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Tavia Michaels has discovered that she’s an Earthbound—a fallen goddess with the power to remake the Earth—and that a rival faction of Earthbounds the Reduciata has created a virus that is literally wiping swaths of the planet out of existence Tavia is captured and imprisoned before she can act on this information along with her eternal lover Logan Huddled in a claustrophobic cell they lose track of the days their attempts to escape proving as ephemeral as Tavia’s newly gestating powers But then Tavia and Logan are mysteriously rescued They’re brought to the underground headuarters of the Curatoria another group of Earthbounds that Tavia doesn’t fully trust There she’s told that she can save the Earth before it disappears She agreesTavia uickly realizes that she isn’t like other Earthbound and as her abilities continue to awaken they begin to threaten her centuries long relationship with Logan When Benson—Tavia’s former best friend and romantic interest—appears at Curatoria headuarters Tavia will again have to make a choice about who to be with even as she tries to stop the virus that is destroying the world and uncover the truth about the two Earthbound organizations that have her tangled up in their webs

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    I wish I had waited until the 3rd and final book was out before starting this series Too late now but that is what I would recommend if you haven't yet started the Earthbound seriesOnce again I found that Benson is my favorite character He makes this series for me This second book has a lot of twists and turns and you never really know who is a good guy and who is a bad guy I found myself flying through this story and uite enjoying itI'm really not a fan of love triangles and this one doesn't really work for me as it feels destiny versus choice I'm a fan of choosing for yourself and hope the decision she made at the end of this book is one Tavia can stick with cause flip flopping isn't working for me Rating 3 5 Stars Good BookContent Language throughout implied sex but no detailsSource Audiblecom download

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    DNF 100 120 pages don't remember haha “Logan” I interrupt and finally he looks up “Can’t we just save the world first?”“My world’s not worth saving without you” he replies Then he turns and walks away” Earthbound was of a miss for me but I wanted to keep going on with this series so I decided to pick this one up I always liked Tavia and Logan's relationship and I totally wanted to see it grow and improve I didn't like this book Just to take a note in the future please don't recommend any of the books in this series to me I never want to see this book ever again because of the catastrophe also known as the plot sighs I feel like crying every time when thinking about this book because I love Aprilynne Pike's other books So you know you boys can cry too if you'd like This book took off right after where the first one did At this point Tavia is beginning to find out who she is Her abilities are totally new to her and of course things at this point can go out of control at any moment Logan is up to do anything to save Tavia from all of the crazy stuff going on in her world—but of course they both end up getting captured Then Tavia realizes that she's abnormal surprise surprise My main problem is the idea It's really too cliche and I don't think that it needs to become a trilogy to capture the idea and add it into readers's minds Fallen goddesses? This sounds like a wannabe of fallen angels which I can barely stand either I'm just not into the goddess idea—or mythology either The first 30 pages or so were racing Aprilynne started off with a great action scene that kept me wanting to read this in one sitting From there on everything went slo mo The plot became thin and I found that the book lost its magic and so did the characters who I once could really relate to and who once stories I really loved Unable to keep up with this turtle motioned novel I gave up Sure I'm #sorrynotsorry but I do wish that I came to adore this trilogy like others may have The average rating is really good too 398? That's an accomplishment But I guess that this will be one of the rare negative reviews that you will find fellow bookies Tavia lost her magic She became annoying and un relatable Like come on you're a goddess and you expect a prince charming following you at every corner risking his life when YOU have the ability to save HIM? Puh leeze I sure loved Prince Charming aka Logan who never lost his beauty and image In conclusion I was looking for something much bigger and better I was really disappointed with this—but if you absolutely adored the first then go for this

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    I don't think I can say much about this book without going into either huge spoilers or extreme fangirl ese So I will say this everything I loved about the first book was uadrupled many times over dusted liberally with awesomeness and plot twists and slapped together between the covers of this book I zipped through this book so fast at first I wasn't sure if I'd read it So I read it again Yes I do that with books I fall absolutely head over heels with There needs to be a third book very soon please Oh and I'm torn between the guys which doesn't happen often but it's happened to me in this book So yes highly recommend Definitely a to buy as soon as possible for me

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    Oh my god I can't believe I finished this book I dreaded reading this book I cringed when I saw this book I've never cringed so much just from looking at a bookThe first book in the series was pretty interesting The rest of Aprilynne's books are good But this is a hot mess It starts out good with Tavia and Logan taken and have to escape but every time they try they failThen it just drags on and gets old and clichéd Tavia is so in love with Logan Then suddenly she's not Then she loves him Then she doesn't because he only loves who she used to be and not who she is now Seriously? The only reason why she's uestioning the whole thing was because Benson came into the picture and Aprilynne decided she wanted a love triangle It's old and tiresome There's no need for this flip flopping nonsense It was even annoying when from the last book and the beginning of this book she had to get with Logan because he's her diligo and they're eternal lovers She had this strong connection that she had to do whatever it took to get to him Then suddenly eh it's not worth it anyBut that's the only thing It's all about Tavia and only her can save the world There's a virus that's killing people and only Tavia can help figure out a cure Even though she has no idea what she's doing or anything about anything they're dealing with After a few hours or maybe a day of a crash course they send her to work with DNA and find a cure Does that make sense to anyone? Honestly? Sure random girl you know nothing of what we're doing but have all of our work and figure the answer for us since we haven't for yearsThings with Daniel who's the head of something or other whatever they're called get awkward to say the least Tavia has a feeling Daniel is shady and hiding something Others say and feel the same thing Instead of really doing anything they just wait and wonder what's going on If I was them I wouldn't Not when they have the powers they do Tavia is a freaking Mary Sue with her strong unlimited powers yet she still has to lean on someone else to save her all the time and can do whatever she wants But instead of doing something she waits She never communicates or thinks about things either It's obvious what's going on but she's not seeing it She doesn't see it until much laterThe twists and what not are obvious I was rolling my eyes about them Because it's all so convenient as well Oh you need to find out why the bad guys are after you? Benson is conveniently here for you Need to wonder if Daniel is really good? Two random people seem to trust you and tell you a big secret about Daniel Wonder what's going on where you randomly placed a secret room? Decide to create a kitchen and find a secret Need a braid to get memories back? Convenient plot point Need to feel sorry for evil Benson? Plot point Need Benson and new friends to feel connected? Convenient plot pointUgh I can't stand this book It's not worth reading It's horrible clichéd convenient plot point messed up Mary Sue filled book I'm not reading and I doubt I will read any of Aprilynne's books Loved the Wings series Didn't mind the first one of this series This has just annoyed me to no end

