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Seven year old Frankie awakens the morning after her mother's surgery to learn a horrible truth from her father Mommy didn't make it Frankie's life turns upside down as the house fills with visitors a funeral is held and Mommy lies in a satin coffin wearing a dress she'd never be caught well dead wearing It's powder blue All wrong wrong wrong Sadness envelops Frankie She listens to children playing in the neighborhood instead of joining them She stays in her room coloring or reading or otherwise drowning herself in grief Withdrawn and heavy hearted Frankie spends and time alone both at home and at her new school Luckily a novice guardian is soaking in a hot tub when her number is called Hey you're up She is told she's been assigned to Frankie and almost immediately the angel is on the case She lingered in Rome a while before reporting to duty but she'll tell you her excuse about that later As she flies down she asks herself how does a virtuous schoolgirl cope with crushing loneliness after losing her flamboyant mother? She already knows all our seven year old Franciska I mean Frankie does it by journaling and by inventing me a mischievous imaginary friend and guardian angel Not to brag but my direct honesty and uirky humor liberates the bewildered child as she forges through her identity crises but am I imaginary or real? Either truth adventure compassion irreverence and setting goals for the future while rejoining childhood bring life back to the red headed girl with no mother Remember I'm an Angel not a saint so when Frankie's housekeeper Veronica calls Frankie a devil watch out her candy apples don't cure and her dumplings don't rise And you want to talk about facial hair? Veronica could now braid the hair that comes out of her warts Pay attention Like I said I'm an angel not a saint

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    Well so far I've received several five star ratings on for this first self published novella of mineAlthough fictionized it is my tale of loss of my flamboyant mother when I was just turning 7 years oldI'm finally comfortable chronicling the unravelling of my innocent mind the call for faith the use of imagination and the will to not only survive but to flourishHope you can read and commentSincerelyLisa Dekis

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    Heartwarming and Heartbreaking A must read for anyone whose life has been touched by the loss of a parent young or oldIn fact the author is my sister and I am mentioned in this novellaThe story was a mystery to me as I was too young to remember our Mother and she was never spoken of My brother and I feel as if FINALLY a long simmering hurt has healedSincerelyJudy

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    A really lovely story and I must admit I had to wipe a tear or two along the way I will have to go have a look and find out what genre this book is supposed to be under as it is written in the fashion of a child's book double spaced As we have recently had a child's Mum die in our son's class at school age 9 I did think there was the possibility of sharing this book with the child the only two things that stopped me from doing this is that it is written from the Catholic view that the girls mother had probably gone to hell and she didnt know if had paid enough penance yet to be out of hell I certainly did not want to suggest to this child whose mother died of cancer that she may still not be at peace The second thing that stopped me was some adult language regarding seeing someone's willy Although a nine year old boy would probably laugh at such a thing in the playground I wasn't sure how it would be received by his Dad I certainly think the book has scope to be a book you could give a small child to help them cope with their grief perhaps if these 2 items are addressedIt was a very humorous book and I did enjoy it From an editorial viewpoint I think the book would be helped by spell checking since the book is a short read the spellingediting errors really stick out Especially on the back cover which should really be error free Its a lovely cover but I felt it was a bit rushed perhaps to get it out there to the public I have given this 5 stars as I loved the story and that's really what you should rate a book on This author is very talented and I would stop and look twice if I saw another title by Lisa Dekis

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    This is a very heartfelt book It made me want to find Frankie and give her a hug Frankie is a very serious minded seven year old who has trouble coping with the death of her mother She doesn't have anyone to really guide her until her angel shows and even then it seems that she only helps occasionally Frankie grows and matures and eventually comes to terms with the loss of her mother This book is a short read and I would have liked to have detail about Frankie's life over the years

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    a heartfelt book the author did an amazing job with a very difficult subject It was well done with the way she managed deal with Lifes curves Loss is a terrible thing and especially in a small child With this book she has managed to heal to the best of her abillity I am sure lots of people can relate to this story and maybe find some inner peace Hats off to the author for that

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    The author's ability to capture the imagination and thoughts of a 7 year old girl who has just lost her mother is impeccable The vivid imagery particularly stopping in the Pine Barrons the EZ Bake Oven cake transports you An enjoyable read I'd recommend the book

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    Its a short story of little girl coping with the sudden death of her mother I felt sad for the little girl as she wrote in diary I enjoyed the book very much

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    This is what I need when my mom die

