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For Chloe Moraine fighting wild bears– and the occasional vampire– is a better pastime than the tediousness of keeping the universe in balance But balancing is the family business It comes with being one of the last in the ancient line of NaimeiSo when the impending return of the Original Demons threatens global harmony Chloe is obligated to help Even when that means the dull as dirt task of following a human girl who “might be involved maybe” instead of the thrilling hunt she cravesWith their powerful magic and ancient Ways Chloe’s family is unconcerned certain they’ll uickly fix the imbalance while she’s preoccupied with human high school But when the Ways start to fail the threat becomes serious and the only person that seems to know anything is a debonair vampire with an offer to helpIf Chloe chooses to trust him and the darker side of the supernatural he represents she’ll betray her family and risk losing them and herself in the process But if he’s right he may just be their only chance to stop the return of the Originals and save the worldMaybe high school won’t be so boring after all

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    Of course we think Echoes of Balance is just the most awesomest book on the planet but we may have a slight biased or so they tell us For that reason our star rating review of Echoes of Balance will be left blank We hope you enjoy the story♥ REUTS Publications

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    Echoes of Balance in the first in The Ways Trilogy it has a beautiful cover and the plot definitely has some potential Vampires demons and a race name Naimei Who are they what are they all things that I wanted to know And a young girl who is at the center of it all Sounds good right? Chloe has to play the part of being a typical highs school and do all the things that teenage girls do This is not her real mission though she has to find and befriend person that is fear by her race as a weapon in the resurrection the Original Demons And try and stop it from happening Chloe is a hunter vampires demons you name it she hunts it Her heritage calls for it She really isn’t interested in the Ways and their doings She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and isn’t perfect and even though she just wants to hunt she has a maturity to her that makes her aware of conseuences of her actions Chloe was a great main character Chloe’s family and friends and even the few new people she meets are made for a fantastic cast There is a possible love interest and there are two of them but no long triangle presented itself not enough time for that with the whole possible end of the world thing going I have to say that I think either pick would be a good one so I am looking forward to seeing how the “romance” plays out in the next book The story has it all shape shifters vampires and one set of people who have some special powers and who are suppose to keep balance of it all I was happy that the traditional aspect was kept when it came to all the paranormal creatures They weren’t especially evil but the mysterious about them is what I enjoyed Are the looking out for themselves or are they part of the plan to bring back the Demons that could destroy the world The Naimei is in interesting race they have laws and traditions to keeping the peace and balance between the world and the supernaturals The Originals Demons will cause havoc and following Chloe on her journey to learn who and why this is all happening was a pretty good ride And her meeting two enigmatic vampires helped too The was enough action at times that it kept me turning the pages to see what happened I think that overall this is a really good start to the series the characters were ones that I enjoyed and the plot itself was too The ending set up for the next book and I was happy with it so I’ll be on the lookout for it I would recommend pick it up For review check out For of reviews visit Book Live Forever

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    35 5 stars –Official description from the REUTS website For Chloe Moraine fighting wild bears– and the occasional vampire– is a better pastime than the tediousness of keeping the universe in balance But balancing is the family business It comes with being one of the last in the ancient line of NaimeiSo when the impending return of the Original Demons threatens global harmony Chloe is obligated to help Even when that means the dull as dirt task of following a human girl who “might be involved maybe” instead of the thrilling hunt she cravesWith their powerful magic and ancient Ways Chloe’s family is unconcerned certain they’ll uickly fix the imbalance while she’s preoccupied with human high school But when the Ways start to fail the threat becomes serious and the only person that seems to know anything is a debonair vampire with an offer to helpIf Chloe chooses to trust him and the darker side of the supernatural he represents she’ll betray her family and risk losing them and herself in the process But if he’s right he may just be their only chance to stop the return of the Originals and save the worldMaybe high school won’t be so boring after allFirst off let’s just take a moment to appreciate that cover Like really It’s awesome Echoes of Balance by Cally Ryanne is a fun fresh and fantastic take on the paranormalurban fantasy genre I wasn’t sure what I would be getting from REUTS Publications – a fairly new independent publisher that mixes self publishing and traditional publishing techniues – but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised They are definitely a publisher to look out forCally Ryanne uses a simplistic yet not basic writing style that is easy to breeze through When I read and occasionally review novels a big part of it for me is the writing style For me they can’t be too bland not overly descriptive but somehow they need to achieve a balance between the two Ryanne did this with her style The storyline incorporates the majority of many of the popular urban fantasy and paranormal creatures – vampires witches shifters and so on – which under usual circumstances would appear to be clichéd and overused but I think they were handled in an original way I also loved the concept of the Ways and keeping things in balance though I did feel that part could have been explained a touch I didn’t give this one five stars because I didn’t entirely connect with the characters Because the novel was uite short I didn’t think there was enough characterization of some of the major characters and therefore it was hard for me to fully connect and relate to themOverall though – a thoroughly enjoyable novel I am definitely excited for what else REUTS Publications and their authors come out with next Lastly – thank you so much to REUTS Publications for this e arc

