuel

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    35 StarsJellybean Kisses is a short and sweet story about the budding relationship Jacey and Jax Jacey has built herself a wall to hide behind in order to escape the shadows of someone else’s poor choices but she struggles to maintain it as she tries to balance her conservative views and the relationship she wants with Jax I personally didn’t like Jacey too much because of her indecisiveness but I did find her struggle to be a normal teen while maintain her religious beliefs interesting Since I struggled with something similar growing up I really understood how she felt when she had to compare what she should be in the eyes of her religionpeers and what she wants I really liked the interaction between Jax and Jacey and I liked Jax uite a bit since he had some much patience for Jacey The jellybean scene was incredibly cute Overall it was a really nice read for to fit in during a busy day

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    This book is a dazzling love story It is a short read but a good one It all starts with you meeting Jacey and Jax with a comical joke being played on Jacey These two have been inseparable since kindergarten as friends But we all know that “friend zone” can be changed during that period we call puberty These two are so sweet together As you read it goes back into the past of how they ended up where they are in the beginning of the story The night of the hurricane is the pivotal moment of this story That is where the title of this book comes into play I think you will love the jellybean game and the meaning of each color of the jellybean This story is a great coming of age love story Yes it’s not long but it leaves you with wondering where they went from the end pointI am giving this book 45 hearts

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    I thought this was a cute young adultnew adult story I was intrigued by the term “jellybean kisses” and needed to know what the author meant by that I won’t include the description here as I don’t like to include spoilers in my reviews However I thought it was an adorable idea and very uniue Jax and Jacey are solid likable characters It felt like they were the young adults living down the street very down to earth and sweet The writing was good; I read the whole book easily in one sitting Overall I’d recommend this book I think this is a good beach read or a book you read when you want a sweet story

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    I rated this book 5 stars because the beginning reeled me into the story In the beginning Jacey finds a goose in her car so she and Jax the cute boy of the story help move the goose to a safer environment As the story progresses the author goes into detail of Jacey and Jax's romance They started out as friends and dated off and on for years Once you read into the story you learn about the town's uber conservative nature Jacey's older sister's teen pregnancy and also the devastating hurricane that nearly destroyed the town You also will learn about why the story is called 'Jellybean Kisses' HINT there are jellybeans and kisses involved

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    I really looked forward to reading this but it really wasn't that good I felt like it was piece's of a larger book and when it was over I was actually upset I hate to do this but I cannot recommend this read And I really really wanted to like this I loved the idea and the blurb soooo had me sold and when I finished I re read the last chapter to see if I missed something nope didn't miss anything I hate to say but don't waste your time