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Adventure Pom brings kids on the fun filled adventure's of Captain Henry Gingersnaps Together they will search beaches parks and trails for the Pals Henry needs to face the Cranky Kitties This lovable Pomeranian and his new Dog Pal buddies will capture your heart and imagination with fluff tail poof Engaging dialog and wonderfully detailed photography helps bring this journey alive and parents may just find their inner pom voice as they read along with the kids A 1 donation will be made to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society by the publisher for each copy of the book sold Uniue use of photography dogs and cats and story telling earns this new children's book a rating of 5 Poof Tails Wagging Redheather Book Review

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    One of our new favorites around here is Adventure Pom featuring the poof tail adventure of Captain Henry Gingersnaps Using a creative combination of photography and comic styling speech bubbles the book follows Henry on his search for Pals so he can face the ever ominous Cranky Kitties The book's layout uses color and design thoughtfully keeping children engagedThe book starts with a very cute if not dramatic image of foreboding with cat eyes hovering over a sad faced Pom The mood uickly gives way as Henry sets on his mission Playfully chasing and romping his way through parks beaches and trails to find new friends Along the way Henry meets brand new dog Pal friends and some interesting critters as well A lovable turn of events even lays in wait as all the cuteness of this tail unfoldsUniue use of photography dogs and cats and story telling earns this new children's book a rating of 5 Poof Tails Wagging

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    This was my first book that I won at Goodreads The photos in the book were charming and story was very cute I think children –especially who likes dogs will really enjoy this picture book The chapters are short and go really fast but do not pick up this book unless you have the time to read the whole story for your childchildrenCover 55Photos and colours in the book 55I recommend to those who are bored with traditional fairy tales and want to give something special for their child

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    A very engaging book not just for children but also for adults Beautiful use of photography showing Captain Henry Gingersnaps and the pals he meets along the way we all loved the Pomeranian code Overall the book was comical and put a smile on everyone’s face I would recommend this book to any animal lover who wants to show the younger generation the joys of having a companion in their life

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    What a delightful little book with adorable photos Follow Captain Henry Gingersnaps love the nameon his adventures to find pals who will help him with some cranky kittens Children will love this book and adults will love reading it to them

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    Did I hear the word Pom Okay since I own 4 Pomeranians this is going to be a must read book for me

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    Okay it's for kids So what? I enjoyed the book very much I have an extraordinary Pom myself a large black Pom who is the third member of the Three Dog Detective Agency He always tells me that even among dogs Poms are something special However he never told me about the Pomeranian Code but he lives up to it and I suppose it explains the tail This is a very lovely and enchanting book from beginning to end

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    Grandaughter loves this book This is her go to book at bedtime She takes to school with her to share with friends