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    Frankie’s Angel may be the first novella I’ve ever read I don’t remember the last time I read one so please take that into consideration when you read my review I received a kindle copy in exchange for a BOLD review What I likedThe first half of the novella It’s enticing rich with imagery from the vantage point of FrankieThe POV Frankie’s Angel is written in 2nd person POV which is somewhat rare in the fiction realm most authors would choose either 3rd person or 1st stream of consciousness excluded and it adds considerable flavor to the prose and the characterization It’s a perfect fit I enjoyed the use of this POV because it was bold and because it brought a feeling of camaraderie that nudged me to extend empathy to the protagonistFrankie or Franciska I was fond of Frankie from the very first sentence and her characterization was easily my favorite part of the novella She’s a precocious child with an honest meek and solemn voice that is nonetheless entertaining Lisa Dekis deftly captures the world of a seven year old with accuracy and in doing so she coaxes readers to empathize with her protagonist Hilarity I laughed out loud several times at the ridiculous things Frankie would think ofpicturerefer to Nostalgia From tootsie roll pops and diary writing to PJ static electricity Frankie brought me back to my own childhoodThemes Dekes doesn’t refrain from relaying cruel and depressing realities about death parenting religionreligiousity life friendship and adults as she writes from Frankie’s perspective The range of topics addressed in this pensive artistic manner is commendable What could’ve been betterThe opening and tense usage throughout The opening was a little confusing to me because some of the sentences didn’t make sensetook a bit of work to figure out and there were several unexpected and awkward tense shifts in the dialogue tags from present to past and back again throughout the storyFrankie’s guardian angel I didn’t really understand or buy into the angel bit Mind you I do believe angels exist and that they serve God and minister to humansand I was certainly surprised when the angel was revealed with the abrupt POV change about mid way through the novellaBut I found ‘it’ ? to be confusing not to mention biblically unsound Are most people going to notice or care? Don’t know I do know however that I noticed and I was bothered by this I mean sure the angel can be sort of funny but I can’t say I approveAlso the angel’s personality was downright annoying most of the time—like Phil from Hercules but not as funny and with a serious language problem It seemed like of an anti hero really and I guess that’s what bothers me the most the fact that it’s supposed to be an ANGEL and has not so much as an ounce of holiness To me that’s like a suare circle Logically impossible And somehow it’s also a spirit guide SoNew AgeCatholicismDeism??? Post modernism? Now you understand why I was so confused and upset This is harsh but I honestly feel that the book would’ve been better without the angel Or less harsh version if the angel’s charactermakeup wasn’t so contradictory Content Occasionally things get weird—as in disturbing I don’t think I’d recommend this novella to any of my friends or anyone younger than me because of a couple of short shocking scenes Are they realistic scenescharacter actions? Yes probably Are they necessary? Welllet’s just say I’m currently leaning towards ‘no’ I felt like these scenes were replaceable and could be interchanged with something appropriate ahem to communicate the same thing Maybe I’m still recovering from shock ooStill as I mentioned before the book features many redeemingpoignant themes and exposes realities that need to be addressedlike never talking about death with your children Or the lie that being irresponsible and callous only affects you Adults can be so irresponsible and cruel—sometimes without even meaning to be Or that walking in a faith—or pretending to walk in a faith—because everyone else does even though you don’t really believe in it won’t heal the ache in your soulThe ending It was confusing to me; I had no idea what was happening and I didn’t know why it was happening either It was also abrupt and felt incomplete OverallI enjoyed the first half of Frankie’s Angel before the angel came into the story; after that I honestly didn’t like it To be fair I don’t think the novella was for me It’s not something that I would typically read—I prefer novels Specifically YA sci fifantasy novels It’s a very uick read however which is nice AlsoI think this novella had the potential to become a novel if Dekis desired to lengthen itAlthough I wasn’t captivated by anything aside from the voice of Frankie and the imagery I saw through her other readers—particularly freuent novella readers—might be and it was fairly entertainingFinal Verdict 3 stars

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    I got this book in a give away When I first leafed through the work it already looked a draft of a manuscript than a finished book The lines were double spaced and some pages had only one line on it Here and there were misspellings sudden changes in tenses or view point unfinished sentences and grammatical errors The editor of a official publishing house would already have put the rejection slip in the mail The idea behind the book is laudable; a largely autobiographical story of a seven year old girl Frankie who unexpectedly loses her mother It needs to be fleshed out Where is the raw pain the confusion where are the usual stages of mourning? Why is Frankie staying with a friend whose parents drink all day long? Why don't we hear about Frankie's relationship with her mother and later on with her father? I many ways Frankie and her friend Julie Anne are very precocious for seven or eight year old children They are already boy sick Most kids that age would not write a diary in the way Frankie does I also wonder how many children nowadays are familiar with the rituals in the Catholic church They need to be explained when they are actually necessary for the storyThen there is the composition The book alternates between narration and diary entries However the narration could be a diary entry also since it is first person singular Suddenly the point of view switches to the frivolous not very caring guardian angel I know much comforting and hard working guardian angels than this oneIn short this book needs a thorough editor and multiple rewrites