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    5 of 5 stars I am glad i got to read the full fresh book from Cally Ryanne with the help of the amazing group of REUTS Since my 1st review was on the Arc i believe that we will have to see of Chloe and Aurelia Not to mention the vampires A new beginning on the genre oF paranormal begins with Echoes of Balance the first book from REUTS which is going to be on our shelves soon I had the luck to read the ARC of the book and although i want to spill the beans i will try and restrain myselfi thinkThe story follows Chloe a Naimei She and her kind are responsible for keeping the balance between many many species using the Waysa mysterious yet captivating way of expressing the need to learn of the UnknownChloe will soon have to tet her powers as she will become friends with Aurelia someone who holds the key to the drawing evil as also coming across two mysterious vampires NOT the Twilight kind i assure youThe story itself begins with a mysterious prologue introduces many characters and keeps the reader interested on the plot until the last pageOn the way especially how the Ways are used it reminds me of Pythia the ancient oracle from Delphi as also some names can be found into greek mythology giving to the story the air of ancient yet powerful and in some times destructuble force Add in the remarkable cover where many would kill for the gown and you have a fesh story from a well promising author Cally Ryanne who will be able to make us completely hook up with her stories That is for now I hope you will enjoy the story just like i did and who knows? Maybe the Naimei will rush to the action again From Alexandra to all you out there who seek a fresh and promising story ;

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    35 starsChole a young girl with witch like powers tries to step out of the imposing shadows cast by her relatives She's stopped aging but doesn't really live until she's sent on a missionto attend high school Her amusement with her peers' preoccupation with clothes boys and a dance might make it difficult for teens to connect with her at first but the author Cally Ryanne gives readers other opportunities to share in Chole's moments of self doubt and fear Dream seuences heady and dark double as informative glimpses into her past and future In the small town of Molton Chole struggles to make her own choices and mistakes under her brother's watchful influenceIt's nice to see that the vampires werewolves and demons aren't precisely good or evil but possess tendencies of both natures Take Chole's ill advised friendship with the vampire Josef for example His actions are suspicious yet he tries to protect her even if she is delectable but not at all his typeChole stands on her own as a character who is just starting on an adventure I love how she sees into the heart of every monster she meets Readers will want to know of the world the magic and the danger that Cally Ryanne introduces in this fast paced story A special thanks to REUTS for sharing this eARC

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    My review shall be posted soon

