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When everything that defines you is stripped away who do you become? War has come to Atalanta infecting its uiet villages and lush woodlands igniting whispered worries in its glittering capital All across the dominion young men are being Selected for Military and sent to the front linesand eighteen year old Aris Haan's childhood sweetheart is one of them Pyralis Nekkos Atalanta's leader has kept the truth from his people that their dominion will falland much sooner than anyone could guess Galena Vadim his reluctant ally wishes she could forget their shared pastuntil her future seems to depend on it For the boy she loves Aris a talented wingjet pilot will give up everything her home her name even her face only to become the key to her dominion's survival

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    This book is so special to meI wrote the first draft when my husband was deployed for a year to a war zone Aris and this story were born out of my longing and worry for himand my desire to be with him no matter the cost The story became about so much than that though uestions of identity political accountability how far a person will go to do the right thingand how far they'll go for the people they loveI hope you enjoy

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    455 StarsRebel Wing was spellbinding intricately crafted and I became completely addicted  A rich picture of countries at war was painted and I found myself being pulled in by the moments of hope betrayal torture alliances and friendships  While the twists that played out where surprising or hopefully expected they had me jumping up and down  And don't even get me started on the dangerous butterflies that danced around in my stomach  I can't wait to see how the rest of this series proceeds But she’d never given up never backed away from a challenge Aris straightened her shoulders And I won’t this time either As the story unfolded we got to hear the tale in three voices  While Aris Haan is the main person we follow the other two are integral for learning the politics and the events surrounding the war  Usually I'm not a huge fan of multiple perspectives unless it's a couple and we hear their alternating voices but I actually loved the way this story was told  Being able to see from the town's people military and government views made for such a well rounded story  I found myself becoming as invested in the politics and back story as I was in Aris' life  The two other people who you'll follow and won me over are Ward Nekos Pryalus who is Atalanta's current leader where Aris resides and Ward Galena Vadim who is the current leader of the neighboring country Ruslana But she wasn’t a hero She was a romantic A foolish one probably giving up everything for the boy she loved But you’re a flyer too a voice whispered deep inside Aris uickly became a favorite heroine of mine  She takes challenges head on was tenacious and brave while having a huge heart and I loved that she grows up as the story proceeds  When we first meet Aris she laughs off being recruited to fly for war since women aren't allowed in the military  She's one of the best pilots in her town yet she truly doesn't see that as an option until her boyfriend is sent to war  The boyfriend whom she was supposed to be Promised to  So she enters the military disguised as man in hopes of being able to be closer to her boyfriend  To be honest I struggled with Aris giving up everything to be near her boyfriend Calix Pavlos  There was so little time of them together that I never felt a connection to their relationship or Aris' plight  But have faith because as the story progressed things started to click into place  And the path that was taken was perfection  I wish I could say “I don’t care what anyone says I want to believe things will work out I’ll be with Calix You’ll find your brother—” “We’ll win this war” Dysis voice was uiet her face serious Another thing that was perfect in my eyes was the strong female friendship  Aris meets Dysis down the road and it was so refreshing to see two women support one another  They trusted one another helped each other and when push came to shove they could count on the other to have their back  But one aspect I did struggle with was the names  We got introduced to a lot of characters with uniue names in the beginning of Rebel Wing and it took me to 30% to have a good grasp on the secondary characters  I am horrible with names at times so this definitely could be my issue alone  Also while the very beginning was a tad slow it uickly picked up its pace and held for the rest of the book yayNow I am off to start Storm Fall  I can't wait to see how all of the pieces fall into placeARC kindly provided by Author via a Facebook Giveaway in exchange for an honest review For of my reviews please visit

