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FBI Special Agent Adam Duval is deep undercover with one mission gain the trust of his cellmate Lyle McEdwin one of the notorious McEdwin family by staging a prison break with him Lyle promises they can hide out with his family in their secluded bunker and that's just the opportunity Adam's been looking for until it all goes wrong Lyle is injured in a shootout with an off duty cop and Adam has no choice but to kidnap Dr Renata Curtis from her clinic in order to keep Lyle alive

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    Rating 5 stars loved itPure Dynamite was an excellent suspense romance that kept the tension high and the emotions right at the surface Books where one character kidnaps the other are always a risk for me in terms of a believable love story but Lauren Bach does an amazing job of creating the relationship between Renata and Adam The chemistry builds slowly between them but I loved the believable pace and I never felt like Renata's feelings were only a result of the circumstances Instead I could clearly see how Renata began to fall for Adam even when she thought he was a convictAdam was an excellent hero who is strong and protective with just enough of an edge He doesn't want to kidnap Renata and he certainly doesn't want to hurt her but he has to maintain his dangerous reputation in front of Lyle The struggle that Adam goes through was written so well and I loved the contrast between the dangerous convict Adam has to play and the gentle man he actually is Renata is also a great character and even though she's stuck in an impossible situation she never gives up Renata's strength is clear from the beginning and I loved her fire and intelligenceThere's a lot of story packed into Pure Dynamite and I didn't want to stop reading because I was so invested in the story It's definitely one of my top favoritesReader SafetyHero was abused as a child referenced off page

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    This was an okay enjoyable read Some of my issues I had were with the pacing that tended to slow way down at some points Almost making it impossible to continue because at those points I was dying of boredom For 23's of the book the pacing tended to fluctuate enough where when it would pick up I'd get my hopes up thinking things were going to finally finally get interesting It doesn't though unfortunately At least not until the final third Then things really pick up and start getting good It almost had me uestioning if I was reading the same bookAnother issue I had was with the characters I hated Renata and all the little TSTL moments she had And she had some doozies such as trying to stab an armed man with a scalpel with another armed man around the corner or jumping out of a 2 story window or the big one; climbing in and buckling her seat belt in a car that has a gas leak and a fire after the accident Really? Really? I also didn't care for Adam who's name happens to change at the end of the book really hate when that happens I just couldn't really buy into his reasoning behind keeping Renata in the dark about whowhat he really is As for the romance between the two I didn't believe it There wasn't much tension there for me It came off as just a case of Stockholm Syndrome and nothing The saving graces were the suspense plot and dialog Both were done very well The suspense was great at the end and had the pacing off the charts it was so fast if only it had been like that the whole book But that is what made this book enjoyable for me The plot worked very well Overall while the book was okay I'm happy that I'm done with it

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    I started this story because I wanted to read a RS and I had never heard of Lauren Bach until now Plus this was rated the highest of all her books My three stars are based on the suspenseThe GoodThe suspense was fairly decent Adam his captive doctor Renata and Lyle were on the run Outside forces indicated Adam was being set up When the author followed that line of thinking the pacing was good view spoiler The BadFor Adam it was insta lust Whenever Adam and Renata were in the shower I found what happened hard to believe The Ugly Lyle he was irritating to no end but I know he was written that way for a reason I just didn't like his character Also one minute he was shot with an infected wound and 103 fever and in the next moment all he thought of was a BJ So much so he had one of his ladies bring a box of condoms to one of their mysterious meeting spots And the epilogue? I saw no purpose to it hide spoiler

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    Adam Duval is an undercover FBI agent sent to prison to gain the trust of Lyle McEdwin They break out of prison and on the run and Lyle is injured Adam does what he must kidnap Dr Renata CurtisOverall a good read Action packed and suspenseful along with a good balance of romance

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    Good read