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THIS TITLE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE She's trapped with a man she hatesand can't resistWhen cruise ship turbulence sends children’s charity guru Mercedes Vega—and her tropical cocktail—flying into a mysterious stranger she’s convinced her free vacation is a dream come true But Lucas Bellamy isn’t just sexy as sin and richer than God He’s her business rival determined to outbid her charity for the land she desperately needsa fact she doesn’t learn until after a night of mind blowing toe curling sex Unwilling to give up she formulates a plan to make the charming playboy fall in love with her and back out of the property dealLucas is drawn to Mercedes but he won’t stand down—after all he has promises of his own to keep But one scintillating night with the enigmatic brunette leads to another and before long it’s unclear who’s seducing who leaving Mercedes wondering whether the man she’s supposed to hate is the only salvation from her past

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    When Mercedes wins an all expenses paid cruise trip the only reason she decides to go is so she can use the opportunity to raise money for her children's charity They have the opportunity to buy the perfect property to build a safe and secure play area for children in need but are short on funds The last thing she needs is to be distracted by the sexy millionaire Lucas but since he seems happy to help her with her goal she relaxes enough to let him slip past her defences What she doesn't realise is that Lucas is also bidding on the same piece of land that she wants so desperately What will happen when she discovers who he really is and the fact that he's been keeping secrets from her?Seducing Her Rival was a sexy read and I enjoyed both the banter and the chemistry between Lucas and Mercedes In a lot of ways the two of them are complete opposites their backgrounds couldn't be different and neither could their circumstances but they were both influenced by events in their past that have made them incredibly passionate about their different projects Both of them want to do good and they're prepared to work hard to achieve their goalsAlthough I liked both of the characters and there were things I enjoyed about the story this didn't end up being an amazing read I'm not even uite sure why it missed the spot for me on the surface it should have pretty much everything I'm looking for in a contemporary romance but unfortunately it didn't wow me I had trouble connecting with both of the main characters so even though I admired their plans I didn't feel particularly invested in seeing them achieve them I was also annoyed at Lucas for continuing his relationship with Mercedes after he realised who she was I think if he'd come clean as soon as he worked it out I would have had respect for him but it felt a bit like he was playing with her after thatI didn't dislike the story though and it was a uick and relatively fun read so it might be worth giving it a try Obviously this story worked a lot better for other people than it did for me so I'd recommend reading other reviews before you make up your mind about it

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    Seducing Her Rival is a fast paced romance about a charity driven Mercedes Vega trying to trick billionaire Lucas Bellamy by romancing him out of the property she had already set her sights on for the playground for the kids back at Better Todays Meanwhile he's planning on building a school But she ends up getting romanced into the whirlwind as wellHowever the story did not go about as what I expected Upon reading the blurb I had expected the characters to be truly rivals Hence pure sexual tension between the duo But instead everything was sweet and romantic and definitely the opposite of being rivals Instead it turned out to be of a Billionaire falls in love with poor girl Lucas Bellamy oh such a sweetheart First impression? Total rich boy but he didn't seem exactly arrogant Which I had presumed to be his personality considering that he's a billionaire Meanwhile Mercedes Vega I had expected spitfire from her Yes she had been the kind of girl who never backed down from a challenge but there wasn't enough power to her characterThe sex part was hot but exactly steamy I'd probably say from the beginning the sex had been romantic instead Perhaps there should have been to the sex part I mean they were in a ship for god sakes Nonetheless it was a good read If you're looking for sweet sappy romance this is the right book for you

