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When God is generous to show us we catch glimpses of the anguish He feels at seeing His children harm themselves and hurt each other Follow a handful of seemingly disconnected people in this short story through a single day in their lives as they see the chain reactions caused by their choices What actions appear unrelated are often weaved in a delicate web unseen and orchestrated to produce glorious ends

10 thoughts on “Gods Breaking Heart

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    Our broken hearts break God's heartFood for thought We want to reflect Christ's love in how we interact with others But sometimes we get hit with their response to us or just the way people do things and we forget Definitely food for thought here

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    Great lessons learnedThis story was both interesting and confusing Confusing because there were so many characters and the storyline was interlaced I wrote down the names of each character and added info under each such as depressed lost job loan officer This way I could keep track and easily recognize them for their points of interest This helped me to really enjoy the story and learn from it I thought the story was very well written Since the series of four were short easy to read and interesting I read all four within a couple hours Would definitely purchase again and recommend to both Christian and non Christian friends alike

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    CoincidencesGreat short read I love interconnected events that play out over time and interrelate the character's lives God uses every event in our lives to teach or bless us

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    The butterfly effect in our lives Each event that occurs can and will impact a multitude of other people despite our knowing and understanding

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    Interesting topical an easy fast read