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Former foreign correspondent Lola Wicks is getting a little bored in Magpie Montana where she landed at a small local newspaper after being downsized from her job in Kabul Then Judith Calf Looking a local Blackfeet girl missing for several months turns up dead in a snowbank with a mysterious brand on her forearm The sheriff whose romantic relationship with Lola provides Magpie with its most delicious gossip in years thinks Judith probably froze to death while hitch hiking back to the reservation from wherever she'd beenBut Lola hears rumors that Judith had been working as an exotic dancer in the North Dakota oil fields and further discovers that several Blackfeet girls all known drug users have gone missing over the past year She heads to the oil patch to check things out only to find herself in a place where men outnumber women a hundred to one the law looks the other way and life especially her own is cheapDakota shows the frightening underside of a boom and bust economy; of the effect on a small town when big city money washes in accompanied by hoards of mean far from their families; of what happens when the old rules no longer apply but the new ones are yet to be determined

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    Lola Wicks now works for a small Montana newspaper and is living with the local sheriff making it impossible for her to have the crime beat; however when a local girl from the rez freezes to death to escape a menace Lola decides she needs to investigate Then she finds out there have been other local girls who mysteriously disappeared as well Off she goes to see about oil mining in Dakota with her faithful dog as companion As Lola starts to poke around her contacts start dying and as her research begins to yield results she is KO'd by the bad guys I would have liked this book better but Lola's rescue was too improbable to be taken seriously

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    I did a Feature Blog review of Books #1 #3 on my website

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    I received a Preview Edition copy of this book Dakota by Gwen Florio from another site in exchange for an honest reviewOn the back cover of this novel it says Lola's story continues with Dakota Since I had not read the author's first novel Montana I didn't know what to expect Believe me when I say that Dakota stands alone No need to read Montana first but once you've read Dakota you'll want to read Montana It's that goodThis novel centers around the North Dakota oil fields their male workers and the Blackfeet Tribe which has had several young girls go missing from their reservation When one turns up dead Lola a newspaper reporter living in Magpie MT starts to investigate This is a great mystery taking place in an extremely cold climate It's mostly fast paced and there is a great twist near the end And oh yes there's a romance between Lola and the police chief in MagpieThis is an adult read since it's graphic when dealing with prostitution Strong characters abound including a 3 legged dog Bub You won't want to put this one down I will be looking for from Ms Florio

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    Reporter Lola Wicks has moved from big city news and far flung scenes of war to small town America Now she’s not even allowed to follow the crime beat since she’s sleeping with the sheriff but she can’t switch off her concerns or her suspicions Missing girls explained away as runaways or accidental death demand Lola’s attention whatever her bosses say And so she heads from Montana’s mountain to Dakota’s bleak dark plainsAuthor Gwen Florio might be described as a thinking woman’s Tony Hillerman Business town and reservation all play their parts in this tale and people are shaped convincingly by culture place and need When that shaping fails the innocent might always pay the priceUnstinting in wonderfully evocative descriptions of glorious scenery unflinching in honest depictions of lands and people abused and sold for greed and unrelenting with its search for resolution Dakota takes readers to the edge of their seats and delivers them into the lives of genuine characters in a deeply wounded worldCulture place and need continue to shape even those who think they might be just passing through creating a tale that holds the readers' attention and ends just as satisfyingly as it begins If you’ve not already read the first book in this series Montana you’ll want to pick it up straight away and meet the characters again But Dakota stands alone as a classic mystery novel deeply American and a literary feastDisclosure I received a free preview edition from the publisher and I offer my honest review

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    I really enjoyed reading this contemporary mystery This is Gwen Florio's second book however the first I have read I gave the book a four because it was predictable The most important thing is the descriptions are so wonderful She put me in the scene no matter if it was gritty or beautiful and everything in between and I loved that about the book The events she depicted sometimes happen in any place where there is a strong haves base compared to the Have Nots I think Gwen not only sparkles with her descriptions but also comes alive when she writes about the newspaper business I don't want to give any spoilers so I feel I shouldn't go too far into the storyI would recommend this book to people who love a mystery other than a cozy; for those who enjoy the Dakota areas of the country; those who enjoy reading about different cultures; and like romance involved too I want to read Montana and follow her writingNotice I received this book in a First Read chance by the publisher The above is my honest opinion and given voluntarily

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    Being a native North Dakotan I was interested to read a story actually set in my often overlooked state And like I often am with the few stories about North Dakota I come across I was disappointed If I hadn't been from here I would probably rate this book a 3 It was obvious though that the author and the narrator of the audiobook version did not grow up in ND have probably never even been to ND and did not bother to do enough research to make the setting believable Thor and Charlotte and many of the different characters Lola meets in her time in North Dakota felt nothing like Native North Dakotans to me And on top of that the narrator chose to use the ridiculous and completely inaccurate accent of the main character from Fargo who by the way was from Minnesota where this accent actually does exist NOT North Dakota And on top of THAT the narrator didn't even do a good job with this ridiculous accent Oftentimes it sounded like she was slipping into an Irish accent These inaccuracies were just too distracting to me

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    Here we go with Lola and Bud on the road again This is another informative mystery with some great and nasty characters One thing is for sure fried chicken will never uite look the same to you after reading this oneGwen Florio is on a roll now The next one is called Wyoming of all places

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    A number of Blackfeet girls have gone missing from Magpie Montanna and then one turns up dead There are rumors of drugs and a connection to the Bakken Oil Field Lola Wicks a former foreign correspondent sets off to investigate notwithstanding her pledge to her paper and her boyfriend Sherriff Charlie Larndeau that she'll stay away from the crime beat This book has potential Lola's a fine character Florio captures the sparse beauty of North Dakota and the craziness of the oil boom well but too often the characters and plot don't track

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    This is my third book by the author and I love her writing style To be honest I haven’t been to Utah Montana or The Dakotas but when I read her books I get transported to these places I love how she paints the pictures with her words That being said this book was a bit hard for me young girls going missing and even though the mystery whodunnit was better than her other two books I was sadder in the end as compared to the other books

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    This book is a cross between a suspense story not uite and a romance novel again not uite Rather light readingThe good things the author writes well with an easy voiceThe things that could have been better the story line is thin suspense never reaches a compelling level the characters are mostly superficial and it never really takes offSeems to be written for a female audience which is fine