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    My ThoughtsSeducing Her Rival by Seleste deLaney was a fast paced sweet sexy and spicy story about two characters that had a lot in common; most of all their passion to help others and make the world a better place I was excited to jump right into this story because I am a huge fan of Brazen This story was told from the dual perspectives of Mercedes Vega and Lucas Bellamy Mercedes lives in ueen's New York as both a secretary and waitress On top of these two jobs she donates all of her time and money in Better Todays an organization that gives to children in need On the opposite end of the economic spectrum is Lucas an extremely wealthy business owner and sexy playboy who is known as one of the most sought after eligible bachelor's in his social circleMercedes reluctantly takes an all expense paid cruise that she won in a raffle when her best friend Kelsey convinces her to mix business with pleasure by networking and gathering wealthy donations for their charity while on her cruise Lucas is on the cruise to check it out and see if it's a good fit for a business venture that he is planning When Mercedes boards the extravagant ship she uickly realizes that she is lacking her sea legs when she bumps in to a gorgeous man Lucus and spills her beverage all over his white shirt These two uickly share an intense mutual attraction and their meeting ends with a dinner date where Mercedes can meet the Captain of the ship and pitch her idea about organizing a fundraiser on board for her charity Pretty soon Mercedes and Lucas begin spending a lot of time with one another These two have their secrets and when Mercedes discovers that Lucas is bidding on the same property that she needs for her charity she comes up with a plan; to seduce Lucas in to falling in love with her However along the way Mercedes realizes that life doesn't always turn out according to plan There were many elements that I enjoyed about Seducing Her Rival For one I enjoyed the sexy and playful banter between Mercedes and Lucas as they got to know one another These two had witty comebacks toward each other which made their interactions together all the fun I enjoyed learning the back stories about why each of their charities were important to them and seeing that they both were generous people that shared similar passions I loved seeing how Mercedes and Lucas didn't want or expect much for one another but after getting to know each other they helped each other face their fears learn to open up and take a chance on love and become better people for having meet one another This was an enjoyable and fast paced little storyMy RatingIf you're looking for a story that you can devour uickly filled with passion romance and full of swoon check out Seducing Her Rival by Selesete deLaney This story was fun and I really enjoyed the flirtatious banter snarky comebacks and sexual chemistry between Mercedes and Lucas The sex scenes between these two characters were H O T I give Seducing Her Rival 35 Fast Paced Fun Flirty and Fantasy Filled Stars For a fun and sexy read check out Seducing Her Rival by Seleste deLaneyMy Favorite uotesIt was like the devil himself was offering her candy Who cared about heaven when this was what eternal damnation had to offer? Her abuela rolled over in her grave at the blasphemy as Mercedes slid in between Lucas's thighs A perfect fit eARC Loc 345MercedesI just want you Mercedes every part of you I don't know if it's your beauty or your heart or the fact your smart mouth never backs down from mine All I know is the minutes when I'm with you are the brightest ones in my day but I can't handle only having part of you eARC Loc 1320LucasThe woman undid him every touch every stroke made him yearn for for her in ways he' never thought possible eARC Loc 1420LucasTo Read More Book Reviews Visit A Bookish Escape at

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    I can't add much to the description of the book It's right on We get this deliciously hot story from the POV's of both Mercedes and Lucas From the first impressions of each other all the way through learning who the other is and the connection in their business livesSeleste draws two characters that are very strong minded yet each has a weakness they don't want to admit to anyone else They both know when they start seeing each other that there isn't anything to this relationship than what they see at face value However as time goes on this week cruise that all changes The stakes become higher for them both Gambling with money is one thing but when emotions start to get tied init can hurt When you meet someone even after dating for months there are things that people still hold close to their heart that are hard to share Both these characters have that It takes time for it all to surface But before that happens they fall for each other What matters most they are able to read into the actions of the other for the true person that hides underneath The one they see behind closed doors in the cabin They are attracted and rises to the surfaceI enjoyed the cruise with Mercedes and Lucas Mercedes seemed to face of her fears on this cruise More than what she fears for her charity Better Tomorrows Her fear of heights and falling Lucas becomes that rock for her in these times The solid ground she can lean on when she feels she's going to fall As much as I wanted to side with Mercedes and see something bad in Lucas I just couldn't He's a sweet man at heart even if the world of the rich makes it hard for him to be so And what the media shows of him really isn't true There is smexy at every turn in this book The couple spend many delicious nights together exploring than the islands the cruise visitsI will say I don't read many smexy romance novels But Seleste is an author I will make the exception for I've fallen in love with all her stories I've read Something in her writing voice catches me every time Once again she had me wrapped up in the story of these two characters A smexy novel I couldn't stop reading I had to know what their secrets were and what would happen with the playground Then would they really end up togetherthat was the big secret A bit of a Cinderella spin with charity at the heart

