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The uprising has begun It's been seven days since Clementine and Logan along with their allies retreated into hiding on the Surface The rebels may have won one battle against Commander Charlie but the fight is far from finished He has vowed to find a way to win—no matter the cost Do the rebels have what it takes to defeat himand put an end to this war? As Clementine and Logan enter a desperate race against time to defeat Commander Charlie—and attempt to weaken his power within his own ranks—they find themselves in a terrifying endgame that pits them against a brutal enemy and each other With every step Clementine draws closer to losing Loganand losing control of herself Continuing with the mesmerizing saga that started with Extraction Stephanie Diaz blends science fiction epic romance and heart stopping adventure to create a world that no reader will soon forget

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    Whoa that ending was TOTUREEEE It left me feeling like this I enjoyed REBELLION then I did EXTRACTION Though it did have it's flaws and slow parts but nevertheless it was a fantastic addition to the EXTRACTION series That ending left me grasping for the final Showdown 4 Stars REBELLION was an intensely thrilling adventure filled dystopia that kept me engaged and on my toes until the very last page It was a wonderful follow up to EXTRACTION that had terrifying surprises and a hell of a cliffhanger that will have me on the edge of my seat in anticipation until book three is in my needy little handsI've been so excited to start REBELLION since reading EXTRACTION last year and REALLY enjoying it a lot And REBELLION did not disappoint either I mean I did have minor issues with it which in turn knocked a star off my rating but nothing too serious to make me not want to continue reading and finishing this series And I loved the direction that the plot took I have to admit that I did not see that ending coming I can't say what of course ; but I was literally shocked along side Clem when the truth was finally revealed And it's always a fun ride when you can be utterly shocked and stunned that you have your mouth hanging open in shock And that's exactly how Stephanie Diaz left me feeling with that EPIC twist endingBut like I said I did have minor issues with it Manly it was just that it felt too slowed pace for my taste It felt like everything was happening in slow motion and I just knew something was coming but it was just taking too long for it to get there But it wasn't bad enough to make me want to DNFedBesides that I can't really think of any other negative issues I had with REBELLION The characters were far developed in this second book We got to meet new characters and of course in any good dystopia lose some too But the characters had their stages of development that I really enjoyed They went through the motions of their struggles and hardships and had to learn how to work through them But eventually they were able to overcome them and slow build themselves back up to the strong determined rebellion that sparked the revolution and was driven by the rage and desire to end this terrifying world that has brought so much pain and suffering to it's people They were ready to do anything to see the people who tortured and enslaved them imprisoned or better yet dead THE PLOT THE UPRISING HAS BEGUN Clementine has fought and defeated The Commander and his army of mindless soldiers once and she's determined to defeat him again and end the senseless suffering to the slaves being used and abused under his ruleClementine and the love of her life Logan have teamed up with the rebels and are now taking refuge in a secret facility lying low until they have enough Intel and numbers to strike the The Commander hard hard enough to wound and damage whatever insane plan he has in the works Because if it's anything like the last plan her and Beechy the leader of the rebellion stopped then it could mean the end for everyoneBut Clementine didn't go through hell and back just to allow The Commander and his solders to win and kill off the ones he doesn't need any No she is prepared to do whatever necessary to defeat him once and for all even if it means she has to go back to the very place it all started the work camps AKAthe death campsAmidst all the danger and death that The Commander has planned Clementine goes undercover as a spy in the work camps trying to blend in and get the upper hand for the rebels All while a few of the other rebels do the same; wrecking havoc whenever and wherever they can trying to add enough chaos and drama to The Commander and his minions insanity But The Commander wants Clementine extremely bad and he has everyone on high alert to be on the look out for her hiding amidst the work camps somewhere And that just makes her job that much harder until she uncovers the truth behind The Commanders real plans and that they're even sinister then she ever thoughtWill Clementine and her group of rebels be able to infiltrate The Commanders organization? Will they be able to uncover all the secrets plots and help the ones under the mindless drug that has most people in a compelled state? Will they be able to gain the upper hand and stop all The Commanders vicious plans before it's too late?? But most important will they be prepared for the coming doom that is destine to come no matter the outcome with The Commander?? You'll have to read and find out for yourselves;Overall REBELLION was a great second installment that did not disappoint I've thoroughly enjoyed this series so far and I'm highly looking forward to finding out the outcome of this epic battle on all sides Because that ending was absolute TORTURE I definitely recommend the REBELLION series to fans of dystopia Sci f action and adventureEither way it's definitely worth a fair shot NOTE I received a Physical ARC from St Martin's Griffin for reviewing purposes All opinions express are my own and are not influenced in any way