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    I uite enjoyed book 1 and it left me wanting answers to my uestions so I ordered book 2 realising it hasn't actually been out that long I had to wait for it to come in at the library for me and I found myself checking for it Then I got the perfect chance to read it I had to take my car in to be serviced last week and with a 2 and a half hour wait ahead of me I settled into the waiting room and started to read I managed to get about three uarters of the way through the book in that time And I found myself forgetting about the uncomfortable chairs and the long wait as I got absorbed into the bookTavia has found her other half but he doesn't remember their past yet she must convince him of their link before the bad guys get to them but when she is too late Tavia has even problems to conuer I don't want to give too much away but there is a serious love triangle in this book Tavia has fallen for Benson and he is back but she is destined to be with Logan and you can't deny hundreds of years of connections Love triangles tend to annoy me in most books but this was different somehow and I found myself trying to choose sides Although to be perfectly honest I kind of hoped she wouldn't pick either of them in the end and just concentrate on what she should be doing finding a cure before the whole world is destroyedIt was good to find out about the history behind the Earthbounds and the Reduciata it made a lot of things much clearer and it was a very interesting concept To be honest I think book 2 was better than the first I found myself reading faster wanting to know what would happen trying to figure out who was a traitor etc There are still a few bits that annoyed me Tavia is uite self involved and tends to overthink a lot which ends up with a lot of her running off and crying I understand things are hard and this is a bad situation but come on I kept hoping she would toughen up or at least turn to those around her for help but she just pushed them away too But it didn't put me off too much and I ended up really enjoying this book annoyingly it doesn't wrap up and leaves me on another cliffhanger and this time I have nearly a year to wait for the next one grrr

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    I give this book one starThis book just made me mad Tavia just keeps on choosing Benson over Logan I thought Logan was amazing I really like him in this book Then Tavia saves Benson and leaves Logan to die I was in tears at this point I really feel think book has let down the series for me Like book one Earthbound was a great book and with this book I could put it down and really would not care if I did not read it I really hated that Tavia kept thinking Logan is a stranger to herwhich is kind of true But Benson broke her heart let the bad guys kill the people she cared about And she still chose Benson I would have chosen Logan And that's why I give this book one star

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    Originally posted on elizziebookscomEarthuake gets really science y with Tavia helping find the vaccine for the virus that has been spreading throughout the Earthbounds CharactersI felt like we were never really given any reason to like Logan There’s this undying admiration for Tavia but other than that he’s just a loyal lap dog I felt like in Earthbound we really got to know Benson I did LOVE Thomas and Alanna Give ‘em a minute I mean really GIVE THEM A FREAKING MINUTE closes the door Daniel was a mix of President Snow and Caesar Flickerman I really don’t know how else to explain him other than You know that uncle you have that can be kind of mean but sometimes he says nice things? That’s Daniel But you always feel like he’s gonna kill you Hopefully your uncle doesn’t think that about you Also his plans with the virus don’t really make sense until near the end of the book So there’s thatStoryJust as good as the first book It’s edge of your seat but in a slightly different way than the first because instead of running away from the scary people Tavia and her friends have to work with people who are slightly scary

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    I liked reading Earthuake even though i wasn't as excited as i was for the first book It took me a little while to remember the storyline but even now i can't uite recall everything that happened It didn't stop me from enjoying it It was intense and action packed That's how i'd describe it From the start you have an idea of what you'll get all along the book Benson was my favorite character even though I liked Logan tooview spoilerI still feel like it's unfair to Logan to leave him like that at the end knowing he'll probably die like everyone else I hope he's okay but then what will he do? Wait until she's done with her other lover Benson? Mmm not sure I wish she would have fought back against Daniel than just let him leave incognito like that hide spoiler

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    I guessed there would be one after this one and I am right At least I very much hope I'm right Lots of reveals and secrets in this one It left me on the edge of my seat Favorite part was the heroine coming into her powers As with the Wings series I'm really torn between two great guys

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    I think this book was alright I liked it at times and then I didn't at others I'll start off with what I didn't likeThe book didn't really spend much time on the main problem the virus The author didn't even tell us what the virus was just that it was killing millions of people everyday Like how did the virus even start? Other than that I didn't like the whole love triangle between Logan and Benson Ugh I hated that It got REALLY annoying and made me want to throw the book across the room I didn't do that don't worry Like Tavia was supposed to choose view spoiler Logan Benson was just a small character that she barely even knew maybe for like a year And she knew Logan even longer Her whole lifetime Like how can Tavia choose such an insignificant little guy who betrayed her instead of her life long destined to be lover? Soo dumb hide spoiler