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    45 Stars So first off this review is here because I received an ARC copy from Reuts publishing in exchange for a review So here it is To begin I’ll be honest and say I don’t read YA paranormal that often I’m familiar with the heavy hitters of course and I dip into the genre on occasion but typically I don’t find myself too interested in YA that has paranormal romance elements and I would not call myself well read in the genre by any stretch of the imagination However I was intrigued by the chance to read the first book released by a new publisher I was also pleasantly surprised Echoes of Balance is an enjoyable book and one with a lot of strengths including wonderful worldbuilding generally strong characterization and a plot that has just enough mounting tension to keep you sucked in I’ll try to avoid spoilers in this reviewLet’s start with the book description Echoes of Balance focuses on Chloe one of the Naimei The Namei are a paranormal race dedicated to preserving balance and do this by using the Ways a set of instruments that point to where trouble may be looming Chloe isn’t too interested in the ways having been interested in hunting vampires for most of her life but when she injures herself and realizes that vampires are than just mindless bloodsuckers she refocuses and gets pulled into preventing the resurrection of two very powerful demons To do that she has to keep track of Aurelia a girl in high school who somehow is pivotal to the demon’s resurrection Clearly there is a lot going on in the book but the author Cally Ryanne does a good job keeping track of all the threads and tying up the important things by the end The tension mounts as the book goes on from Chloe meeting Josef and Sam two vampires who she suspects and have something to do with the demon summoning to Aurelia who displays strange powers and even to Ducante a demon who runs a bar and clearly knows than he is letting on It’s not uite a page turner but the mounting mystery kept me reading There are also a lot of hints scattered throughout the book about Chloe and her family that suggest the series will only get complex and interesting as it goes on The only weakness in the plot was the strange prologue It hammers you over the head with mysteriousness and characters you know nothing about so it falls rather flat But it’s only a few pages and then the story picks up uite uickly after that I’ll focus on the world building for a bit It’s hard to do paranormal justice these days but the Naimei the race that our MC Chloe belongs to are a very neat paranormal species I loved the idea of the Vanishing—that the Naimei rather than die of old age simply vanish with no explanation when their time comes It was a wonderful bit of mystery and made the Naimei feel as alive and uniue as any other paranormal creature And this world has uite the menagerie—shifters vampires psychics witches and of course demons I feel I should mention—no worries for those who are sick of vampires The vampires here are fairly traditional with enhanced strength and speed a weakness for blood and not much else No sparkling otherworldly beauty or any other such things It was also a boon to the story that the paranormal elements were absolutely integral to the plot This was no YA high school romp with vampires thrown in for flavor it was a supernatural adventure that happens to dip into high school It reminded me a bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in its tone That said the high school elements did fall a bit flat for me Their were a lot of fairly cliché elements to them including the bullies who are bullies for no reason the fact that everyone in school decides Chloe is the coolest thing ever and should be Spring Fling ueen despite only attending the school for a week and of course the whole idea of Spring Fling in the first place Those high school elements made me feel like I was watching an episode of Saved by the Bell Luckily though this is only a minor complaint since the high school elements as I mentioned before are not a huge part of the action They also do get resolved with minimal teen angst and drama which is appreciated Turning to characterization I really liked the MC Chloe is not a shrinking violet nor is she overly snarky like some other YA heroines and not only knows how to use her powers but appreciates what they can do for her For the protagonist of a YA book Chloe is very mature in a lot of important ways and her self discovery takes the route of her finding a new way to focus her powers from hunting vampires to fulfilling her family’s goals and learning about the paranormal world around her She does have a few flaws like not being as open with her family as she should but all in all she was a strong character that I respected The supporting cast is good too Chloe’s family were well fleshed out and defined and the two love interestsvampires Josef and Sam were well characterized I will admit to a preference of Sam over Josef as I’m sick of the “overbearing jerk” love interest that pops up a lot in YA and Josef fit that to a T Sam the youthful vampire had a kind of puppy ish charm that I appreciated The only real weakness in the cast was Aurelia the high school girl that Chloe had to keep track of She was interesting and we see a lot of good commentary into teen life through her character but for a character who may end up being very important to future books she could have used a bit screen time I figure I should add that while I mention love interests the romance was not a huge part of the book Most of it was the ever rising mystery and tension which to me was a plus And as a final plus the book was well written Even for an ARC I didn’t see much in the way of errors The author tends toward a “telling” approach to some scenes in the interest of either time or reducing word count that I thought could have benefited from being shown especially scenes with Aurelia where we might have gotten to see of her home life or personality This is a minor uibble though as clearly the way it was done did a lot for maintaining tension and keeping the pace uick To wrap while not stunningly perfect Echoes of Balance is a fun enjoyable supernatural romp with strong characters and a well developed world that I’d be glad to see of I’d definitely recommend this for fans of YA or YA paranormal stories fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and anyone else who enjoys a fast paced fantasy