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    I read Extraction last year and while I wasn't completely in love with the book because it had a plot line that is so redundant in YA I was impressed by Stephanie Diaz' writing and I knew that she was one of those authors who would undoubtedly improve with time So I picked up Rebellion with a lot of excitement and dang was this book greatFrom the moment I opened my copy of Rebellion I was hooked This is a book that does not suffer from any kind of second book syndrome It was intense action packed and had twists that had my eyes widening It was impossible for me to stop flipping the pages because of how addicting this book was With Rebellion Stephanie Diaz has moved away from the Divergent similarities and has gone into the sci fi teritory and it was absolutely brilliant I loved how the world building expanded in this book Stephanie Diaz had some great ideas involving the moon a poison and new alien race that will form a big part of the next book Also we learn about the twisted and truly psychotic leader Charlie who basically twisted my guts multiple times throughout the book It actually pained me that I was unable to jump into the story and push this crazy guy off of a cliff The death toll in Rebellion was high and it had me so nervous for these characters who I grew to love in this bookI mentioned in my review of the first book that I was unimpressed by Clementine's character but all that changed here I actually grew to really love her and connecting with her emotionally was much easier this time around The author puts Clem through some seriously high obstacles and it pained me to see her suffer so much especially with her PTSD but these obstacles were also important to help her grow as an individual and to find her strengths By the end of the book Clem was a completely different character than we met in Extraction and I couldn't be prouder of her We also get to see of Logan in Rebellion and I'm really growing to like him as well He is a complete sweetheart and I love how devoted he is to Clem I'm not going to lie though I do wish there was romance in this series because if you all know me you know how much of a sucker I am when it comes to romance Even if the romances is mostly in the background I loved the relationship that Logan and Clem had It was one based on respect As for the secondary characters I trust absolutely NO ONE I don't know what to think of them because Stephanie Diaz makes it so hard to trust them with her twists and turns Also it should be illegal to end the book with such a killer ending Nevertheless it's definitely gotten me excited for the final book in the trilogy Please don't let anything happen to these babiesRebellion was an astounding second book in a series If you're into high intensity action packed YA science fiction books with characters that grow throughout definitely check out the Extraction series