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    45 starsThe shift in cover art and title was a great move The second cover really gives a better feel of what the book is about The first cover was enticing but it didn't really scream sci fi book with a really cool MC who flies I think the second cover will garner a much devoted fan base And this book deserves it I found it to be really well written and engaging I loved watching Aris learn and mature and grow into her own person I really hope there will be books set in this world I am a map person so I would like a map next time too Not that I have any say just sayin' The one drawback to the books was the love affairs They were too easily formed and dissolved I need to see that a character is going to be constant and not distracted by another person while they are in a committed relationship Just because things are hard and you don't get to see each other doesn't mean you form attachments elsewhere I felt this book was full of really strong women Galena was my absolute favorite character I really would like to read about her I found myself looking forward to her chapters Her romance was tender and sweet even if it was full of heartache But again we have a man who is promised to someone else falling in love with Galena I would have expected a book this good to be picked up by a major publishing house that sounds incredibly snobbish to self published works but I haven't had much luck with those and I feel that the author will be putting out uality work I will be waiting to see what is next

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    ARC courtesy of Tracy E Banghart and NetGalleyWhat an inspiring dystopian novel with a great insight into the distance that can grow between close friends and family of service members and also the close knit bonds that develop with people military individuals meet along the way This novel is a true YA dystopian new world new technology what used to be an idyllic world now under siege I thoroughly enjoyed that like real life Aris entered the military with one set of expectations and reasons and it morphed into something much bigger than herself and she grew with her experiences She is a strong character and grows confident in herself as the story progresses and I find this very appealing view spoilerAnd I'm proud of her for leaving Calix though I do have to admit that Calix seemed like the perfect boyfriend at the beginning of the novel It's difficult to want to be together yet live different lives and not surprising that she and Milek found camaraderie and developed feelings for each other because of all their similar experiences Milek is super tough and hot so no complaints here ; hide spoiler

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    Rebel Wing is a well written exciting adventure set in the dystopianfantasy world of Atalanta and is another awesome example of why Indiesmall press books have managed to break into the mainstream It reminded me of Matched by Ally Condie but with action and suspense I highly recommend this to those who enjoy fantasy and dystopian novels with a romance aspect to them Also get ready for plenty of twists particularly toward the end which will keep you guessing

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    I really enjoyed this read This is a story about discovering who you really are and letting NO ONE keep you from being your true self There's so much you can take from these pages love family the cost of freedom just for startersI think I loved the world building in this one the best and how realistic it all felt I also liked that it didn't get too bogged down in the technical but everything still made sense And although there was some cliches I did MOSTLY like the charactersAlthough this made me think of many dystopiansci fi reads Under the Never Sky Dove Arising Partials and was almost reminiscent of WWII it really did have a uniue flavor to it that kept me glued to my Kindle I read this one all in one sitting Can't wait to read the seuel

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    Review can be found hereThis is the second time I read this book and it only gets better and better Aris is slowly becoming a character I can admire Definitely my favorite book of the yearhugs book

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    This review was first posted on Northern Plunder if you want to see reviews please click hereI was fortunate enough to receive an early copy of Shattered Veil for review after being contacted by Tracy to see if I was interested and with how her other books kept me so entertained I just had to agree This will in no way effect my opinion of the bookIt took me a few days to find the time to fully invest into Shattered Veil but once I started I just couldn't stopSince finishing this book at almost 3am in late February I have written two short reviews one an initial reaction to finishing the book on Goodreads which readsOh my god I love it So much I've enjoyed Tracys other books a great deal but I feel like this one just showed how much better she can write even though the others are great too but like woah okay it's 237am and I don't even want to sleep because this was just too good sueals I avoid war books because I don't like how real it is which is why I enjoyed her paranormal ish books so much but but but highly recommendThe other I wrote on a tumblr to have it listed as my recommendation for next month that had to come under the genre of New Beginnings which we could interpret as we so wished this readShattered Veil is a newly published book by Indie Author Tracy E Banghart as well as the first in a new series the story is about Aris as she makes some important decisions to follow the boy shes loves into a war to help defend her dominion to do so she must start a new life disguised as a man #this is so much than a love story #its about a strong female character who realises her new life #her new her #changes her for the better #and in result changes the world #changes her reason for fighting in the war #and just All round happy awesome powerful female characters #lots of feminism ideals here guys #super awesomeWe have to keep our recommendation short so I went over into the tags to express how much I enjoyed this bookOnce the post goes live with our New Beginnings recommendations I'll include a link hereSo now I'm sat here thinking I need to write an even better review that does this book even justice for how much I adored it but I'm afraid that I can't meet such a standardAris is such a strong character from the very start whether that is clear to all readers or not Some may see her as naive and childish for having this perfect life planned out with her one true love when there is such a devastating war going onBut isn't that how we all live before our eyes are opened?And did you have to relearn to walk and find a substitute for when you couldn't?Well I don't know about you but I didn'tAfter facing reality that her and Calix couldn't be as perfect as they had hoped when he gets selected to head to fight the war as a Mender she takes the only opportunity she has to be with himThis means going under great training and secrecy to join the war efforts herself as a flyer for search and rescueOnly trouble women aren't allowed to join the army but with cutting edge secret technology she is able to do just this along with many other unknown women tooSo Aris becomes AristosWhilst here she is faced with a lot changes in what she knows of the world but also within herself The development of Aris throughout the book is great and I love how true the whole word and scenarios feelAn even greater plus is that Aris isn't the only strong female character we also have part of the story told from another older female character who is the leader of one of the dominions and has to go through a terrifying and painful ordeal tooI can not express my love for this book enough it just makes me so happy and excited to think back to every moment of it that I can't wait to read it again in a few years but also that at some point we'll get a seuel where I can fall back in love with this world all over againI need to buy a copy to sit on my shelf amongst all my other favourite books