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    This review was originally posted on my siteDisclosure I received an ARC of the book as part of the blog tour The writings below are my opinions you may let it influence you or you may notFL'S SUMMARYChloe is a Naimei pronounciation nigh rhymes with ‘high’ may rhymes with ‘hay’ a being of supreme powers stuck with the responsibility of maintaining the balance of the world by consulting The Ways a complicated instrument used to measure and analyze said balance too bad she does not have the patience for study and would rather be hunting Unfortunately she’s going through a crisis of sort wrestling with the possibility that those she hunts might be than monsters Suddenly she’s given an assignment by her cousin Alex to monitor a high school senior who might or might not be important in a plot to disrupt the status uo of the worldREVIEW There's no adventure or danger in high school Chloe said coldly Strengths Characters; Dialogue; Pacing; ActionChloe’s new moral awakening is explored throughout the book; it’s weaved into the story line and reflects her changing mindset about the creatures she once hunted In regards to pacing the book got going from the first page We get to the meat what the book is about uite uickly There was never a dull moment; you get into the story right away and the narration pulls you deeper The action scenes were concise yet graphic without being goryNone of the main characters were dumb annoying or unnecessary obtuse to move the plot along Chloe is a sharp character and proves to be a competent heroine; she manages to keep her wits about her and that annoying thing that separate heroesheroines from the rest of us mere mortals run towards danger even when common sense screams for her to run in the opposite direction Above all she just wants to prove herself to her brother and cousins The dialogues were amusing and the interaction with the characters felt natural It provided further insight into their relationships I usually hate ambiguous revelations that one character who reveals things without truly revealing anything thereby aggravating the rest of the characters but those are usually resolved and—if not—you as the reader can sort of solve it confirmation is another thing entirely and find out whether or not your conjecture is correct She knew nothing of high school beyond the basic conventions structure and potential for heaping amounts of teenage angst Plus No convoluted love triangle suares There does seem to be a love story brewing though and I hope it is handled well The act of high school was exhausting than high school itself Weaknesses cover; world building; characterizationsNow on to weaknesses I didn’t pick this book for the cover; it is uite drab and The Selection esue It didn’t truly embody the story The Ways the instruments would have made for a better cover intriguing mysterious and a bit eccentricThe world building is minimal I know it’s not everybody’s cup'a tea but I felt like I was dropped into the supernatural world without much explanation; I’ve got loads of uestions What about the supernatural hierarchy? Is there one? Is there a rule? The powers are vague; no clear explanation for them and which supernatural species can do what Perhaps we will learn in the next book which will negate this point I truly want to learn about the Naimei and the sparse information scattered throughout the book was not enough to slake my appetite While I do like the characters the reuisite mean kids were one toned They were your one dimensional typical high school produced tyrants I wanted stronger character developments than the pacing and third person narration allowed I felt that the supporting characters would have been better fleshed out with insight into their lives and their interactions with others beside Chloe I've found capitalism is the easiest way to ensure absolute chaos The 3 R's Rating365 Really warm but not uite hot ReceptionNice cuppa warm tea This book provides a nice set up for the next It’s funny witty and exciting with endearing characters Charming; overall a good uick read; not overly thought provoking or life changing but I do look forward to the seuel If it manages to up the ante explain about the world and supernatural beings while keeping the entertaining tone of this one then all the best I can honestly say that this has been a fun read Thank you Cally Ryanne and REUTSRecommend?Cally Ryanne writing is very easy on the eyes You pick up the book and next thing you know you've finished it If you are interested in the young adult fantasy genre with emphasis on the action plot and character development than romance go for it Check out my site for reviews

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    Echoes of Balance is a YA urban fantasy by debut author Cally Ryanne With a strong paranormal storyline and a confident heroine this novel kicks off The Ways trilogy with mystery suspense and an intriguing mix of supernatural elements many will find familiar and enjoyableChloe Moraine one of the last remaining members of a race known as the Naimei has given up her tedious study of The Ways for the exciting occupation of hunting vampires When the balance of the universe is jeopardized by the return of demonic forces she’s reluctantly pulled back into her ancient heritage The role is challenging than she expects Chloe wrestles with her own instincts and faces tough choices as the world she lives in draws near to impending doomI found Chloe an interesting character She’s laid back and confident in her abilities takes things in stride and tackles danger without batting an eyelash I enjoyed the fact that she was comfortable in her own skin and willing to entertain the idea that vampires and demons might not be following the agenda everyone else assumes My favorite scenes were those in which Chloe displays her fighting skills Every action scene left me waiting with anticipation for the next oneThe author’s writing style is smooth and easy to read yet sophisticated enough to really bring out the supernatural elements in authentic detail I felt the pace was steady and consistent with good tension building toward an ending that left me very interested in finding out what happens nextEchoes is a mysterious promising read from beginning to end and I’m certainly looking forward to the seuel and Chloe’s next adventure

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    My Review So why did I want to read Echoes of Balance?  If you follow my reviews you probably know I love discovering new authors and enjoy reading paranormal than just about anything After reading the books description about Chloe t