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    I want to thank St Martin's Griffin for providing me with a copy of this book to read and give an honest review Receiving this book for free has in no way altered my opinion or reviewIf you haven't read the first book in this series STOP HERE I cannot promise there will not be spoilers from the first book As a matter of fact I can pretty much guarantee there will beThis book picks up right where the last book left off Clementine is back from her trip where Oliver flew into the moon to destroy the machine put there by the enemy Clementine and her band of misfits have taken to a compound on the surface where they hide and plan their attack on Commander CharlieOf course as with any good plan there's always a downside And this comes in the form of confronting your enemy and possibly never coming out alive Clementine knows this is a real possibilityI will say that the first book in this series was just ok for me It didn't hold my interest as much as I would have liked The concepts were interesting but I had felt like there was too much of other books in them which I mention in my review Same went with this book I could see similarities for sure I wanted it to go a different route than I was expecting but it didn't really do that for meBut every dystopian must have it's rebellion and Diaz managed to pull that off uite nicely This book certainly was faster paced than the first There was action and intrigue that kept me wanting to get to the end to see where Clementine would end upAnd there's even a twist a wrench if you will thrown into the plot One that actually pulls Commander Charlie onto their side then they would like I can't get into what it is because I'll spoil things but let's just say I can see where the enemies might join forces a bit in the next book to try and save their peopleClementine is plagued by what has happened to her in the very recent past in this book It makes her hesitate in situations where she should not and do things in situations that might cause others harm She has a hard time separating herself from the trauma and it's a picture that is clearly painted to the reader At the same time she chooses to hide what's going on from her friends rather than seek the help she needs to move past it I felt badly for her but I also wanted her to find the light somewhere and it never really happened Her relationship with Logan becomes especially pressed for it and it doesn't help that she keeps secrets from him because he feels the tension it is causingThere are a ton of supporting characters in this book each with their own uniue personality It was nice to watch the interactions between them as their relationships grew stronger the time they all spent togetherI will say I would have liked to see showing in this book as opposed to telling Much of the time Clementine focuses on telling us what is going on around her rather than us seeing it though her interactions with the other characters and the world around her At times this pulled me out of the story and I had to put the book down to take a breatherOverall this was a fairly enjoyable read There's definitely a cliff hanger ending here so I want to see what happens int he next book I can only imagine that the opening with be a big bang because it can't be anything but

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    So I was a HUGE fan of the first book in this series “Extraction” because for me it had everything you want from a YA Dystopian tale but managed to avoid so many of the cliches It was just a thoroughly enjoyable read with some great characters and an intriguing and wonderfully addictive plotWith “Rebellion” Ms Diaz has upped the ante uite substantially – after the adrenalin rush of battle at the end of Book One we find Clem and Logan hiding on the surface and preparing for the bigger battles to comewhilst in the core Commander Charlie has begun to put into action a truly horrific planThere is plenty of action to be had here some extension of the world building some terrific character development that builds up the tension nicely and keeps you right in the heart of thingsa few little twists and turns to keep you on your toes and a beautifully evil villain in Commander Charlie who I’m actually rather fond of He is just so addictively bad but you get the impression that he truly believes everything he does is for the best Even when what he does is mind control and blowing stuff up But I mean you can’t beat a bit of blowing stuff up really can you? Even the good guys are not adverse to a little of thatThe story fairly races along not a lot of time to draw breath as Clem is thrust back into the thrill of the fight and attempts to untangle the lies from the truth Her loyalties are tested she is faced with some difficult choices and something is coming that may make things even worseI do adore Clem as a leading lady – she is brave and resilient yes but also often a bit of a clutz and doesnt always make the best decisions Her love for Logan can cloud her judgement and certainly for her he comes first The lack of the rather overdone trope of a love triangle works so well here it is Clem and Logan has been from the start and you don’t get tied up in knots with endless breathless asides about which boy might be “the one” It is one of the reasons that for this reader the Extraction series is a cut above That relationship is solid and yes things come between them but ultimately they are the heart and soul of the storyThere are plenty of supporting characters all very well drawn the rebels and the “bad” guys all having an eclectic mix of personalities often not uite what they appear this keeps things interesting The story never loses cohesion or gets messy it is often strangely realistic even though you are reading fantasyThe ending was beautifully annoying a perfect set up for the next tale where things are definitely going to change Whether that is for the better or worse for Clem Logan et al remains to be seen But whatever happens next I’m going to be right there with them for sureHighly Recommended for fans of YA Dystopia