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    ARC was provided by the authorpublisher via NetGalley in exchange for honest reviewI think this is a good book and I enjoyed reading it mostly in second partThe first part was a struggle for me Despite the war that is looming in Aris' world the story is a bit boring Although I admire her eagerness to be with her loved one Calix I'm also annoyed with her She's joining the military to be close to him so she should know the conseuences But in all her training time she's whiney and is so innocent if not a bit silly and careless I know it is needed for her character development as we can guess she'll soon realize her role and reasons in the military is bigger than her initial reason but still I felt like I want to tell her to stop complaining In a way it makes the story feels slow And then there is another story between the leaders of the dominion view spoiler Ward Neko and Ward Vadim love story hide spoiler

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    Aris has always enjoyed flying even if it’s been just dusting the fields Now that she’s an adult it’s time for selection day which will change her future forever She expects to end up flying for her dad as a duster until she and Calix are ready to marry When a strange military flyer arrives right before the selection hinting that Calix may be drafted into the military due to the growing war he also gives Aris an offer that she might not be able to refuse Girls can’t join the military it’s a men only but with the right connection she can use a vale to hide she’s a women and join the fight flying When Calix is recruited to the military she has no choice but to follow him into the war he just doesn’t know it yetDeciding she isn’t ready to give up flying Aris joins the military under a vale as a rescue pilot The training is intense pushing her to the limit forcing her to be strong enough to pass as a man At least it’s worth it because she will get to fly for something that she loves Aris passes her training joining the as a pilot but she doesn’t tell anyone who she really is but her roommate who is also a girl As Aris spends time in the war rescuing people she finds herself becoming the soldier she’s pretending to be What will happen if they learn the truth about her? What will Calix think? Will she be able to go back to the normal life?I like Aris she was willing to take the chance risking her life for something she loves I enjoyed watching her grow into the soldier while it may not be the path she wanted it turned out to be that path that was right I’m not sure how I feel about Calix but I do see potential for her with another guy who may just see her for who she really is While I’m not a fan of love triangles this one may just work out for the bestI picked out Rebel Wing because it’s a dystopian with a female pilot because a couple of girls in my local book club are into military theme books I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started the book because it had been a while since I read the synopsis so it was a pleasant surprise I’m not afraid to admit I’m a last minute procrastinator when it comes to book club books it’s last minute I wish I hadn’t waited so long to dive into Aris’s story because I very much enjoyed her adventure it’s a captivating story The concept is uniue reminding me of other dystopian novels but with its own uniue spin I’ve not read my books when the main character is in a war so I found it fascinating I think the characters are great I found myself connecting with Aris she’s strong and determined I enjoyed the authors writing style the book just flows it was hard to put down ended up finishing it in one day This is my first book by the author but I hope to read the rest of the series got to see what’s going to happen with Aris and her career