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Stolen from her parents Catherine Stanton grows up in the eastern region of Ajara where she is destined to marry the Sultan's son The Sultan changes his plans however and she finds herself part of his harem as he indulges his deepest desires with herWhen everything suddenly changes Catherine is reunited with her parents and adjusting to the life she should have always had For Richard Black it is love at first sight when they meet and there is nothing he wants than to be in Catherine's heart and her bed She will have to choose between her old life and her new life the man she loved and the man she married Which one will she choose?

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    4 out of 5 stars a girl finds herself living in a Sultan's palace in a world completely different then the one she grew up in and over the years in living there she makes many friends and a few loves However has she already met her true love or is he still in her future?Read of this review and two teasers here