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    We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club to know about this book go to the post in our website Rebellion Extraction #2 by Stephanie Diaz If you are interested you can visit our website The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club's Review Rate 4 starsReviewRebellion is a must read dystopian YA story filled with science fiction battles and hot book boyfriends This book is the proof that some second parts are even better that the first oneRebellion continues the story right were the first book in the series Extraction finished While Clementine has defeated The Commander the war is not over and so the story continues in RebellionIt's true that the story may start a bit slow but once this part of the book has passed all the plot starts showing the potential the story has This time the battle the intensity of it all and the future of the main characters in the story keeps you hooked into the story and unable to stop reading Moreover the author has written an amazing plot I didn't find myself comparing it to other series or wondering if it would be similar to other books This time while reading Rebellion I was just so invested with the story that once I finished all I could think was in reading the following bookI keep all my reviews spoiler free and I am so excited about this book that I am afraid of writing anything that will give away the story That's why I am keeping this review short To sum it up Rebellion is even better than Extraction With a mind blowing plot filled with unexpected twists and characters that keep growing and evolving with each passing book I would highly recommend this book and this seriesI've been recently only reading contemporary romances so Rebellion has been a refreshing change in my reading habits lately I am glad I had the chance to read this series because they are filled with adventure action science fiction fantasy and an epic romance I received this book in exchange of an honest review Thank you so much to St Martin's Griffin for offering me the chance to read this book

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    Source LibraryGenre Young Adult Science FictionRating 35 4ThoughtsRebellion is the second installment in author Stephanie Diaz's Extraction trilogy It's been seven days since Clementine Logan Beechy Sandy and their allies retreated into hiding on the Surface where they are hold up in a former Kiel Special Military Corps bunker Even though Clementine is having regrets about what happened at the end of Extraction and the loss that still lingers she feels almost safe with Logan But she knows it won't last The rebels may have won one fight against Commander Charlie but the war is far from overFull Review Gizmos Reviews

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    “We can’t forget those who are still imprisoned in the work camps especially now that there’s acid descending on them from the sky They already lived in fear of death and now they have one way to die They deserve freedom But even if the scouts return and bring us news so we can launch an attack it will take a lot than a single battle to liberate everyone in the camps Our uprising has barely begun” Actual rating 45 starsOne week ago Clementine and Logan escaped Commander Charlie's clutches and are now in hiding on the Surface Even though the idea of safety is tempting Clementine knows the peace won't last for long; Charlie is determined to find her and crush the Alliance she's aligned herself with regardless of the conseuences To throw the Developers a returning punch Clementine sneaks back into Kielan society disguised as a worker in one of the Sector camps There she tries to stay undercover long enough to find information that will incriminate Charlie and the other Developers But the closer Clementine gets to finding the truth the closer she finds herself to losing everyone she loves as well as herself It's been uite a while from the time I read this to the time I'm writing this review so unfortunately I can't remember much about it All I know is that this book is was amazing It took its predecessor's flaws and polished them It took Extraction's tension plot and chilling atmosphere and it cranked the chaos to stratospheric levels Every page it seemed some new disaster had befallen Clementine and her friends one obstacle to surmount on the path to truth and freedom I applaud Diaz for not giving her characters any leeway and making them work towards their goals; it made the pages fly by Clementine's strength in this book was unbelievable Her determination to find the truth drove her far but her willingness to sacrifice herself for her loved ones was unbelievable Her selflessness landed her in some pretty terrifying situations—ones she could have easily avoided if she’d been focused just on saving her own skin But instead she faces all the challenges thrown at her head on because she knew others were counting on her Her ability to In regards to plot Rebellion takes the foundation laid in Extraction and expounds on it weaving mere plot threads into dark chilling tapestries that show just how deep the Developers’ deception runs The tone of the book is set by the stains of Clementine’s emotional trauma which grow larger as the book progresses and she’s subjected to tortures However despite every twist there is always hope remaining for the characters in one way or another giving Rebellion a sense of urgency that made the book difficult to put down Finally my favorite part the writing Clementine is still trying to recover from her experiences in the previous book and this lends some poignancy to the prose It helps whet Rebellion into a sleek sharp dagger aiming strait for the heart In addition the ending promises a thrilling conclusion to the trilogy It looks like Evolution is going to be one heck of a ride