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    When Jaime asked me if I wanted to read and review some Brazen books I jumped at the chance Mostly because I love a hot sweet story and Brazen always delivers thatI started Seducing Her Rival first simply because of the setting I love to cruise It is in fact one of my favorite ways to vacation With that being said I have never met any man on my vacations like Lucas Bellamy – all hot and sweet and wealthy to boot Now if you know me you know I don’t generally go for a millionaire type hero But there was something about Lucas that I liked He was driven by his need to do something good because he was inspired by his grandmother Related How can you not love that about a man?But I really liked Mercedes in this Our hot Latina heroine is the polar opposite of Lucas in almost every way She’s not wealthy In fact the only reason she’s on this cruise is to garner donations for the charity she works for so they can buy a plot of land in ueens to build a playground for underprivileged children And she’s so driven in this endeavor It’s charming reallyBut here’s the catch – she and Lucas both want the same land for their respective projectsThere’s a lot of back and forth in this miscommunication witty banter and hot steamy encounters They rile each other up to the point of explosion It was a fun read even though I was frustrated with both of them at points Especially waiting for them to put all the pieces together and figure out who the other one really isOverall I enjoyed this updated Cinderella story with a philanthropic twist

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    This was the first book I have read by Seleste Delancy and I was not disappointed Seducing her Rival was not only hot and steamy but a Fun but touching read It showed perfectly how certain instances can change your life and directionMercedes based her life around one instance so with her best friend created they created a charityfoundation called Better Todays A fountain to provide for children in ueens NY Mercedes had been burned badly by a rich man and decisions were made that changed her life Mercedes was hardworking dedicated caring kind brave just had a lowered self esteem Anybody with money was classified as selfish and self to serving to her without getting to know themWhen Mercedes won a cruise one of the first person she ran into while boarding was Lucas She soon found out that he was loaded The only problem was the chemistry between the two was amazing Lucas was a billionaire but also real kind generous understanding supportive and passionateThis was definitely a book that tugged at your heart from time to time The banner between Mercedes and Lucas was fun and had me laughing out loud This book is one that definitely recommend I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own My review can be found at

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    Mercedes has a history she's trying to make amends for by building a playground where kids can feel safe Lucas has plans to build a school in memory of someone he loved and lost Unfortunately they're both after the same land and also both happen to be on the same cruise ship What's even unfortunate is that they're both mega attracted to one another Mercedes wants to hate Lucas but can't keep away from him so she comes up with a plan where she can have her cake and eat it tooYet another fab book by the awesome Ms deLaney I liked Mercedes most of the time but there were times where she was a bit too whiny for me I much preferred Lucas I could say he was a bit of a douche for trying to keep his identity a secret he did have actual reasons at the beginning but Mercedes was also a bit of a douche for trying to play with his heart so she could get the landI love anything Seleste writes I will always read her stuff and like with this book I might not love the main characters but I still love the story and that's what counts Only a few books have made me DNF due to really bad characters for most the story is the important bit for me

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    Mercedes Vega was well written Latina that avoided typical stereotypes and Luc Bellamy was a billionaire looking for a woman who saw him and not his money They were instantly attracted to each other and had to overcome their own preconceived notions to allow their relationship to develop past the initial lust I enjoyed their interactions and how Luc saw the real Mercedes beneath the tough girl exterior And Mercedes brought out Luc's sweet and romantic side the gifts were awesomeSeducing Her Rival is a fun book to read on a rainy afternoon curled up on the couch 35 stars

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    Welcome to the world of Mercedes Vega She's tough feisty and knows what she wants She's a great character to read about and her sarcastic wit is something I can identify with I read Lucas as a young Robert Downey Jr Yum and loved his character He's sweet enough to be dreamy and smart enough not to be a pushover This book has some very steamy scenes that will have you using you ereader as a fan Delicious The characters play very well off each other and you never spend a moment hoping they don't get together Pick this one up You won't be sorry

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    I really loved this story I was lucky enough to get an ARC and I couldn't put it down once I started Great characters funny and snarky dialog The plot was believable and engaging with plenty of seriously steamy scenes If you want a fun read with strong writing and emotion definitely read this bookOh and a pity about the piano Want to know what that's about? Read the book p