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    45 Stars'Rebellion' is the action packed second book in a young adult dystopian series The book picks up right where the first left off the rebellion has officially begun Logan and Clementine along with their allies have gone to the safety of the Surface after winning the first battle against Commander Charlie The war is far from over and the Commander has every intention of winning no matter what the cost When Clementine and Logan team up against the Commander and against time they discover just exactly what they're up against There will be secrets lies and anything else that could tear them apart Is Clementine going to end up losing Logan as well as the war? Is she even strong even to control herself?Just like the first book in the series this story had me immediately hooked from the first lines I felt like no time had passed since I finished the first novel and it was incredibly easy for me to slip back into the world that the author created The story continues to follow our heroine Clementine along with Logan her other half and a major hottie I was glad to see that both of the lead characters continued to grow throughout the story Sometimes during a series the characters or other parts of the books become stagnant and lose their appeal I'm very happy to report that this definitely wasn't the case here Clementine and Logan both have to grow as characters as a couple as a team as well as on their own I really enjoyed watching them overcome the many obstacles thrown into their paths and how they had to mature even in every aspect of their lives They're basically leading the rebel army against the Commander so they have no room for petty worries thoughts or fears any They must step up and lead the people who believe in the same principles as they do The plot was intense and really fast paced There was always something going on and I was constantly on the edge of my seat reading as fast as I could to see what was going to happen The writing is exceptional with detailed descriptions of every aspect of the book from the characters to the setting and the plot itself There's loads of vivid imagery so it's easy for the reader to imagine themselves in that world alongside the characters during the story I think that this book and the series will appeal to fans of several genres due to the fact that the author wove together such a wide variety to create this enthralling series There's action adventure science fiction fantasy dystopia and romance just to name some of the genres involved Overall I found this to be an exciting and addictive second book in a series that has me hooked I can't wait until the next book is released to see what's going to happen next Very highly recommendedDisclosure I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

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    In the exciting and intoxicating science fiction adventure Rebellion Clementine and Logan have joined the resistance on the Surface and although one battle against Commander Charlie's been won the rebels are determined to end his tyranny before the workers in the camps are moved below ground Racing against time Clementine and Logan are ordered to infiltrate the work camps underground while Commander Beechy and his team penetrate the Core but their plans go awry when the rebels are captured and forced to obey their enemy Under the Commander's control Clementine must become a pawn in his schemes to protect Logan but in doing so could lose him for good As the endgame becomes brutal Clementine discovers that their enemies may reach far beyond the Core as a new adversary begins an attack that could spell the end of the planet and its populaceIn this seuel to Extraction Stephanie Diaz blends romance adventure and science fiction into a mesmerizing page turner that heats up when Clementine and Logan are separated when transported to the camps Planning on spreading word of the rebellion and recruiting the help of the workers the rebels have little success and are betrayed then captured by Commander Charlie who has other plans for Clementine With Logan held hostage and injected with a serum that stifles her resistance the Commander orders Clementine to destroy the rebel base as he prepares for war with the Mardenites The tension and suspense mounts as Clementine and Beechy struggle against the mind control that makes them pawns in the Commander's scheme Fast paced the action never slows as the plot progresses to a fiery climax that begs for a third bookAs the chaos and the Commander's brutality escalates Clementine and Logan cling to a love that had bonded them before her extraction But the uestion remains whether or not their devotion can survive now that she's sacrificed her lucidity to keep him safe This plot mixes violence and turmoil with strong elements of friendship love mercy and hopeThe main characters heighten the drama with all their imperfections and failings making them unforgettable Picked by the Developers for Extraction because of her high intelligence Clementine is determined than ever to thwart the Commander's scheme to make her a mindless soldier Resourceful uick witted and bold her only vulnerability is Logan her uiet and rock solid protector Commander Charlie the chief antagonist is ruthless manipulative and selfish It is his cold hearted plans that lend a terrifying chill to the adventure and help infuse this intoxicating page turner with high energy and excitementI liked Rebellion” and look forward to reading the conclusion to this thrilling trilogy